Sunday, October 31, 2010

A garden in bloom and a wonky little village! Ode to mom and her artistry!!

And this is my mom's most recent masterpiece:

Sorry the pic is not the best but you get the idea, SHE IS AMAZING!!!!!
A Piece O' Cake classic!

And the simplicity of my little village with love at the center....Borders coming up.....

Hmmmmmmmmm.....What will Monday's Mantra/Meditation be?..........

And look what a treat from my sis!

Who says that one needs to be in person to say "trick or treat" and receive a lovely something?  Up popped this photo from my sis, Sharon, and the colors are delicious!!!!!  She is such an amazing artist!

The colors of the fabrics remind me of the DOTS candy package in the next post and also the Starburst quilt by V and Tonya featured on
How fabulous to have a quilt pic that is reminiscent of sugar lovelies on this Halloween Day!

CELEBRATING SHARON!!!!!!!!!!!!  and I will get to hug her in person in 2 weeks!!!!!!

Heads, Tails, Pastels and....DOTS and Bacon! I get a little nutty with the holidays!

Happy Halloween!  I have a little game to start this fun holiday Sunday.....When you see the below photo who's blog do you think of with the title of her most recent post....I love her blog and had to CELEBRATE it first thing this morning when I saw this box of candy!  Leave it in the comment when you know who it so, so others can visit her! I will post the wonderful quilt artist tomorrow!

The village is coming together and I am having so much fun.  And yep, Miss Duff and I are on the same wavelength....She advised, "Make some Hoochy Mama flowers for the border...."  That is the plan!  And who is Miss Duff? you ask....visit her and see for yourself why I love this woman! at

Roxy is hooked on machine applique and I almost feel like we are cheating not piecing and yet so fun! are about to see the cutest twins ever!!!!!!! OK, Auntie Em is in love and partial!!!!!! 

Yep!  Here they are in all of the ferocious cuteness!  They are such happy little monsters!

Sometimes I wonder what I enjoy more, their love together or that Noah is so happy to dote on the little ones and does not exhibit jealousy when they take over the house with their cuteness!  I continue to thank God for dear Noah, what a blessing he is in my life!

Noah and the buddies.....How is he getting so old....?

Friday, October 29, 2010

Open House at my Cabana...Pina Colada's on the house!!!!!! and Crafting galore!

Every so often I reference this Bahama Mama for a project and so it will be for my current little ditty...below...

I am going completely out of my comfort palette, Good-bye Kaffe and Hello Pastels.....

I played with Clint and Green Fairy at their home yesterday and just HAD to buy some fabric for a new quilt....Playing with ideas and excited to have a weekend to sew. 

I love this sweet little fish house and will definitely do sashing...

I think this wonky flying geese will be the sashing idea.....

or this larger flying geese sashing....

Miss Vesuviusmama, Inspiration from you and the dear gift you mailed me!

And yes, Ladies, He is mine!!!!

My homeland and....a song for you if you are looking for the answer...

Down into the valley of doubt
My faith was failing, my hope was gone,
I wandered in the wilderness all alone
You came to me like a revelation
In your arms I found salvation.

One love
Took me to the mountaintop......

Kimmie Rhodes/ Gary Nicholson/ Al Anderson

Inspired to post this, wonder if it is a Godwink to a visitor.......

Reverie stitched within each seam....Peek at a quilt and feel for a moment....

This week has been such a blessed one with my in-laws in town and daily dinners and games and CELEBRATIONS of family time and of course....twins as a focus of giggles and baby fun!  They are so big now.

I have also worked sun up to sun down and have not had a lot of time with Noah.  This morning was a treat because I was able to relax in bed and Noah joined me and we caught up on the week of news that he had stored up to tell me.  I was the princess and he was the dear gnome as pictured in the above wonky focus quilt. 

The wonky star black quilt is in honor of my grandparents and Sean and mine parents and the Kaffe wonky triangles is the celebration of baby wonderfulness!  and of course....Going out on a Limb is how we started this week together in Blogland....

I sit and thank you for the love and fun this week as we have celebrated the wilderness and my mom's talent and all the imbetweenies together!!!

May you look around your home and be reminded of the sentiments stitched in your quilts! And take a moment for reverie!!!!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

I can't stop this mayhem of CELEBRATION!!!!! This time it's my mom's fault!

How fabulous is this block that my mom sent me?  She is working on a very capricious Piece O' Cake pattern.  Loving the purple and the wonky sashing! 

Anyone dancing, flying in the air, or shaking their maracas?

The day is nearing and I wanted to send out a little wonky party-ness!  May it be a safe holiday season for little and big peoples as the weekend approaches!!!!  The Quilting Gallery is hosting a Halloween themed quilt contest this weekend if you want to CELEBRATE many interps of the holiday fun! It is a fabulous venue that Michele has provided.

Six Winners! Sometimes I can't choose just one!!!!!

