Saturday, June 30, 2012

LOVE is written in the stars.....feels good to piece a lap quilt once again!

Erica is a dear friend of mine who was recently married. I was waiting to piece a quilt for her when inspired by a pattern that would fit her soul.....POOF! Having fallen in love with Tula Pink and her modern alphabet, her LOVE quilt pattern spoke to me. Then I decided to tweak it and add my favorites, wonky stars....There are more stars to be created and will be placed haphazardly with text reading, "Written in the Stars". And the kicker tonight was Noah looking at these blocks and having a suggestion, stay tuned because it is a fun one that looks to be used for the final quilt. As much guff as the boys give me for this hobby, they sure are supportive! Happy Weekend, friends! Em


Jenny said...

I "love" where you are going with this Em!

beth said...

This will be a wonderful quilt!

joe tulips said...

Oh Em! I can't leave without saying how much I adore this love quilt. It will be fun to see what Noah has come up with.

Kim said...

Noah quilt designer! Has a nice ring to it :0) you never know Mom :0).
Fun stars ,,,,, we'll all be waiting to see what comes next.

Happy Sewing