Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My twins....Soon to be triplets, quads, quins.....hmmmmmm......

Tweaking the 100 Blocks Volume 3 inspirations for my current project.  Thank you, Charlotte, for introducing me to batiks!

Love, Em

Monday, May 30, 2011

Monday's Mantra....Marvelling at My MOM! This post is like a mother/daughter date...

My mom is at it again...All hand applique!  She strated this work of art while at my home a couple of months ago and fun to shop for the "perfect" center fabric...and then when I saw it she had switched to even more perfect piece!  What a gifted artist and she is my mom!!! I love the brights and so amazing to see in person. Hope you enjoy this beauty!

While smiling as my phone would beep with admiration for mom's quilt above, I was playing with Roxy on my LITTLE BLESSINGS piece.. a mix of Gloria Loughman and a little curvy Diane Hire....In an Em sort of way..and maybe a pinch of Van Gogh Starry Starry night...

 I titled this little piece Little Blessings from the line of fabric I used to cut out these well wishes from Guardian Angels in the sky....Sentiments mom has loved to me through my life.......

a type of silver lining......

back of quilt...my first official double sided feather for a border...YIPPEEEEEEEE, I finally did not let them scare me!

What will be my next project........ Can't wait to cut into yummy new idea TOOmorrow...seems appropriate on a TOOsday......

Love, Em

Friday, May 27, 2011

Just needs a binding and a baby...


Border is quilted with a wavy "ripple" of course :)......And all these little pebbles are like the "O"'s that I LOVE SO MUCH!!!  Friendship, ripple effect...

Just the beginning.......

Are you a quilter that gets excited when you begin a new project because you may have an idea of what the end product will be, but REALLY do you?.....That is me with this project. 

I freehand cut these pieces at the skate park yesterday while Noah scootered.  Its a great day when I can fit a rotary cutter, cutting board, huge stack of fabrics, scissors and 3 quilt books in a beach bag and start cutting....A breeze came up so I was giggling as I had pieces flying here and there amidst chewed gum and litter on the sidewalk.

This is the beginnings but far from satisfied with the sizings...seems to have a curvy appeal of Diane Hire, May just have a second quilt coming up with her influence....

Happy Friday, may it be....

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Tickle tickle.....birds of a FEATHER....light as a FEATHER....ruffled FEATHERS...

Each Tuesday at work we have staff meeting and learn about different things from reading a map, waving to the ranchers when they pass us by on the dirt road, cleaning bug bites and what to do if encountering a rattlesnake....

This past Tuesday I was in a group of peers and we were given a peacock feather by the presenter.  We were assigned to think up a therapeutic group that we could teach to our students and clients....

Well you can guess what came to mind when I saw and heard FEATHER.....

Little pinks wispy feathers.....
While quilting the top section of rabbits and grass....couldn't help but recant Easter memories and soon I thought of the "worm" as the trail for Peter Cotton tail and all of the little Easter eggs he was dropping along the way.

Closeup of my back with the feathers and pebbling...Ever done this, "Noah, I just need to quilt one more area and then I will shower and we can head out for our day..." 

"Mom, you said just one more section....."

What is your thought for this lovely THURSDAY?


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

"Y.........Y.......Y......Why the Y?

Green FairY's quilting on my favorite wonkY
wormY star piece..

Judi is the Green Fairy that designed the "worm" that she and I giggled about when I picked up this piece last year....

RoxY's with emilY
at the helm

What a difference that a little pebbling and worming can do...fun to see the contrast of what is quilted and what is to come....I have a feather complete that is hiding and more to trY
tomorrow.....Love the SULKY shiny thread!!!

Yummy back, tension just right!!!!  Linda, do you recognize this fabric? Leftovers from the quilt, IT TAKES A VILLAGE, that you won in the giveaway...We need to do that giveaway again soon...I loved seeing all you ladies wrapped in your quilts and in your case, Linda, you and your furry sweeties!

Thank you Judi Green Fairy! for your inspirational patterns that Roxy and I play with, your texts that make me giggle, and never giving up on me for a lunchdate!  Do you recognize the backing fabric...yep, this cute guy named Clint sold it to me! he he he!!!!!

More to quilt tomorrow but I am so excited with the progress so far that I wanted to share.  What little dolly will be wrapped in this ditty I wonder?

Yabba Dabba YOU!!!!!

Love, Em

Wednesday is WonderFULL...FULL of Grace!

Sean has finished his Mary.  Amazing to watch my husband create....And even more fun to see the progress.  The Coca Cola bottle is in Spanish, the rays are cut out of soda cans and the gown is fabric that was gifted to me by Char. Sean hemmed the entire border of the gown then placed a wire in it to enhance flowing and then painted gold. 

Sean is creating the Coca Cola crate from scratch.  Here he is carving out the lettering for Coca Cola from blue tape.  He then paints it white and when dry peels away the tape. VOILA!