"Well it's like this grandson......." 

I love this photo and knowing the kindness and wisdom of Grand-dad, I can imagine he was advising my DH about happiness in life....

And so the wisdom of Grand-dad rings true so many years later as I wanted more than one winner for yesterday's contest.  Too much fun sharing happiness!

......For those of you that played the Find the Mustang Quilt yesterday, I have emailed you CONGRATS for winning $25.00 gift certificate to Green Fairy Quilts fabric on-line shop.  I will get you a code shortly for your shopping delight! 

And to those of you that sent me notes during my day in the wilderness yesterday, I hope you enjoyed the photos of our journey together!!!!

If only the grand coyote had not run so quickly, I would have gotten photo for all!

Love, Em

PS  I promise a quilt will be showing up soon on this blog....such a busy week with work and fam!!!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Beep Beep- fun bus embarking and a giveaway!! Come play with me!

It's  Wednesday and that means, climb aboard the Second Nature Entrada fun-bus and come with me for cyber med visits adventures. If u r new to this game, please leave a comment and I will email you a photo of where I am when I receive it on my phone. Sometimes driving and sometimes visiting clients in the middle of nowhere and nowhere is Gorgeous!  And if you are aware of HIPPA, I promise, no photos of participants faces.
 Mustang at my truck last winter.
My favorite photo by Lee Webb in our field area.

Hope of a warm home after a chilly day in the field last winter.

And this past spring I blogged a photo of the above quilt design of mine with mustangs and sandstone. Find the date of the blog post and be put in a drawing for a 25.00 gift certificate to Green Fairy Quilts that I will gift to you. Please email at the date of post or title and not leave in comment. I will pool the answers Wednesday evening when I am out of the field. Or.....or tell me a fav post about past Fun Bus trips and that will enter you in drawing....

Going out on a limb........Come can do it TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Celebrating your visit!  Thank you! 

May your "Toos"day be filled with TOO much goodness, chocolate, fabric shop hops, hugs, journal time, looking at the ceiling on your bed at 1 in the afternoon...
WHATEVER you choose! can blame it on Em if someone asks,
"What got into you!??!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Monday, October 25, 2010

M & M's- Would you like to play Mantra/ Meditation for your Monday?

I awoke this morning with the feeling of something electric and bigger than myself in the air...

I saw a sign that said "Walk ins welcome" and then thought of God and prayer...HMMMM....

I cannot upload photos to the blog this morning and so I ask that you close your eyes and let the moment create the pic.  A moment that is all yours!

Monday's  (I love letter games and a secret for getting me through years of memorizaiton in college)

M & M celebration....Meditation and a Mantra for the moment...

Mine is "Walk ins welcome"....

What is your's? 

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

On a roll getting ready for trip to California...who needs wardrobe...projects nearly packed...

Do you ever offer thanks to God that an unfortunate happening leads to a  CELEBRATION? I was at the Painted Pony restaurant to buy a gift card for a doc who goes above and beyond call of duty and needed to apologize for a tardy admit and as I waited on the sofa, Sherry's art was inspiring... The above scrappy mustang is the beginning of a liberated quilt that will pay tribute to Sherry Thompson who is the artist of the above Pony silhouette...She was such a talented artist and business woman who died after valiant battle with cancer several years back.  I look forward to posting her original painting when the quilt is complete....

Flowers are flowering!

I have missed posting and isn't it interesting that I went to the desert for vacation and in my camper I was able to grow a flower garden!  I apologize, I couldn't crop this photo but was excited to share my progress.  I am still playing around with placement of flowers and will be adding stems.  No pics from the dunes, forgot the camera and I am bummed because the views were spectacular!

Off to California tomorrow for a work retreat and hoping that not a lot of work gets done but instead get this hand quilted and play in the waves!

I hope you are all well and enjoy my bouquet I gift to you today!  Love, Em

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Just the beginning....And how the heck did Spongebob pop up in my Kaffe collection?

Mas Calor!  The palette is pieced and now the fun begins with creating flowers and appliquing.  Gonna have to add birds too...Off to camp for the next 4 days so I will have ample fresh air for creating!!!  By the time this is said and done, I cannot imagine what collage of las flores will be scattered willy nilly....Happy Weekend early friends!  Can't wait to post pics next week when I return!!  Love, Em

PS:  Anyone see Spongebob's eyes?  I can't resist!

A little my newest project....

I am being sneaky :).....took out the color in this photo until I make a little more headway then will unveil :).  If you are a fan of Material Obsession, this is a blast of a pattern to create!!!  Check out the most recent Quilters Newletter- it is fabulous!  I have tweaked it but the general pattern is theirs!

Happy Thursday friends!  Love, Em

Monday, October 11, 2010

Celebrating Debbie's talent....This quilt is the "cat's meow"!

