Saturday, January 19, 2013

Bits and Pieces....of time and fabric

Where has this month flown to? Sean has been working in Utah for 3 weeks and this means one thing.....My mom was here and what a wonderful time we had! She has begun her Pandemonium epic journey and oh how fun it is shaping up to be!!!!
A muted quilt to welcome a sweet little baby girl in June. Very fun to make and revisit my Kaffe stash. Scared to quilt it but will soon take the plunge. I have always loved the wonky star and it was fun to incorporate in this quilt 9 patch theme.
Yesterday was Roxy's day and boy did she go go go! We quilted this modern top and I am excited to have a WIP complete! On the way to buying the binding I spied a little fixer upper and within 24 hours my brain is a buzz at options.....It is a year of minimizing the toys and revisiting the simple, family time is the most important time and the things of the world do not compare. CELEBRATING my husband coming home in less than 24 hours! and some blog time.....I miss the blogging but I hope that you get my vibe of my visits to yours! Love, Em

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Ringing in the new year with a taste of Modern....

Happy New Year! A challenge I have posed to myself this year, that I am welcoming with open arms, is to see how many quilts I can create using only my stash with exception of batting and backs that I will need to purchase. Last night I got a wild hair and dumped my florals stash bag....All of the sudden these fabrics screamed, Use us together, as though it was a scene from Toy Story....And with a pattern from Contemporary Quilts book pictured below, VOILA....a not so traditional baby quilt ready for Roxy.
May 2013 be a year of joy, growth and delight and celebration in the little things that can be oh so big....and even more fun is when a little thing is like a sponge toy from the quarter machine that you add to a glass of water and it POOFS in size.....
May you have a POOF to you day today!!!! Em