Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I pass on to you the LOVE! Do you see the heart? How about giving me a HAND with a CELEBRATION!?

I awoke this morning to some LOVE notes from dear friends in Blogland.  Amazing how much easier it is for me to awaken early on Tuesdays when I have my phone blinking care.  

CELEBRATING! Maree's beauty from across the world.  I wonder if one day I will hold these hands and we will share our stories together.  For now, I will enjoy the the wonder.

This summer I have fallen in love with pictures of hands as many of you may know.  This picture inspires me to think of last year's giveaway when we donned quilts together for a giveaway.  I LOVED IT and hope that you enjoyed it.  (If you did not have an oppurtunity to see the beauty on display, it is blogged last Novemeber during the Houston quilt festival.)

I would love to showcase pictures of hands on this blog. 

Muddy hands,

 newborn fingers,

grandma's wrinkles, handwork, LET's CELEBRATE!

Please submit a photo and a narrative if you would like.  I will post on my sidebar with link to your blog.  I will run this giveaway for the next while depending on response.  And a wonderful prize will be yours as the ICING ON THE CAKE!

I wonder how often you will notice hands today, tomorrow, or remember the first time you HANDled your newborn children, as a loved one placed a ring on your finger, bandaged an owie or a wish that your hands worked like they used to.  
Happy TOOsday!  Em 


Quilting Yai Yai said...

What a wonderful idea! I think hands tell so much about a person. I love all the pictures you shared, especially the muddy hands!

Nifty Quilts said...

A beautiful idea. I love your top photo!

Snoodles said...

This is so much fun....and a lovely idea. I'm off to look through my photos!
Jacque at Lilypadquilting

quiltzyx said...

Digging the P&S out of my purse and stalking some hands to shoot....

Great idea Em!

Judi said...

Oh I snap my hands Wednesday at work for your collection.