I received this photo of Debbie's quilt yesterday while playing in the mountains and instantly fell in love with it.  Debbie is a talented quilter who is mother of a dear co-worker.  I have never met her but love hearing about her latest projects...So fun!!!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

My little project and Sean's big project.....CELEBRATING the "de" and "con" of "struction"...

Sean bit the bullet and down came walls and here is a sneak peek at the progress.  Lady Gaga was cheering him on...Kinda fun to be able to watch movies while sitting in your driveway...Funny how in the past this could have thrown my emotions for a loop, this time, Ah it goes...

What is going to be fun is driving the car into the garage and having a home drive-in....this has potential for a lot of fun written all over it!

I am at a stalemate on what my next quilt project is to be so instead I got excited to whip up some gift bags using ziploc bags around the house.  How dang fun is this for sending my mom's black and white fabrics that she is going to love!  Next I am going to try a brown paper bag for Noah's lunch this week....

The secret is cutting the sides so that you can stitch on the design then sewing them up with a fun stitch.....Send me a pic if you make one!

Off to take the kids to play in the mountains...and Sean is headed to golf....What a perfect Sunday!

Love, Em

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Are you the observer or the participant? Celebrating completion and on to the next....

"Dance me to the moon!"  Ever danced on a rooftop?  I giggle as I see this little guy in the window waving to the "oh so serious" dancers...Little stories that make the mind wonder....

All complete minus the binding...NEXT PROJECT....hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Friday evening ends.......with a cherry on the top!

Dearest Vesuviusmama sent me this awesom card with sweet sentiments a couple of weeks ago and I have wanted to wait until the perfect day to post it's deliciousness!

Beginning my day with Noah finger plucking Silent Night, making lunch date with Green Fairy and then kissing and loving up my twin nephews this evening.....

Life is SWEET!!!

Which cupcake are you......?

"Hi, My name is Em and I feel supported....." he he he!

I couldn't resist starting this day with a huge THANKS for all the love and support over my garage!  Sean and I own that we should have looked carefully at our regs...

so...seemed fitting to post a first quilt of mine that was "by the book" and followed all of the Kaffe Fassett regulations.....

Happy Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

"...Somebody snitched on me....."

Well, the inevitable happened, our HOA has caught wind that our 2 car garage is now a state of the art theatre and man cave and they have said, NOT GOING TO FLY....

So....I love when what seems like an unfortunate happening turns into a blessing and CELEBRATION....

Yep....moment you have been waiting for....even if you didn't know it....

I poured over my Muertos quilt that was taken off of the back wall that is soon to be garage door once more and could not stop loving Green Fairy's artistry and would like to share tonight with you.  May you enjoy!!!!  She is so talented and wonderful to follow at   I overlooked so many of the details when I picked it up last year and am grateful to have renewed eyes with it and also see it differently now that I am attempting to do free motion quilting. 

Maybe someday this will become a little book on wonky villages and if you don't like skeletons then add a cute little kid, or animal, or........Never know where this life will lead and that is what is so fun!

Love ya Judi!!!! aka Green Fairy

I miss posting so I will give a peek at what Roxy and I are up to...

I may have tens of hours left on this teeny quilt because I want so badly to do it well and am enjoying adding teeny details and changing thread colors.  How dang fun is this tree? 

My first wonky quilt, 2 years ago....Found it in the pictures and wanted to CELEBRATE my FIRST!  Sorry it is so fuzzy but I no longer have it to retake the photo.


Monday, October 4, 2010

"The wolf shall also dwell with the lamb." Isaiah 11:6

Tonight I beheld one of the sweetest moments in my life and I was immediately reminded of scripture.  I thought that it goes like, "The lion shall lie down with the lamb" but in studying I discovered that this is a concept but not actual scripture...

I liken  Harley to the wolf....Harley was continually attacked years ago by a neighbor's large dog and when he became blind, he was very defensive and has not been able to be around other dogs and children without close supervision and occasional nips and lunges and growls take place. 

Tonight was a miracle on our porch....amidst cooler temps and a lot of rain and thunder and lightning..I CELEBRATED moments below that caused my world to stop for a moment...and of course I had to email and text the pic to all dear loved ones that I knew would enjoy the pic as much as me....

"Harley, thank you for your warmth and sharing your blanket with me.  I am going to clean your fur and nurse while we are so close...."

I have never seen this phenomenon until tonight when Kevin would push against Harley's hind quarters and suckle. I described to a friend tonight at a party and they said that cats may do this if taken from their mom early in life.  Harley paid no attention to the intimacy...I almost wondered initially if I should be watching..that is the silly side of me that comes out every so often.... :)!

Photo 51...."my cheeks hurt from smiling for the camera" says Kevin....

I love Kevin's tail as Harley's boa constrictor scarf....

Is it that Harley is so old or is it that I am getting older and moments like these are what I treasure and stop my world to enjoy?!

May you have a moment that stops your world and you CELEBRATE it!!!!!!!!!!