Thursday, June 9, 2011

Lindy Gruger Hanson, This one is for you!

So much fun at the Dodgeball arena today.  I upicked Roxy and mine's argument and then got to play with scraps!  I have always loved the simplicity of the small art quilts that are popping up in books and magazines of a trunk and loose today was the day I decided to make one.  Leftover batiks and a funny setting on my phone for a picture, VOILA!

I dedicate this piece to Lindy who is an artist I have showcased on the sidebar of my blog.  I have so many memories of quaking aspens, love the style of whimsy and colorful with a touch of simply wonky shapes....  I fell in love with her painting, "I Dreamed of a Stack of Moons" and this is my loose interp of it.  I bought some fun rayon threads and cannot wait to quilt tonight.  Roxy and I decided it would be nice to take a little break from the large batik and get back to our comfort zone of the TINY wonder!

18 hours until I hear Green Fairy present her trunk show, but of course I am not excited or counting down the minutes...NOT!!!!! 

Within this little tree piece are many many thoughts of you readers who popped into my mind as I was creating it.  Metaphorically speaking, many of you represent the strength of backbone of your families, the ripple effect of growth rings in the center of the trunk and the beuaty and inspiration that flowers and buds and whose leaves one day swirl towards me inspiring me!

Roxy is calling.....Love to you all on this Thursday!  Em


Sujata said...

I love your header and proud to have that quilt on my wall of my sewing room! The quilt you are working on is gorgeous. stacked up moons.. I love the sound of that!
Hope you are having a great summer!

Cathy said...

You inspire us all. Not only with your quilting but with your thoughts and deeds. Hugs

Lindy Gruger Hanson said...

I'm so happy you were inspired by my painting "I Dreamed of a Stack of Moons" and I love your interp of it! Thank you for the mention! :)

I love all your creations I see on your blog and your writing. And Roxy is a beauty!

Good thoughts,