Monday, September 20, 2010

No wonder I loved this license plate!

I saw this license plate and thought, where is the microphone...."Testing 1 2 3, testing.  Could I pls meet the person who is havnfun?"  I automatically loved them!  But of course, me being the reticent shy woman that I am, I WOULD NEVER DO SOMETHING SO ZANY!

Seeing this fab license plate yesterday reminded me that I need to get a vanity plate, SO FUN!!!!

What would I have on it?   Ideas????

Do you have a vanity plate or a fav bumper sticker, if so, PLS SHARE!!!

Could be a fun little 15 minute project for a mini art piece....hmmmmmmmm!

May this LICENSE PLATE be on your bumper today!


Judi said...

Yours would be Wonky. Why did you have to ask? LOL

Duff said...


Tangos Treasures said...

LOL you shy??? I find that hard to believe!!

ria vogelzang said...

We also have a special license plate..... but that came with the car....!!!
It's 33-DP-LV
The moment I saw it; I knew it.....
33 was the years our Lord walked on our earth
DP means in Dutch: By Pain (Door Pijn)
LV ..............: ans Suffering Redeemed (en Lijden Verlost)
So you know our car can never be changed for another car or we loose the licenseplate......
Have Fun today!!! I know I will!!!!
Love, Ria.

maree said...

Em - you would love my number plate . I have a bright yellow VW bug and the number plate is GRTFUN. She is my baby!!!!!Ciao

Patty said...

Yours would have to be CELEBRATE