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!  The small coin on the bottom is still being worked in to the piece.  Noah and I love to visit a local coin shop and learn the stories and history behind coins and minting the money.  Believe it or not....This is a Coca Cola coin from Paraguay. YEP, GODWINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And while Sean was crafting I was "making fabric" for a little doll quilt.  I visited Victoria's blog at Bumblebeans yesterday morning and was inspired all over again to dig into the stash and make a wonky little border...I love these little pieces because Roxy and I can practice and practice some more!

May your Wednesday be FULL of comfort......And........

Love, Em

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

"What if every neighborhood was this one?"....Friendly, Courteous, Cheerful, Helpful

Last week I fell in love with Gloria Loughman's book, Quilted Symphony, and now I begin the piecing journey....Her VILLAGE STRATA reminds me of Greco paintings that I saw in Spain years ago with the deep purples and sense of mystery or foreboding, can't you just see a very gaunt faced man in the bell tower of the church?...or perhaps a Title cover for PILLARS OF THE EARTH?.....but mine, I choose to CELEBRATE the brightness of summer that will someday arrive when the rains cease and the delight in thinking of a neighborhood based on the values of Boy Scouts.....Can't get home soon enough to start cutting and playing....

Little did I know that waiting for an admit can be so fun when you work next to a quilt shop and just HAVE to drop in a take a peek at the selection....

Speaking of CELEBRATING boy scouts, Have you visited Vesuviusmama for her scout outing of the past weekend?  Never a dull moment in this lovely lady's life!  Drop in and say HI to Erin. 

Love, Em

Have you ever added a little ditty to your quilt, just because?...

Porsche and I were out walking last evening and I found the perfect little label for my Triathlon quilt....Since water is the theme of this piece...seemed fun to add a piece of garbage aka "found item" in my neighborhood...Roxy didn't love sewing plastic but she placated my whim :).

Judi, Ms. Karate Quilter, here is the long awaited photo.....

The ultimate LOOT in the boots....Sweet little Harley in her pink cowgirl boots...I love this sweetie and can't wait to love her up this weekend when I travel to play with family and the horses! 

May your TOOsday have something TOO fun amidst its hours!!!!!

Love, Em

Monday, May 23, 2011

Voila! Celebrating TAOS blue and the final pic for Diane Hire-inspired quilt

Sean and I love pictures of colored doors from near and far and have brought the TAOS blue door into our southwest home.....and as I hung this quilt for the final photo of it bound...A cross, a Mary and some yummy blue!  I love the "flow"..... Next project starting when Porsche and I finish our walk tonight....

Sunlight showing off the quilting throughout.  

Thank you, Diane Hire and Green Fairy for the inspiration!!!!
And to you all who continue to visit while I post and more post this quilt.

Love, Em

Ripples....swirls....ebb and flow...Dancing water!

Just have to share the yumminess from my walk with Porsche this morning.  The neighborhood foliage maintainers are out manicuring the plants and they are working on the Rosemary plants...YEP! a walk of herb-alicious-ness!  THought I was at a spa for a moment and then my  barking ferocious scaredy cat brought me pack to reality as a sweet lap dog strolled by....The PATIENCE I pray for with each walk as I train this sweet pup....

The border is quilted and I decided to mimich the wave in the wonky border and add some spirals every so othen....

All the ripples from the center out.....

my back.....

Roxy gets a SOUTHWEST BEAUTY next to play with...I am hooked on this quilting thing!

May your Monday have a dance step to it!  And a puddle or two!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

CELEBRATING the beauty of my little corner of Utah!

I never tire of this hike to the Emerald Pools in Zions National Park and this year the falls are especially breathtaking with all of our recent rains.  Serenity to you, can you feel the mist on your face as you look at this photo?

Such a wonderful weekend with family and friends.  Last night I fell asleep thanking God and Sean for the joy that our large trailer brings to our family as we can travel with loved ones and have lovely dinner parties in the evenings.....And yep!...Roxy and I quilted on the picnic table outside of the trailer while the boys cooked dinner and Lindsey's Triathlon is nearly bound!  I can't wait to show you the outer border.  I was scared to check it this morning because it was quilted throughout an evening of yummy beer spirits and laughter...PHEW! Roxy took the helm and I only unpicked a few lines....

Cruising up the final leg of a very steep hill in the middle of nowhere on the way to the trailhead, Guacamole.  Can you believe the waterfall pic is taken about 30 minutes away from where we are in this photo?  Love the dynamic beauty of the desert!!!!  I swore I would never ride uphill for miles just to get to a trailhead and funny how a determined youngster changes those princess mantras!  Love my dudes!

Holding dearest Lizzy close as she begins to fall asleep.  I am looking out the window and thinking to myself, "This little girl is so special and this is what it feels like to hold a little girl tightly..."

What a motley crue as we climb straight up a mountain....I got some teasings for the hiking boots but I reassured the people that these feet live in boots and when hiking through mountains for my job, an actual trail is cheating....

Playing in the trees with Noah at the top of a hiking trail..Noah is so proud to have his dad's racing jersey passed down to him...

Life is GOOD!

