Sunday, January 31, 2010

CELEBRATING...... Why is this so much fun to make? Not sure what border....

Putting fabrics on the design wall, definitely think more "pop" with border. solid or many as pictured above. right now only laid on, not sewn...would make strips more varigated if I were to do the colorful and not solid. Votes?

May the brightness of this quilt be a cheery way to start your week! What kind of adventurous fun will we celebrate this week together? I can hardly wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have wanted to do a white background quilt for ages after seeing so many on blogs and so VOILA, I did it. Wondering if I should do a border and what kind....? Judi will have fun with this one!!!

Celebrating our impromptu STAYcation trip to Ense"George"a, Mex-ica.....!

I love this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And to think it is an entrance to a winery.
I was so inspired by my mom's jaunts to Mexico and our Stay-vacations that I came home and immediately whipped up this Bahama Mama quilt with bikinis stitched by Judi. Loved making the little villas.

What a find, at Tres Amigos grocery store and there was a Maria begging to come and liven and inspire reverence in my laundry room/ Celebratory haven of crosses!!!!!!!
If only we had humidity in Southern Utah!

Bouganvillea is Mexico's Kudzu, but welcomed and celebrated!

Have you ever done something so crazy and so "drop of the hat" that you are giggling the whole time with disbelief!

Well.........As you can see from above, Sean and I have done it! We are in Ense"George"a, Mex-ica in a villa on our way to the beach- Sand Hollow. Funny thing is that the villa came with a blind dog just like mine! Noah decided to have a day at the neighbor friend's house and so we took advantage of Nissan aviation and sunshine! More amazing than the Maria statue at the store was the oversized-marshmallows in pink and white- loved them of course in honor of my "girly" peace quilt.
Afer yummy cocktails, visiting the local winery in our minds and walking the streets of Ense"George"a, we hunkered down in our villa. I loved the stillness under the serape quilt with my husban-best friend. Valentine's Day may be 2 weeks away, but this Mexi-Utah- ca trip was just what we needed!

Here's to STAYcations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

I had to do it......Start one more quilt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who's New Years Resolution matches the sweet shop admonition?

Each time I visit Tallgrass Prairie Studio and see her primitive houses, I get inspired. Here goes a girl power "peace" neighborhood. Has potential for being a stash buster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CELEBRATING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The weekend and a wonky quilt for my nephew!

I LOVE THIS FABRIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Made this quilt this morning and it is a riot!

Friday, January 29, 2010


I was in love with so many cards at Target yesterday but my favorite was the back of card that CELEBRATED...........Hummingbirds. And of course the "stitched hearts" were a favorite!Papyrus Card company shares the following beauty..

"Legends say that hummingbirds float free of time, carrying our hopes for love, joy and celebration. The hummingbird's delicate grace reminds us that life is rich, beauty is everywhere, every personal connection has meaning and that laughter is life's sweetest creation."
Who's your hummingbird today?

I awoke this morning to your sweet birthday wishes to Noah and a mind going crazy with wanting to create a wonky hummingbird piece for my sister in law...

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Celebrating...Noah Turns 8 and Sean creates another fun cake!

Hard to believe that my youngest is 8 and what a wonderful day it has been celebrating him! Sean is a master of birthday cake making and didn't let Noah down this year! What a blessing to be his mom and my his smiles in these photos forever be his!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Lee Webb's snowy picture unveils the Inkblot winner....

Found this photo on Lee Webb's blog, and fell in love with the composition. What better way to announce the winner of my "Blue Skies" Inkblot giveaway game?

As I created the piece, 16 x 18 inches it was amazing to me how a story was sewn into the design without any plan. Here is my interpretation of the piece:

The upper left wonky square represents the field staff, directors and myself "thinking outside of the box" on how to keep participants safe as it snowed for 5 solid days and came waist high to most adults.

The upper right wonky triangle is representative of the tarps that become tents for the participants for shelter.

Lower left star is represents the field staff "who are rock stars" in my mind with their ability to cheerfully carry out their job for 8 days in a row in the winter elements!

And finally, the lower right wonky house is mine and as I began the quilt the first glimpse of sun peeked through my window after 5 days of hiding.

I was absolutely mesmerized by all of your entries including the children's. Very fun for me to read how differently one design can be interpreted by numerous people. My hope is that a part of this game helps us all reflect on the artisitic side of quilting and what the creation can evoke for each individual.

The prizes that are being gifted will be to all of the children and RaeAnna who was chosen from the hat as the adult winner. Wahoo!!! and Congrats!!

I need goggles this size to protect me from the blinding hues of friendship!

Celebrating Monday with all who visit me! Thank you for the friendship, love and giggles whether you were "nerf warring" in my house last night, eating churros in the snow lodge, interpreting the InkBlot piece on this blog, packed in the hot tub like sardines last night, or a gentle soul named Tigi who Noah said, "I could hang out with that man, we have a lot in common like guitars." May today be a day that you can CELEBRATE!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

CELEBRATING blue skies peeking a game with me!

For all of you wondeful travelling companions, if you recall my winter photo from this past Monday- little snow- and has not STOPPED SINCE! There is many feet of snow out there and so many people I work with are sacrificing sleep and warmth to insure our clients and students are safe and THAT THEY ARE! I bought this fabric yesterday with goal of making a wonky baby quilt but instead it took shape today to be a gift to Becca for her dedication to her job! It is entitled "Blue Skies" to celebrate them returning today, at least peeking out!
My husband had the idea of fraying the edges to make it look primitive and then we put in frame, I love it against the window looking like stained glass.

I found the most perfect prize for lucky someones so OF COURSE, I had to think up a game for all to enjoy!

Because I work in a the psychiatry niche of nursing, let's play the inkblot game....

