Sunday, April 29, 2012

The wonky, the symmetrical and the bountiful....

I celebrate ripple effects as I add this tiny strip of sea and sand. Having so much fun playing with mod wonky. Hoping to have this done for when I travel to Vashon Island this Friday for Katie Pederson's book signing and quilt exhibit at Island Quilter. I would like to ask how she would quilt it. I am thinking straight geoetric lines to mirror the design.
There are few things I have always enjoyed more than eating outside whether it be on a picnic, on a porch, camping or at a favorite breakfast spot. The beauty of living in Washington is that the temps are chilly and invite a sweatshirt and outdoor heater. Since procuring an umbrella, rain or shine (literally) I am on the porch. This morning Noah enjoyed hot cocoa and coffee and Porsche's doggy loves while playing chess. Can you see the humor on Noah's mug? Squirrel costumed as a bird so that it will be given food. I so love this and Noah giggles each time he uses it!
Douglas home made the local bird church services announcements. After days of looking and beseeching birds to come and eat from the feeders, it was a frenzy today. I joked that it was singles social today after church services. Parenting never ceases to amaze me for opps of teaching and opening channels for communicatoin. Noah asked if the mother birds in nests taking care of eggs are "single moms". Interesting to hear him ask and then we googgled and went on to have a bird study course with a lot of giggling as we made up funny jokes and also spoke of importance of loyalty to a mate. Didn't know that buying bird feeders to admire while eating meals would lead to such meaningful chat about relationships and love. Happy Sunday eve, Em


Judi said...

Em - what a wonderful time you must be having! Noah looks adorable! I am happy that you are getting settled in so well in your new home!

Snoodles said...

Looks like you have plopped down in the middle of a lush, green paradise....tho it may not be a warm one! But warm hearts and love will make it heavenly! Love your blocks....looking forward to seeing how the project continues!