Thursday, August 18, 2011

A bustling beehive of people's hands and their stories! Thanks, Sue!

"Isn't it interesting...."

Sue is CELEBRATING! the hands at her work and the beautiful stories that belong to each person. ENJOY!!!! and then visit Sue for some more photo fun at Sue is so much fun! and the most wondeful fmq artist!!! Check out her card she sent me on the sidebar of! She has definitely DOODLED her way in to my heart and I am so grateful!!!!

The story for each picture is at the bottom of the page since I am having difficulty with my blog design today. I apologize that the stories are not under each photo!

Which is your favorite? Mine.....greasy fingernails!!!!!!

Henry is one of our new car get ready/lot guys. At home, he & his wife are foster parents. He is always so calm, and always keeps busy. Several of us bring him our recyclables, so he can turn them in for a bit of extra cash.

The 2 holding hands are me & my friend Juline. She's been through some family health scares recently (which she just got a GOOD report on - hurray!), but she is a sort of Mom to us all. Juline is definitely one-of-a-kind! After living with her own mother's decline thru' Alzheimer's, she was a great help to me when I was dealing with the same thing.

Mallory is one of the youngsters, and a terrific artist in her "other" life. She makes beautiful, vintage-syle jewelry, using antique papers & resin. She's organized & coordinated 3 car shows at work, that all raised money for charity. Next Friday is one of them, and part of the money will go to the local humane society. (It will go to 4 different charities in all this time)

The one with the 3 hands are some of our sales team. Kristen is the sales mgr, Michele is an asst. mgr, and Brent is one of the salesmen. They make a good team!

Ron is our service mgr & electrical tech. It was hard to get him to sit still long enough for the shot - I got him while he was waiting for the computer to program a radio. He's a dad & grand-dad and a cowboy too.

Sheri is our business mgr. She's one of those horrid people - tall, thin, beautiful...and NICE to boot! She's been through a lot the last few years, living with MS and the loss of her 20-yr old son to cancer (note her "LIVE STRONG" bracelet). But, she's now looking forward to becoming a grandma for the first time, thanks to her lovely daughter.


quiltzyx said...

Thanks Em! I had a lot of fun wandering around work & snapping these shots. I 'live' with these hands for many hours every week, and am honored to CELEBRATE them with y'all! :D

Quilting Yai Yai said...

Wonderful way to celebrate those around you. Thanks for sharing them with us.

♥Duff said...

i think there are a few pics missing? I love Sheri's hand--it looks like she puts on hand cream regularly. they appear soft yet strong, which probably mirrors her personality having lived through the loss of a child. I also like the wedding band--a symbol of being committed to loving.

Sandra Henderson said...

HA!~I love it! I have a photo that I asked my daughter to take of my hand with Ethan's when he was her last Jan. I need to do that with own! Thanks for reminding me!
I have big ole, worn out, ugly hands. I always hated my hands! I NEVER keep my nails up, NEVER, I work too hard! lol Hands definately tell a story and I really love this post. More people should appreciate their hands and feet! :)

Anonymous said...

just dropping by to say hi