Friday, March 23, 2012

Becky Goldsmith+My Mom+Green Fairy= TALENT AND BEAUTY!

CELEBRATING an all time favorite of my mother's. Piece 'O Cake pattern, mom's gift for color and applique and the infamous Green Fairy quilting as the cherry on the top! Every so often, it is fun to revisit a favorite! Em

Sunday, March 18, 2012

This month's theme: Buster-Scraps blankies, blues and BOY OH BOY!

So many little baby boys and a return to my favorite original quilting colors, chocolate brown and blues. This little ditty is a sure scrapbuster from fabrics that have sign language to buttons to mod florals.....Duncan is in for an eye-spy treat. Having so fun with no plan in mind, just creating and envisioning a little babe wrapped up in this soon.

The house continues to empty as Sean loads the fifth wheel and I am thinking these last 3 weeks will be much longer than my attention span for the present.

Happy Sunday, friends! Em

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Kinda fun getting ready for Easter! Needing a stretched canvas and then POOF!

A memory quilt of our cross wall as we take down the crosses for the move....envisioning the years of Easters to come with new gifts each year in the basket....renewable fun like the love of Christ. Sean will create a stretch canvas for this piece and then voila! May Peter Rabbit enjoy filling this basket for years to come!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

It was written in the stars..."NO! that's not how the story began......" and of course, sharing my mom's gift with you!

It was a sign.....undeniabley true....Like a neon Godwink on the Gum Wall..."SD, you are meant to move here"....If anyone asks, "How come Seattle?"...well it was inscribed in gooey Bubblicious. (My husband's nickname is SD and I graduated from the "U") Celebrating SIGNS that some things are meant to be if you CHEWS to notice Godwinks!

And of course, CELEBRATING mom's latest needle-turn applique beauty, her trunk show in the Red Lion Seattle. Gotta love my mom...Will Travel With Quilts!


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Wishes on Wednesday....Roxy is giggling as she embellishes this little Buggy Barn star..soon to be Caleb's doll quilt.

When you wish upon a star....
Make a wish...
Feeling lucky? Try this out today or tomorrow or next month: Pretend it is your birthday or you surprise someone with a CELEBRATION cake, extra frosting for sure, and then light a candle, maybe a Barbie dancing, the number 21 because you would like to redo that year or....The number you are now because right now is just RIGHT! Make a wish then blow! Oh and the best part, see the magic unfold.

May your Wednesday be wonderFULL!

Monday, March 12, 2012

UFP's became WIP's and then.....check!

What is the favorite part of your stash? Mine, finding a perfect little piece to bind this little LOVE for a new baby soon to arrive. As I bound today, I would giggle and envision and smell the yumminess of a newborn little girl being wrapped up in this blankie.

Happy Monday! Em

Celebrating fingers and hope and having fun with photo settings and this baby quilt

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Selvage says so much!

Spotlight on a small ditty that is such a BIG detail of my poppy quilt. Raise your hand if you see selvages in a whole new light over the recent years!

Are you CELEBRATING something BIG that is really small to the average Joe? Kinda fun to remember that the little are so my sweet little Noah ill and me rubbing his back like I did his first day of life. Something so vulnerable about an ill child and a moment when he lets me be his mom and he shucks the independence. A nurse to my own child...novel concept in my world.

Love, Em

Saturday, March 10, 2012

All done....I cannot remember the last time I spent a day and completed a quilt! Feels great!

I realized that when I initially narrated these photos that I did not include that I did a switch-er-roo. Yesterday morning I went to the quilt shop to buy some fabric to add to my quilt with the mini poppies and wonky lines but when I got home....spoke of a different quilt. SO, with $9 of fabric and some fusible web, I cut out the large poppies and put them on a new background, used the little poppies that I have in stash and poof! A inexpensive quick quilt that measures about 24 x 36. Maybe little smaller.

I have always been intrigued by an art quilt that has a part of it extending beyond the outer border. Seemed like a good day to try it out. But to bind it, I may need some help! And the whole time I am piecing I am thinking, what will Green Fairy do with this piece?

Ahhhhh, CELEBRATING an uninterrupted day of quilting!

Buy a book....get inspired...Hook, line and SINGER!

Ever see an idea and think, "That is a wonderful quilt and looks so simple but how does the quilter have that vision?" I think that often when I see quilts using large scale fabrics. Modern quilts also boggle my mind. Mom bought a contemporary quilt book and I was enamored. This week's playtime is me getting out of the comfort zone and letting go of the end product and just letting the feed-dogs do their bow-wow-wow!

Happy sewing, Em

Buy book....get inspired.."hook, line and SINGER...."

It is a weekend of playing....Never been one to use large blocks or do the MOD thing but I am playing away and how fun to just go with it. I bought $9 of fabric this morning and feel guiltless as I whipped up this little piece. A couple of blocks are misplaced but I am letting go of being attached to the outcome and thinking, "This is kinda fun!" What are you doing for fun today?

And when you run out of a fabric and cannot face a drive in to the quiltshop....Aw heck, throw in a novelty fabric for conversation! In this case, Seattle is on my brain and so a little girl with an umbrella seems apropos!

Happy quilting, Em

What is your favorite quilting helper? Mine...IRONic

Mine....Fusible web. IPlaying with this little ditty with no end pattern in mind. I find it fun and "IRON"ic that my mom is one of the most incredible needle turn appliquers, and me, queen of the cheat...and yet we both have so much fun CELEBRATING each other. I am so grateful my mom raised us with our own sense of esteem and that she allows us to be who we are. Happy Saturday!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Arts and Crafts...sewing between the lines!

I am so distracted with the new home and impending move....and did I tell you lately how delirious I am to be playing with Gwen Marston and friends in May?!!!!!!!!

Current block idea....not liking the tiny random square but will see if it makes the "cut" or not....New quilts for our home in Lake Forest will be playing with line and square and hope to also keep a little of EM in the flavor.

Happy weekend and may you have a CELEBRATION! Em