Saturday, February 11, 2012

Motley Crue and Curvaceous quilts....who would have thought?

Lynn and Jacque were some of my biggest cheerleaders this past week as they gifted me as a blogger who is Versatile......While I have been at roadblocks recently with quilting visions, my trip to Vegas last night was one CELEBRATION after another of quilt ideas, patterns, and the wish that Roxy was with me at Hard Rock. While napping in puffy luxury and smiling with my job interview on Wednesday for a Seattle nursing position, I had no idea that later that evening a Motley Crue concert would not only blow my mind and have me dancing and screaming in the aisles but also WOW! me with a show that reminded me of Curvy quilts! Do you think Tommy Lee hand appliques while on the road?

So much fun and tomorrow....I may actually create a little quilt that is traditional and fun....DO you believe me?

Love to you, Em


quiltzyx said...

Oh what fun!!!
Good luck with your Seattle interview - they won't want you to leave, once they meet you.
My brain has been contemplating a Challenge quilt for my guild & catching up on your posts may have just given me the kick start I needed!


Kim said...

As they say in the South " if that don't beat all!"
Em you have your fingers in more pies!
What fun!!!!

Happy sewing, Best of luck with your interview.

LynCC said...

Whoa! I must have missed something big - Em I didn't know you're moving (or have moved?)

Chris said...

Of course you can - If anyone could make a quilt inspired by a Motley Crue show, it's you!

Mama Pea said...

That is so awesome. You see quilting inspiration everywhere you are! How exciting about the interview. Keep me posted. I hope for all the best for you!