Monday, June 20, 2011

When Cyber Space and reality hug one another! Where is your SMILE CENTER today?

 Can you imagine what a photo frenzy I had at the New York arcade where the Coney Island smile was everywhere along with "SMILE CENTERS" scattered amidst tickets that labelled themselves as smiles....I could not help but.......SMILE! 

Arriving home last was as though I had brought the arcade with me...There were smiles to be had in every corner of my home last night as I got to hug.....a very special someone and her family!  Who?................In looking at the pic I think we may be sisters!....

a blog friend became a "REAL" friend and the night was amazing!  Head over to and FEAST your eyes on our fun! 
The connections were so amazing that very little quilting was discussed but the art of our grandmothers, tatting, knitting and the purrrrr of Janome's opposed to Vikings were conversatonal "pieces"....Of course I was in heaven having a sweet little girl in my home that I could be an "Auntie" too...I never pass up the oppurtunity!

The ironwork in the Trump dining area is such a mirror of a favorite quilting design of Green Fairy's and I could not help but take a pic and send to her and thought, "HOW FUN TO HAVE JUDI JOIN ME AND SEAN FOR BREAKFAST!"

Last year Judi and I happened to be at the Haunted Masion ride in Disneyland at the same time and I remember her telling me that she was getting quilting ideas from the ironwork on the mansion.....I love remembering details of exchanges I have had with friends!  Makes life so interesing and a reminder of loved ones when you are not with them!!!

Mom and I had a lovely trip to Quiltique in Henderson.  The store is amazing!!!!!! Above are some fabrics I fell in love with and used the hotel  floor as a design board as I played around with a floral project....Just the beginning and I love the simplicity of it.  I now choose fabrics with the  quilting in mind....this outer border will be fabulous in pebbling the brown and having the butterflies POP!

Happy Monday and may you find a SMILE DISPENSER in your moments of your MONDAY!

Love, Em 


LynCC said...

lol!! I see quilting patterns and piecing designs in everything around me now. :)

quiltzyx said...

Right now you can see my smile center here:
This is Tease & Annie. Annie was born on June 5th, and has been thru' a LOT since then, including a 5 day stay at the Galbreath Equine Center at Ohio State University. She still isn't completely 100%, but there are more good reports than bad! How could you help but smile to see her zipping around the stall, running circles around her mommy?

Janet said...

Sounds like the party is in Utah. I'll have to come and pick up a smile dispenser from you....

Mama Pea said...

Thanks so much for having us over! It was such a delight to meet you, and you really treated Elsa big time! I sure wish we lived closer. Give your mom a hug for me, too!

I love that iron grill in the photo above!