Sunday, July 3, 2011

Off to play with the jeep loaded and now for some fun! Join me!!

Started my day with bacon and quilting with Roxy on a border...then, donned a helmet and off to play in the dust!

Noah couldn't find the perfect jump fast enough!  What a riot of a day with the family!
Baby jeep was excited to be on a recon trip of hanging bikes off the back and going far away and then...DOWN HILLING BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The boys are off again and I am hanging with Roxy in a trailer as thunder weather when camping!!!!



Tangos Treasures said...

Have fun!!!

LynCC said...

Fun Times!!! I howled today. :D

Karen said...

You have an amazing life!!! Have a wonderful 4th!!!

Clare said...

Happy 4th. Sounds as if you are having a wonderful time.