Monday, August 29, 2011

When you play with ideas for a new quilt before going to bed, Do you..............

Section 2 of the ACT exam. Please make sure your No. 2 pencil is finely sharpened and remember to fill in the whole bubble when answering........You may have a snack on your desk but I would ask that you have all else cleared....oh and you may have some fabric, your favorite quilt book, a rotary blade and green mat...BUT aboslutely NO phones....except if it is saved on your favorite blog....and if you MUST bring your favorite mug rug, that is admissible.....Ah hell! Let's get examining!

Your first question covers the subjects Science, Logistics, Art..

1. When you play with an idea for a new quilt before going to bed, do you..
a. wake up at 4:30 AM with the "I got it!" feeling
b. take a bathroom break and then get curious if your phone has an email waiting from a blog friend
c. you stroll down the hallway to the laid out fabric and illustration ideas in and begin to the middle of the night
d. you don't miss out on your sleep for anything...not even a new project

2. This is an essay, short and sweet equals COMPLETE!
....Em is writing a ditty on her blog for Michele Foster's, Quilting Gallery blogger highlight and wonders what her readers enjoy about her blog and keep coming back for more...If you have a word or quilt that you think of when EM CELEBRATES! is mentioned....what is it?

3. When I say "jeep roll" you think sushi? If you answered NO and wonder why this exam is asking....head to and take a peek at the Saturday's article about a Jeep roll. Good old Sue, up to her antics!

4. True/ False...Isaih 40:3 CELEBRATES! the desert and is the inspiration for this next quilt.

5. I spy.......Do you see the Mary of Guadalupe in the blue batik? Excited to use her in the sky as a quiet comfort for the piece. Thank you, Jenny at!

Happy TOOsday!



Julie said...

Hi Em,
I think of 2 things - big blousey Kaffe flowers and Godwinks - both bring smiles and warmth to the day!! Keep on Celebratin' Em x

LynCC said...

EM CELEBRATES! brings me sisterhood and smiles - that's what keeps me coming back. :D Positivity that won't let depression or tragedy or loss destroy the will to enjoy Life. Even when one has to walk away from the fabric to write an analytical history essay. ;D

♥Duff said...

1. d. "manana!"
2. energy, gratitude, positive, encouraging, creative, wonderment, soul sista, Godwink, hugs, love, generosity, empathy, siren (ha!), girly girl, rough-and-tumble, mother, wife, daughter, sister, $hit-kicker wearin' all-around cowgirl.
3. no surprise that you're the topic of conversation!

Needled Mom said...

1.) a
2.) JOY - life and all it has to offer.
3.) Sushi....never came to my mind.
4 & 5.) Can't wait to see it!!!!

Kim said...

I like to visit and see if I can keep up with your flow of thoughts and ideas :0) and of course YOUR ever present ZEAL for life!

Big Hugs and Happy Sewing

Quilting Yai Yai said...

1. a
2. LOVE keeps me coming back.
3. No.
4. True
%. I SPY Mary!!

Love you, Em!!

Chris said...

1.a.that's why I keep pen and paper by my bed.:)
2. easy one - JOY! Your quilts, and you, spread love and joy to all. I also feel a sisterhood with you even though we've never met.that's special.
Thanks for sharing your joy with one and all!

quiltzyx said...

1) A (I never cut in the middle of the dark. I like my fingers much too much for that!)

2) CELEBRATion, INSPIRAtion, GodWINKS, friendSHIP, and the CowGIRL WAY!


4) & 5) Looking forward to THESE!


Snoodles said...

1.) A, definitely...I've started keeping a notebook by my side of the bed! LOL
2.)Joy! And Fun! Friendship, blessings!
3.) Never even pictured a sushi dish in my mind!
4.) Oh, the celebration ...and the next two verses just lift me up!
5.)Can't wait to see your new piece you're working on!
I am so happy on the days that I have time to come and visit your blog -- I leave with a smile, a warm glow, and gratitude for having a friend like you!

Char said...

I think of my quilt and the friendship that came with it, thank you Em.
I usually go to bed with fabrics and color swatches swimming around in my head, most times they're still swimming in the morning.

Sandra Henderson said...

1) B. But with a computer, not phone. :)
2) UNIQUE , creative energy, LOVING heart, Energetic, motivational ,family adventures shared with us, Not another blog like it!
3) ha!~no, not sushi. I think of your last trip and rolling that 4wheeler thing...scary, but great view!
4) true
5) I love how you see things that nobody else sees.... THEN, you show it to US!!!~ :)
Love ya Em.