Monday, August 8, 2011

Isn't quilting a fun hobby? One day quilting a wonky cow and hours later planning my traditional angel quilt...

The latest Quilters Newsletter has an advertisement for a wonderfull new book that has me excited for using the above fabrics!  Traditional for my mother-in-law.  Anyone bought the book, "Circle of Nine" by Janet Houts and Jean Ann Writght?

Are you willing to cheer me on as I try traditional? he he he!!! I have already texted my sis that I will need a lot of coaching! 

Yep, another Mary is surfacing and CELEBRATING! Kaffe Fassett.  Sean has been patient in waiting for me to get a Mary just right for our home and this may be the ticket.  I have cut out
BLESSED! for her heading.
More to come on both of these lovely ladies!

MARVELous Mary is My Monday Mantra....


Snoodles said...

Oh, Em, those colors are gorgeous!

Mama Pea said...

That is going to be gorgeous, Em!

Colleen said...

Em You are JUST SO MUCH FUN!!! and so creative. Thank you for your blogs and the inspiration I get every time I open a new post! I have been making a baby quilt while at my daughters home in Texas. The top is finished and made Payten a doll quilt out of the leftover cut pieces. YES quilting is such a fun hobby!
Happy Quilting!

quiltzyx said...

Stepping out of the box & jumping into Tradional! Gooooo Em!!!

Doesn't Mary just GLow in the purple? Lovely!

(Keep an eye out for a plain brown envelope in the mail.....)

Quilting Yai Yai said...

I didn't get this memo! I mean, somehow I missed this post! I will always step up to cheer you on, Em.
Give us an "E"!! Give us a "M"!!