Saturday, October 1, 2011

RED-y for Roxy......

I am amazed how much can get accomplished when I have vacation from work and buddies for Noah.....This angel is ready for Roxy and so off I go to find a back and some batting. I am excited to share it with my friend, Linda, at Scrap Apple Quilts because she called me one day letting me know about an angel panel that I might enjoy playing with....Boy did I enjoy this project!!!!!!

I did have a moment when finishing the piecing that I thought, "I wish Green Fairy could spread her fmq fairy dust on this piece but then Roxy got a little pout and reminded me that we can pull it off.

Time is spare with Sean gone and I miss my blog dates with you all. I promise I will catch up soon!

Love, Em


Judi said...

Em - it is beautiful and you will do a beautiful job quilting it! I can't wait to see it all finished!

quiltzyx said...

It's wonderful how the RED & brown & gold all play together in the borders! Roxy is going to have a field day with her... :D