Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Fielke, Lindenbergh, Gritz....Birds of a feather flock together they say!

What a whirl of a week, WOW! Wednesday whizzing by....weird: Where, When, What, Why, and How?

Are you asking yourself, "What the heck, Emily?".....I am giggling as I write this post because where my mind began with its contents is not where it has taken me! How many people can relate to this?

Today is the countdown of my Wilderness Wednesdays where I enjoy the beauty of redtail hawks, adventures of mud and snow and the wish to see a family of Mustangs.....4 to go until my flight pattern heads due Northwest. Above I CELEEBRATE mom's current work in motion....Her eagle! Did you spy the skulls in the background fabric? Yep, that is my mom....appears so unassuming and demure on her exterior but her soul has a spice that I cannot get enough of! She and I had so much fun enjoying Sarah Fielke's most recent book while she was visiting me and this little dolly quilt, Silhouette, is so beautiful and yet so simple. Amazing! I was playing with ideas while hiking today with Porsche using this Sarah pattern and will see what comes of the creative game in my mind........

but for now, I end this post with a silly ditty from Noah who is also CELEBRATING flying this week. He has chosen to do a report on Charles Lindenbergh and with all of his little red-headed spice, he asked me, "Mom, can I write, 'Charles bought his first Jenny bi-plane for 500 SMACKERS?'" Without a pause I laughed and said, "Of course!" May he always be willing to take a chance on putting his individuality out there!

Love, Em


Snoodles said...

What fun! Sure wish my mom and I could enjoy a hobby together the way y'all do! Love her creativity - her projects are second only to yours, Em! LOL Hope the home-hunting is going well, and I love the quote from Noah's report!

Mama Pea said...

Love it. Happy countdown! I'm sure it's busy getting ready to move. Love your mom....totally!

Nifty Quilts said...

I think your mom's eagle is worth at least a hundred smackers!

Victoria @ BUMBLE BEANS said...

You are always having such a good time... I come here to get a smile on my face... you never let me down! ;-)

Kathie said...

love your mom's eagle and I had to laugh at smackers!
wonder what the teacher will think?

Kim said...

Ditto what Victoria said :0)
I'm smiling too :0)

Happy Sewing

quiltzyx said...

The skulls & wings are especially faboo on Mom's eagle.

Go Noah! I hope his teacher enjoyed his report on Lindbergh. :)