Tuesday, March 16, 2010

GIveaway continues...Tango's Disney prize quilt on the way, Card from my sis, and a wonky baby quilt...It's only Tuesday!

This card is from my sis and I love it because it has so many ideas for making wonky applique heart into a quilt.  Doesn't it look like batiks and fabrics?

This wonky little ditty is for a babe coming in spring in my neighborhood.  Never used Gray and I quite enjoyed it!  Off to the quilter or maybe to my lap for hand stitching...

Tango, here it comes with Judi's fabulous quilting for the finishing touch! Congrats on winning!

The Current GIVEAWAY for the quilt on my title of blog continues through this Saturday, details are on next POST for those of you new and looking to CELEBRATE BLOGS AND PEOPLE!  Shortcut rules: Write a ditty about a person or blog you believe CELEBRATES life and enter a drawing.  Ends Saturday the 20th at midnight.


Tangos Trash and Treasures said...

Oh you stinker! You were supposed to wait to post it!! I'm going to snag your picture & post it on my blog! tee hee thank you!

Anonymous said...

what a blessing to all of us who have emily as part of our lives,Sometimes I get jealous of the time she is in the blog world,but i know she is sharing her kind and happy thoughts....and I get her in person..I'm celebrating em all the time!!!
From the frat house president...S