Friday, August 12, 2011

"May I trace yours?"......All in a day's work! CELEBRATING! Kim

Do you recognize Kim's hand?  She Celebrated this fun giveaway about hands with 2 photos..ENJOY!  I love her narrative that reminds me how much our hands can do in a day and that at the close they fold in prayer.  Visit Kim's wonderFULL blog and enjoy!  The title of her blog is an ode to hands in itself...

A birthday quilt...Lucky kid!

"Hi, Em.  I have always loved hands too and I am constantly asking children if I can trace theirs.  Sometimes I take that tracing and sew it into a quilt for the child...that is always a big surprise for them.

Here is my hand at the end of the day in which I volunteered, gardeneed, planted ghubarb, moved my lawn, weeded my gardena dn made a meal and did kitchen clean up.  And now I am going to sew :).
Hand to work, hearts to God.

Hugs, Kim"

Keep the photos and wonderfull stories coming, I am loving them and will giggle as I read and enjoy during my weekend of camping.    This collage I created is a culmination of the sentiments I have felt since we started this CELEBRATION! this week.  Thumbs up to rising above! 

Love, Em


Kim said...

hmmmm and maybe those hands should practice their typing and check for typos.......sorry about that.
But I did get stung by a bee while writing that post :0).

thanks for spreading the love,
Happy Sewing

♥Duff said...

Love the idea of all the many things we can do to give and receive with our hands--it sounds like Kim is a well-balanced person!