Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Fielke, Lindenbergh, Gritz....Birds of a feather flock together they say!

What a whirl of a week, WOW! Wednesday whizzing by....weird: Where, When, What, Why, and How?

Are you asking yourself, "What the heck, Emily?".....I am giggling as I write this post because where my mind began with its contents is not where it has taken me! How many people can relate to this?

Today is the countdown of my Wilderness Wednesdays where I enjoy the beauty of redtail hawks, adventures of mud and snow and the wish to see a family of Mustangs.....4 to go until my flight pattern heads due Northwest. Above I CELEEBRATE mom's current work in motion....Her eagle! Did you spy the skulls in the background fabric? Yep, that is my mom....appears so unassuming and demure on her exterior but her soul has a spice that I cannot get enough of! She and I had so much fun enjoying Sarah Fielke's most recent book while she was visiting me and this little dolly quilt, Silhouette, is so beautiful and yet so simple. Amazing! I was playing with ideas while hiking today with Porsche using this Sarah pattern and will see what comes of the creative game in my mind........

but for now, I end this post with a silly ditty from Noah who is also CELEBRATING flying this week. He has chosen to do a report on Charles Lindenbergh and with all of his little red-headed spice, he asked me, "Mom, can I write, 'Charles bought his first Jenny bi-plane for 500 SMACKERS?'" Without a pause I laughed and said, "Of course!" May he always be willing to take a chance on putting his individuality out there!

Love, Em

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


A fun little celebration of my mom and sister's projects this week. Sharon's purply yummy compass is a pattern she is creating and has been asked to teach a class at her local quilt shop...Mom's impeccable applique with happy colors oozing fun....Miss my own quilting but life is awhirl of fun as we embark on the move in a month! This weekend, home hunting and visiting the Bellevue dodgeball arena. Love to you and keeping you posted on life! Em

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Toca la guitara....

What is music to your ears?.....this morning a symphony was awash in my soul as I signed up for a Gwen Marston class in Bellingham in May. And the encore.....drum roll.....Field trip with my mom and LeeAnn and Miki! Since the layout of the above quilt....Porsche and Beamer played a game of tag and the quilt is on the floor.....more fusible web tonight and the final placement of instruments. Oh the joys of sweet furry friends in the quilt room! Love to you all, Em

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Rockin' with ROBBI....

This morrning is one of those times in my life that I will forever smile when I remember the story.....St. George is a small community and very few places to enjoy a Sunday brunch. IHOP is a favorite of ours and today is why......Frankie is a spunky young server whose squeaky voice forever has us entertained. We request to be in her section each visit and each time she greets us with a giggle and delight..."It just makes my day that you ask for me." She saw us from across the dining room and quickly came over in her skipping sort of way and in newly dyed red hair, "I thought I would be the Little Mermaid this week. I just have to tell you guys....when you come in on Sunday mornings I go home and tell my friends that I have customers that are undercover rock stars...Are you a family of rock stars?" And so I begin this quilt tonight to CELEBRATE a fun story. We laughed and laughed and in the end, Noah decided that Sean is a famous drummer and I am a cowgirl groupie who loves to dress up for the shows. Thank you, Robbi Joy Elkow for the pattern in your marvellous book, Free Expression.

Rock on dudettes!!! Em

Saturday, February 18, 2012

One for a new baby, one for big brother....CELEBRATING the metro floral for him and her

"HI!" Waving to you through the cyber waves of this fun venue for sharing girlfriend time and an excuse to share pics of creative fun :). Last night I began this little boy star for a baby and then I realized as I was creating it today, I want to make a dolly quilt for a big brother. So.....the wonky heart and floral quilt will be for a new little girl and the star for big bro. Off to shower and buy a fun bed and doll for this star to embellish. Hope your Saturday has a special zing as mine has while quilting and exchanging emails with friends about....LIFE...of all things! Thank you for visiting, Em

Friday, February 17, 2012

Have I told you lately how much I love quilting with brown?

My first wonky star for the baby quilt for Hurrice Dye and I wonder.....Will I love this quilt too much to give away? Do you ever ask yourself the same question? The first quilt I made was for a little babe named Jack...of blues and chocolates. Yummy all these years later!

Baby oh Baby!

Babies come in different sizes.....Baby on Board...."our baby girl" nephew's nickname, "Babe", and.....little babies soon to arrive! And just for Babe's newest gift from a needle to CELEBRATE a weekend with his sister and a MOTLEY time it was! Almost done with quilting with the girlie blanket and then for a little boy quilt with the style of the pictured wonky star quilt......Love to you all and the moving plans are smooth as a "Babies bottom".....soon to have a new address! Keep you posted and may this post greet you with a smile! Love, Em

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Whirls of swirls...CELEBRATING the ol' standby!

