Monday, August 29, 2011

Monday's Mantra....Wink wink!!!!!

May this sunshine be a ray of hope and comfort for friends and family affected by Irene.

The past several days have been full of WONDER as I played in Vegas and San Diego. It was fun to find a quilt show and chat quilting for an afternoon with Sheila. A night in Old Town was mystical, Noah enjoyed chess with a man named Jim who sets up his board on the wall by the ocean and a lego box was my desk for my current AAQI quilt for the bidding.... Ms. Cow is 1/2" too big....can you believe it?! If you like her....let's have another bidding starting at $20.00.....So often I thought of so many of you as I played, quilted, glued and just was reminded of friendship and support as emails would be exchanged. Thank you for you!

Love, Em


♥Duff said...

$25 starts the bidding!

Janet said...

Let's make it $40. This one is so cute!

bjmccomber said...

$100.00 please

LynCC said...

Oh, Bj - you baaaaad girl! Now I have to bid $125!

Sandra Henderson said...

Wish I would have known earlier, so wonderful!
Looks like a great trip. You are so beautiful!!!!!
Love the photos!