In the above wonky Gwen Marston-inspired quilt, What Do You See?

I have created a story within it in honor of the snow and staff in the field this week.

So, 3 prizes: one for who guesses the story in the quilt, and 2 separate categories for children under age 18 and over age 18 who participate will placed in a hat for a drawing. Bonus will be if you refer a person to this site to participate, each person will give you an additional chance in the drawing, (refer 3 people and you get 3 extra chances, etc.)

Entries will be taken through Sunday at midnight and winners announced Monday morning.

Friday, January 22, 2010

The quilted postcard says it all....CELEBRATE the love in the air!

Another little quilted postcard that was hiding in my stash, perfect timing to organize and find it! May this be an inspiration to your Friday to note the love in the air and color that makes life a rainbow! And may the love continue to flow to Haiti and that we keep both the Haitians and our local peeps in our prayers!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

CELEBRATING RaeAnna's quilt ready for the quilter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I could not be more tickled and excited for RaeAnna! As I was posting my circus fun tonight, her email came through announcing that "she loved her first experience of putting on borders" and that she is ready to send it to the quilter! Wahoo to her first quilt and to think we only started this process last Saturday afternoon when I gave her the shopping list: pins, blade, mat, ruler, and moola for fabric.......................................... And thank you to my friends who coached me with writing my first pride here! "Preshy", how do you like your mom's quilt?

CELEBRATING surprises and the Circus!

Anyone go to the circus tonight? Do any of you feel like you live in a 3 ring circus? Any clowns out there?.......................................................................I was fabric shopping and saw free tickets for our local circus and then heard from a friend who was excited to surprise Colette with a trip to see the elephants..... And the lion sang, "I fell in to a ring of fire...."

Celebrating cutting up last night's quilt to make a new one that I love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have been perusing blogs and have fallen in love with all the different interps of
the "teeny" blocks from pinwheels, to houses on Tallgrass Prairie Studio, to the Bee Blocks on Sewtakeahike's blog. I have wanted so badly to try it but when I attempted a quilt last night, I didn't know these 4 corner blocks would be the product today. How cute are they?

I LOVE THE PHRASES on the "wordy" fabric. My favorite piece of fabric I have right now and I use it a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ironically, I had written a post that talked of "hankering to just start cutting"...the quilt was LAME and I couldn't stop thinking about how to redo and fall in love with it......................and then POOF! I cut it up this afternoon and this is the result. The maroon is the project wall aka "sheet on my guest bed" and not the border.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Ooh la la, Senorita........Celebrating a romantic comedy that has Pinocchio blushing!

Ooh la la, Senorita! Strings may be attached, but my Amor burns for you!!!!!!!!!! Celebrating my husband's artistry!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Celebrating! My Cupcake of a day.........

How fun is this Freddy Moran inspired wonky wedding ring- My mom is so playful with her brights and blacks and just texted me this photo after I had finished the title for this post....if you look closely the outer border is cupcakes. How does God do it- I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Add some frosting to moist chocolate cake....
I am like a little girl when it comes to getting surprises in the mail. Reminds me of when my dad was in the war in 1991 and each day we would come home from school to a letter....and today I received fabric from Mary Lou Weidman and the line is beyond adorable, want to make something right now!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much, Mary Lou. If you are not familiar with her talent, Google immediately and her blog will lift your spirits daily!!!!! and her patterns make you not want to sleep but pull an "all nighter"!

Add some sprinkles to the frosting.........
And then in the mail was another CELEBRATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jenny and Colette sent me the sweetest card with a newlywed couple on a bicycle. I giggled because this is how I met my husband, blind date to meet a biking partner.....................I know the picture is WAY CLOSE but had to show off my cute pony tail bands they sent me to celebrate my little pony tails since the infamous LOL day. I am so tickled!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got a little tear in my eye.

Add a firecracker and finish the day with a bang!
RaeAnna is moving forward at a breakineck pace with her pinwheel baby quilt and now it is time to CELEBRATE her 6 year old daughter's ("Preshy")"Hat" that she is making using the scraps. She glued the fabric together and is it not SO ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Close your eyes and make a wish...........................
RaeAnna and little "Preshy" HAD :) to go back to Material Girls and buy more fabric.....she's got the bug!!!!!!!!! Preshy chose this fabric and calls it "prunes on a hedge". Is that not the cutest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And I still have at least 6 more hours until I go to bed................what else to celebrate!!?

Monday, January 18, 2010

Winter wonderland in the field, thanks for all who joined!

It was a light fluffy snow today and wonderful to see some winter grace our corner of Utah. The field staff had constructed a tent made out of a tarp tied to trees and an awesom small fire the clients would keep stoked for us. Perfect and very cozy. What an office!!!! Wonderful day and seemed so still with the cloud covering. The red rocks are outside of St.George and a fun welcome home each time we make it back safely.

Drum roll............Celebrating Sharon and Judi's talents

I was so tickled this morning when Judi sent me the text that "Sharon's quilt is posted". ( My husband was giggling when I was on at 6:45 this morning looking to see if it was unveiled. Sharon created this quilt and is the woman pictured with the baby on her back in a post from yesterday. I have always had such admiration for her exactness and artistic eye and ability to put together colors that I would never dream of combining. Nice work, Shars. And Judi, fabulous quilting as always!!!!

Psst, I rented a fun-bus at the last minute, hold on to your hats its a convertible- hope we all fit!!!

Looking for a winter hat this morning and found these 2 "postcards" date June 23, 2009. Never too late to send some love through the air!
And Wednesday has come 2 days early- off to the wilderness today to try and beat the coming storm and take out some stitches. May be a day when we make snow angels, sled, and spy some marvelous wonder of nature.
You know the drill, write and I click a photo.
Most importantly, May we think of why we celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr today.