Monday, November 28, 2011

Do you have a favorite go-to pattern?

I have been wanting to reproduce this quilt and could not remember the details....then out of the blue found a file titled, Quilt Pictures, and to my delight, Pic found! Happy Monday!!!!!

Love, Em

Saturday, November 26, 2011

What moves you? Brings a halt to your step? Reminds you of a story.......

The point where our worlds connect....

Fanning up.......Flare of a sort!

Sean recanted memories of swimming in his pool as a child and surfacing through fall leaves....

I hope these photos inspire a story....a moment of reverie.....a CELEBRATION of fabric and its beauty and possibilities.

Thank you for sharing a moment with me! Em

Friday, November 25, 2011

Soft hues for a tranquil Friday....

Serenity, Simplicity....May these be your gifts from me today. Not sure where this is going but for now....Love, Em

Monday, November 21, 2011

Gobble OOH LA LA style! Ms. Flare is strutting her stuff as my headliner

Look who made the headliner! Ms. Flare is the welcoming gal on my office door this morning and boy is she adding some pizazz! Hope you enjoy her funny self. I give credit to the quilt designer who created the different clothed chickens but I cannot remember her name. If you do, please let me know.

While perusing Pottery Barn magazine or Crate and Barrel, look twice when you see the classic turkey on the platter to make sure that the decorative white boots are just those, WHITE. If pink, may you enjoy a moment of silence. CELEBRATING a week of gratitude and reflection and the general mayhem of my home that I love so much!

Thank you, Char at Clothstitched, for the outer border fabric. Thinking of her as I quilted and once again feel blessed with the friendships I have formed with this blog. THANK YOU!!!!!!

With a giggle, Em and Roxy

Sunday, November 20, 2011


N. A fire or ligh to signal...illuminate...draw attention

v. A spreading outward

N. A sudden outburst of excitement

CELEBRATING! the original inspiration....beautiful quilt by Tonye Belinda Phillips in her book, Hand-Appliqued Quilts. Stay tuned for some sassy gobbling good fun with a FLARE!

he he he! Em

A cyber sew-in...of sorts. Thank you, Unruly Quilter, for joining me!

It was fun to be creating more words today and referencing an alphabet book about the Fair and POOF! Tonya, the Unruly Quilter, visited me on my blog. Her timing could not have been more fun for me. I look forward to a move in the next year where I will be near ladies that share my love for wonky and liberated and to sew in person! Getting excited as things are in motion. Keep ya posted!

Love, Em

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Along for the RIDE.....RIDE of your life.....JOY ride....Giddyup!

What did you think of as you saw the header? Harley, bicycle, jeep, first car.....I smile as I write this thinking about the RIDEs that warm my heart and ones that I care to not travel again......

Round 2 for this Chris Ledoux Christmas quilt for my brother. Much more happy with it and playiing in my bag of brown scraps is so much FUN!!!!

Speaking of RIDES....a quiet moment when I stopped at the river to catch the serenity on my camera. The stream was so pretty and a reminder that I am blessed with a breathtaking office on Wednesdays.

And when not playing in the new office! Double the space and do you see what makes me so excited to go to work now?...YEP! Keurig and sewing corner. When I walked in yesterday and saw the desk, I squealed!!!! My office manager was excited to let me know it was a spot for my assistant and I looked at her and said with hands on hips, "Gail....You know me too well. This is not for Justine, this is for the second love of my life, Ms. Sew."

And as you can see in the photo, stacks of browns so that I can play with THE RIDE and make more distance!

Love, Em

Thursday, November 17, 2011

CELEBRATING Magic.......

Magic is defined as the mysterious quality of enchantment.....

I have been craving the design/ piecing step of quilting. Tonight I played for a few minutes with a landscape idea and added Laurel Burch beauty as the cherry on top. Tomorrow I will glue/ fuse and add some Roxy details. Voila...soon to be a Christmas card.

I included this up close photo in hopes that you get the feel that the foliage are popping off the surface. A favorite detail of my snow shoe hikes in Salt Lake was finding the ferns in humid canyons....Wanted to include memories in this piece.

Love, Em

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Roxy is rockin' it!!!! and I am howling with delight!!

Hello friends! Great news, I have a new assistant that starts next month and I am already delirious at the thought of more time with you all in Blogland and time with Roxy! I hope that you enjoy these photos of my current projects that are complete and near complete. Off to play in the woods but just HAD to share before going. Love, Em

Sunday, November 13, 2011

The angel sings.......

My sister saw a piece in Pottery Barn and thought to herself, "I can make one out of my scraps." Sharon's first try at words and they are beautiful!

While Sharon was finishing "to the world", Roxy was giggling as we got the Angel ready and have begun to quilt her beauty. The lamb has curls and in this photo you can see the dress is getting some shading. I do not think I have ever loved a fabric as much as I love this angel face. This will take me many many hours to quilt and am looking forward to the time when she and I are playing together.

As I see my Christmas quilts lying on my bed, each ready for Roxy, I smile and am so grateful that quilting allows for such variety and can be specialized for the recipient. I hope that this holiday season greets you with cheer and CELEBRATIONS!

Love, Em

Monday, November 7, 2011

Roxy nudged out Chris Ledoux and boy did we have fun together!!!

This piece is titled, "Em got off the pity pot and ideas are in bloom!" Wait until you see the hair ball that Roxy coughed up during her spa treatment....I still feel poorly but then I remind her how much fun she has on our camping trips! After 2 weeks of facials, waxes and lovely massages...she came home to me and we made up for lost time!!!!

Happy Monday! Em

Sunday, November 6, 2011

It started as this.........

Celebrating the lyrics of The Ride by Chris Ledoux. This was the plan 24 hours ago.......and in another 24 the Ride will have been just that!!!!!

It has been quite a ride for me the past week and a half. My assistant has left and I am now solo for my job. Although I have struggled getting back in to the work-aholic mode and working 10+ hours daily...I moved the Keurig in to my office and remind myself that this too shall pass....Love to you and and thank you for the comments that you leave on my posts. I apologize that I do not get back to you each time.

Off to enjoy breakfast with my boys then a date with Roxy and more Ledoux...

Love, Em

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

My house is a home again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so excited that some of the socks from a swap will make a fun back!!!!!

Sean and Noah arrived home safely and I one happy lady!!!!!!! and mom!!!!!! and wife!!!!!!!!!!!

Off to play in the woods and trying to not think of me not being in Houston this week! Life has circuitous routes that is for sure!

Love, Em