Sunday, June 26, 2011

Come CELEBRATE color with me...and win a book and surprise fabric!

Would you like to win this book?  Do you know which book this is?  YEP!  Giveaway!!!!!!!

3 Parts to the giveaway......

1.  What wonderful quilter lives in this home?
2.  Tell  me a ditty about a quilting studio-  favorite part of yours, what you dream of having in a studio, you dream of having a studio..
3.  What do you CELEBRATE in this photo?

Entries due by the end of today and I will draw out the name from a vase to receive this book...

Sowing a garden.....Sewing a garden.....Strolling in a garden of fun with Duffy!

I awoke to a splash of pink from my sister's garden this morning.... LOVELY like her!!!

Name the origination of Nathan's Hot Dogs and win.......A surprise book

Happy Sunday friends, May you have fun playing with the giveaways and may a GODWINK bless your hours today!

Love, Em


LaDonna and Diana said...

1. Is it Freddy Moran?
2. When we have our forever house, I want a lot of orange in my studio! My sewing room is where I live!
3. I celebrate her use of bold, dramatic color everywhere! After living in drab military housing all these years (no color at all!) I want to go crazy with color!


LaDonna and Diana said...

Oops, I forgot...Nathan's hot dogs began as a hot dog stand in Coney Island by Nathan Handwerker.


Jenny said...

1. not sure which Kaffe book that is, but don't enter me...i either own it, or my library has a are so generous. i love kaffe's books!
2. wish my 'studio' would stay clean! well, not so much clean as uncluttered!
3. i love the yellow stars

Nathan’s Famous was founded by a Polish immigrant, Nathan Handwerker, and his is truly an authentic “only in America story.” He started his business in 1916 with a small hot dog stand in Coney Island, New York. He sold hot dogs that were manufactured based on a recipe developed by his wife, Ida.

In the over 90 years that have passed since opening day, Nathan’s has gained worldwide recognition for the unequaled quality and taste of its product. Today, Nathan’s has gained reputation for being among the highest quality hot dogs in the world.

never heard of Nathan's so i had to look him up!


Sallie said...

1. Freddy Moran
2. I love the cutting table that my husband made for me! It's made out of a solid door, and it's custom made.
3. I celebrate all the bright colors - they make me happy!
Lastly, Nathan (& Ida) Handwerker, encouraged by Eddie Cantor and Jimmy Durante, began selling Nathan hot dogs at a hot dog stand in Coney Island in 1916 for a nickel.

Brenda said...

1. Freddy Moran, of course, because of all the colours.
2. I love my new Juki, the latest addition to my sewing room.
3. I celebrate the freedom to use many colours. thanks for the chance to win.

♥Duff said...

1.That is so totally Freddy Moran!
2.My dining room has vanished,
but I am only famished,
for a quilting studio,
with a little radio!

3.I am celebrating the color yellow—it has the power to make me feel warm and happy!

I know that Nathan's is from Coney Island and that's about it. I don't know if they have this lingo, but in Chicago we say "drag it through the garden!"

Quiltdivajulie said...

Freddy Moran

Favorite part of my quilting studio (the part that makes me the happiest) - BEING IN IT!

Celebrating COLOR

Here's the scoop on Nathan's: Nathan’s Famous was founded by a Polish immigrant, Nathan Handwerker, and his is truly an authentic “only in America story.” He started his business in 1916 with a small hot dog stand in Coney Island, New York. He sold hot dogs that were manufactured based on a recipe developed by his wife, Ida.

Cathy said...

Ah Ha.....Freddy Moran. She is fantastic.

Right now my "sewing studio" is a spare room. However, it is quite small and will not hold all the fabric and books I own. I would love to pull out the boxes of supplies out of closets, out from under beds and in the basement. But small as it is I come alive when I enter it.

Wonderful, glorious COLOR....

Nathan's Hotdogs originated at Coney Island.

Em thanks for the giveaway. Hugs and Kisses

Michele Bilyeu said...

I would love to to win the book! Freddy Moran who I have met and promptly fell in love with her husband Neil when he told me I was an amazing woman. I mean...wouldn't you fall for a man like that? Her home has to be one of a kind as is all of her books and she is so nice and fabulously colorful in person you can't help but examine every detail from her eyeglasses to big hair bows, to colorful artsy clothes, to great shoes and bags..usually crafted by others, as are her hats.Anyplace I rest my Viking is a sewing space for me. Bigger and fancier would not improve my sewing or make me love sewing one bit more. Coney Island hot dogs must be super special but I've never had one from Nathan or Ida or anyone else but I love their having lived the American Dream! But really and truly...aren't we all?

Janet said...

I think I've seen this book once, Freddie Moran, and she always have such fabulous colour. I LOVE the house quilt with the huge yellow stars and the yellow flowers. Yellow is my favourite colour ever. The only thing I would really like to improve in my sewing space is cupboards with shelves for keeping my fabric. Some of it is on a very high shelf that I have to climb to get to and some of it is in another room. And then some of it is in piles on my cutting mat....

I've never had a Nathan's hot dog.
Thanks for throwing sunshine our way today. Not that I haven't had enough - In the boat for four hours this morning and I have a sunburn...

Catskill Quilter said...

I am going to say Freddy Moran. The colors look like her, although I am sure I do not have this book! I love my workroom as it is, except for the lighting, which is practically nonexistent! I celebrate the color and exhuberance of this studio scene -- makes me want to grab some bright geometric fabrics and sew!

Clare said...

1. My 3rd Heroine - Freddy! I'd love to own this book.

2. I love my sewing room as itis, but I would add an air-con unit if I could. It gets way too hot in the summer. I'd also like floor to ceiling cupboards to hold the ever increasing stash and batting.

3. Celebrating Colour and, of course, Freddy!

Nathan's what? LOL

Vesuviusmama said...

Sorry I missed you and your hi jinks yesterday!