Monday, August 29, 2011

Moo-La-La! From desk to mail squishy!

I share this photo of Noah and Jim playing chess at Crystal Pier and think.....An elderly man alive and keeping his mind nimble in older years to prevent aging take over his mind...There are so many articles about how to prevent dementia....I like to think the AAQI funds for Alzheimers Research will one day unlock the key and proclaim, "CHECK MATE!"

Once again I thank you for the incredible support of AAQI! Ms. Cow sells for $100.00 and I am excited for her to fly your way, BJ

I took this photo in the back of my car as I was riding home from California. The Lego box was perfect for a desk because it is stiff and also reminds me of creativity being fun and silly and for all ages! As I created on this "desk", I thought of Sue who claims a lot of Legos in her work office...Hmmmmmm, I wonder the stories she could tell!

I am going to create a desert bargello with a mustang for my next AAQI. I hope that its warmth of my neighborhood will melt your heart and inspire a bid in the auction!

Off to play with scraps and glue, Em

BJ, If you can please email me your address. Congrats on winning the bid!


Kim said...

You rock Em!

Happy Sewing

LynCC said...

Oh, I just missed it! Well, next time. ;D

Quilting Yai Yai said...

YAY!! Congrats to the winner!

Needled Mom said...

I love to see the elderly keeping their mind stimulated. My own mom (89) just bought an I-Pad and is having fun learning it. I really admire them for wanting to keep up in these techy times.

I can't wait to see the next quilt come to life.

quiltzyx said...

Congrats on supporting a terrific cause BJ!

And now I must take some pictures of my office Legos.... ;^)