Roxy and I are a little dizzy as we whirl and swirl with this little blankie. Today I find myself bouncing back and forth from the quilting to the latest book to Porsche to quilting....Isn't life wonderful when all a day asks of us is to revel in what makes our hearts sing? I hope you are having a day like me, lately they have been an exception to the norm and I so much more appreciate them for this!

Love, Em

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Motley Crue and Curvaceous quilts....who would have thought?

Lynn and Jacque were some of my biggest cheerleaders this past week as they gifted me as a blogger who is Versatile......While I have been at roadblocks recently with quilting visions, my trip to Vegas last night was one CELEBRATION after another of quilt ideas, patterns, and the wish that Roxy was with me at Hard Rock. While napping in puffy luxury and smiling with my job interview on Wednesday for a Seattle nursing position, I had no idea that later that evening a Motley Crue concert would not only blow my mind and have me dancing and screaming in the aisles but also WOW! me with a show that reminded me of Curvy quilts! Do you think Tommy Lee hand appliques while on the road?

So much fun and tomorrow....I may actually create a little quilt that is traditional and fun....DO you believe me?

Love to you, Em

Thursday, February 9, 2012

It's LOVE!

I fell in love with these soft hues and sweet little girl swinging while listening to the whistle of a bird. I am envisioning Yellow Brick Road pattern for a patchy little blankie but then.....Oh so many options! Happy sewing, Em

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Playing with ideas.....

I had so much fun playing with the evolution of this window. Anything but done but getting closer to the vision coming to pass.....

Monday, February 6, 2012

"Just one more little floral bud to sew before I shower"....

Mine.....Gotta include a froggy CELEBRATION of course!

Sarah Fielke's.......

Do you ever sew just to sew, quilt just to quilt or touch bolts of fabric just to touch bolts of fabric....The moment and not the finish....I am finding that my current quilting is about trying new ideas or playing with a quilt pattern but if it will ever be a finished quilt....whose to say. In this creative's all about my CELEBRATION of the fun of night and secrets that the little critters keep when the sun is shining.

Happy Monday!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Eye sp-eye- with my little I......

Do you SEE it? I planted the first florals for the NIght Garden and then POOF! in the photo I see an eyeball instead of a flower. Kinda like the cartoons of just 2 eyes in the black of night. Kinda fun! More piecing tomorrow but for now.....Noah asked I keep the heat off in the hotel room because then "we will have more reason to snuggle"....gotta love little boys and their love for their mommmas!!! May he always want to snuggle!

Love, Em

This time I am the malingering quilter.....CELEBRATING my mom and sis!

Oh how I love going to the quilt shop with my mom. We made the woman cutting the fabric a little nervous with our silly chatter but the owner was having fun with us! Why oh why are some quilters so serious and stuffy when shopping?....OK, I feel better. I have needed to ask that question for the 4 years that I have been quilting? Thank you friends for not being THOSE quilters! He he!!!!

I have bought some very fun fabrics and about to start to cut....but before I do. My mom and siter's works in progress! Hope you enjoy the peeks!!!!!! And behind the doors? shhhhhhh! A secret.

Love, Em

Friday, February 3, 2012

What would you create with this line up? Does the flash of the camera remind you of a full moon?

The fabric lineup for a weekend project....travelling to see my family in Northern Utah and excited to play in Mom's stash!!!!!! I have fallen in love with ALL the quilts in Sarah Fielke's current release, Quiling: The Collection. So beware.....many projects will be inspired by bits and pieces of her gift in projects in my near future. Smile!

The bottom photo is of Sarah's, The Night Garden. Loved it immediately because of its LIBERATED wonky style. I awoke this morning with the AH-HA moment of.......My current header+this Sarah quilt+fabric lineup=?

What would you do create a story quilt with these?
Mine is going to be a theme of Friday Night Sew in with Blog Friends....

And a full moon of course....thanks to my Canon flash bulb, seems like a nice idea....!

Happy weekend friends!
Love, Em

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Coochie coochie coo!

Did I make that up or would my title sillies be a winning Scrabble play? Decided to play in my quilt room and have some wonky liberated fun with a little girl blankie. The freedom of making scrappy strips and celebrating fabrics in my stash that I had forgotten about.....Ahhhhhhhhh!