Nature, Family and Friends, MUSIC to my ears! 
Love to you all, Em

Thursday, May 19, 2011

CELEBRATING Color and a Symphony....

A reward for a taxing day in the "office"....CELEBRATING with a fun post and a new book to inspire me for the quilting of the outside border of Lindsey's Triathlon....

and a new project soon...I get so excited wondering about a new one!

Have you drooled over Gloria Loughman's book, Quilted Symphony?

It is such a feast!!!!

Above photo is from the book on page 23 that talks of ability to override the temptation "to create what you see rather than what you feel....." and that the list of colorful inspirations is "infinite, but you must have your eyes and soul open to respond."

There is a fabulous Student Gallery towards the back of the book and of course I fell in love with this SURFACE ENERGY by Melinda Gibson.  Colors are so saturated and heat emanates...The quilting in this book is fabulous and going to be an excellent study for me as I begin the final leg of my quilt.

Hmmmmmmmm...what will Roxy quilt tonight? 

Thursday's Thought...

What is your soul open to today?

Love, Em

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Rain makes for adventures....

My nursing big rig  is a muddy mess tonight...Is it strange that while I was sliding all over the road I radioed to my office,

 "Backup backup this is Em, do you copy?" 

"Em, this is Doug, I copy..."

"Doug, are the tires bald on this Dodge, I have no traction and am all over this road and nearly down a culvert....'

"Em, it's normal in clay...'

"OK"...I then cinched up the seat belt and thought that all is good...

Now I  think that this is ludicrous!!!  and I love the adventure of it!!!!

On Facebook tonight Griff posted this photo with heading,


What a funny job we all have at Second Nature....and on a serious note..

ROCKIN' in the wilderness with adolescents and young adults seeking peace and sobriety and we as staff get to be instruments of change in a very environmentally adventurous world!!!

Love, Em

Do you remember the project where you took your quilting to a new level...

I have been reminiscing about my beginner projects that were from yesterday years...I started quilting 3 1/2 years ago.  Kaffe Fassett is my first love with the jelly roll as a close second....I am sending the below Kaffe Fassett book to a "beginner" because of the wonderful quilts and how many of them are user friendly to the newcomer...Inside the cover I have attached  the below photo of my wonky version of Kaffe's Cover rays quilt...I still remember the day I bought the fabric with the targets in this quilt and how I looked for over an hour through every bolt of fabric looking for my keys...

Below is the cover qjilt that I patterned my version after...

And the below photo is me turning a leftover photo copy into a love note to whomever enters my office and reads the "fine print"....  Daer Friends, I wanted to send a "HI!" to you!  Love, Em

This mirror is part of my friendly shrine in my office.  I am excited about this photo becasue you can see the wall size map of our field area peeking in the background due to my office not having walls to the ceiling....Can you see the teeny arrow?  that is where we are going to mud bog and do physicals today?  Come along and play with me!!!

Love, Em

Ripple Effect......Beginning in the center and working my way outwards...HMMM, sounds a lot like learning to love oneself to love others!!

As I am quilting this piece, I am reminded of ripples because of the curves and also because I am working my way out from the center just as a ripple does.  A favorite post of mine was when we all CELEBRATED the ripple effect and am excited to have been reminded of it this morning as I began this POST.

I have had several people inquire about who is ROXY?  Well, here she is!!!

Have you ever bought a simple item and thought, "This is so brilliant....Why didn't I do it years ago?"...This is how I feel about my card table....I do not like to be hiding in my quilt room when the family is home and yet the bar in the kitchen seems so cramped....A card table was the answer!  I have set it up in the nook of our great room and the view and natural light is wonderful!  Fortunately we live next to open space so it is fun to watch the road runners, bunnies and Porsche all playing.  Roxy is hoping that the focus of the photo is on her...she's a little funny that way! 

Closeup photos of our progress on this Diane Hire inspired piece... I added a simple wave to the white striped piece that reminds me of ripples....... and then in the blue curvy strip is you double click you can see how I added a ribbon with bubbles above and below, WAHOO, a new try for me and I LOVE IT!!!

This quilt was  originally titled LIPOSUCTION because I am cheating on creating the curves...but now it is ...Lindsey's Triathlon..


My dear friend, Lindsey, is staying at our home this weekend while we go ""camping at Zions National Park and she is participating in a local triathlon.  Seemed like the perfect THANK YOU gift with all of the swimming blue and haphazard roads...twisting and curving and nothing quite lines up..MUCH LIKE PARTICIPATING in A SPORTING EVENT LIKE THIS!!!!

I am outlining all of the different patterns in this floral fabrtic and it is making the different flowers and leaves POP!  This is a secret of mine for being new at FMQ....outline a beautiful busy fabric and it looks like you know what you are doing!  I encourage you to try this is you are newer and scared...Much less daunting then a solid color that you want so badly to put the perfect feather in...AND YOU MAY JUST BE THAT QUILTER that does it and all of us happily envy and CELEBRATE you!

Off to play in the woods after a lovely spring walk with Porsche....May you Wednesday be wonderFULL!!!!!

Love, Em