Sunday, April 29, 2012

The wonky, the symmetrical and the bountiful....

I celebrate ripple effects as I add this tiny strip of sea and sand. Having so much fun playing with mod wonky. Hoping to have this done for when I travel to Vashon Island this Friday for Katie Pederson's book signing and quilt exhibit at Island Quilter. I would like to ask how she would quilt it. I am thinking straight geoetric lines to mirror the design.
There are few things I have always enjoyed more than eating outside whether it be on a picnic, on a porch, camping or at a favorite breakfast spot. The beauty of living in Washington is that the temps are chilly and invite a sweatshirt and outdoor heater. Since procuring an umbrella, rain or shine (literally) I am on the porch. This morning Noah enjoyed hot cocoa and coffee and Porsche's doggy loves while playing chess. Can you see the humor on Noah's mug? Squirrel costumed as a bird so that it will be given food. I so love this and Noah giggles each time he uses it!
Douglas home made the local bird church services announcements. After days of looking and beseeching birds to come and eat from the feeders, it was a frenzy today. I joked that it was singles social today after church services. Parenting never ceases to amaze me for opps of teaching and opening channels for communicatoin. Noah asked if the mother birds in nests taking care of eggs are "single moms". Interesting to hear him ask and then we googgled and went on to have a bird study course with a lot of giggling as we made up funny jokes and also spoke of importance of loyalty to a mate. Didn't know that buying bird feeders to admire while eating meals would lead to such meaningful chat about relationships and love. Happy Sunday eve, Em

Friday, April 27, 2012

Inspired by the sea, beach and the pattern, Earn Your Stripes

I would daresay that I am most in love with this fabric clumping right now. So delicious as I create with the soft hues and as I piece I envision the spa ambience of cucumbers in water and yummy mint. Will be a throw for our living room and hoping for a weekend of play and piecing. Hope you are all well! Em

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Do ever think, "I have an idea and I need to create it right now! I have 2 hours until I need to arrive to a quilters gathering and have not created my hostess gift yet. Sometimes I do not realize that ideas are sprouting up in my mind but when I enter the quilt room I go straight to a bag of scraps and there it is.....a retro fabric mimicking flapper gals sewing....HOW PERFECT for my first Rebels meeting, right? As I created this small mug rug to commemorate my first my initiation, it was fun to let my mind wander and wonder. Laughter was gathered in the reeds of the basket strip on this tiny quilt and what fun we all had! Green Fairy, your quilting of my Muertos Neighborhood was inspiring for many there. I miss you, Judi!!!!
While at Rebels, I had the fun of sitting by Patty and her gifting me this challenge fabric. Is your guess the nurse or the tucan for the assignment? I was so inspired by the meeting that I came home and pieced and played for hours and am excited to play some more today. I am discovering with the small quilts that I am journaling with them and the text fabric and applique cut-outs are entertaining for me as I recant stories that are sewn into each piece. This is a type of spoof on General Hospital meets Wild Kingdom....male birds aka doctors fluffing their feathers for the hot new nurse on the unit.....Sounds sarcastic but unfortunately all so prevalant in the medicine world.
Playing with photography as Sean and I waited in the bike clinic for the addition to our family, Scott, is the babe's new name and his 2 wheels are smooth as a baby's bottom. Just like the old days, rode 10 miles and giggled with one another along the bike path by the lake and pinched bums and kissed whenever a stop sign pops up. A type of honeymoon for us as we have been able to play together while both off work and Noah in school. A gift of 3 weeks I will always treasure and reminds me that I will never allow myself to become a runaway train in a career.
Watching a squirrel as I type.....CELEBRATING LOVE in all of its beautiful wrappings! Fur, bike spandex, girlfriend laughter and joy while shopping at local quilt shops. Happy Thursday!!!! Em

Monday, April 23, 2012

B...all you can B....Biking, beauty, boarding and beach.......

Jean Wells teaches us to look for ideas from everyday sights....These are the sight from this past weekend, biking amidst the Skagit Tulip Festival and longboarding Alki beach...... The quilting has been near non-existent as I have been playing with Sean and Noah in our new land. I have added many books to my Nook and today I will begin a wonky beach blanket is the goal.....but I also have a gardening patchwork quilt to create in my front yard....hmmmmmmmmmmm. And I have a little secret that I am singing from the rooftops, I am headed to Rebels quilt meeting in 2 days with Miki and LeeAnn. Been waiting for this moment since last August when LeeAnn and I played in her home......WAHOO!!!!!!!!! Love, Em

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Conversation pieces.....

Pure silliness! Something so entertaining for me to look through my stash and see how each placemat takes shape. I kind of giggle as I think about each one being so unique and which mats people will be drawn to interpret. Off to make 2 more today and then quilt them up. Hope you see a ditty that makes you smile. Love, Em

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

My first quilt commission.....4 placemats with the theme, BIRDS

As I created this silly Happy Birthday place mat for Missy pictured in the banner, I began to think, I want to create for people's homes for a conversation piece or a fun way to start the day while eating breakfast. A dear friend of mine, Jess, has asked that I make 4 place mats for her new home. She is zanier than me and my mind is a whirl with ideas!!!!!!! Roxy is loving the idea because she and I have fallen in love with the small project. Off to shop in Bellevue for some cheeky fabric I am hoping!

May your TOOsday have TOO much of something wonderFULL!


Monday, April 16, 2012

Ms. Ruby is sassy and ready to PARTY!

It is Missy's birthday tomorrow and creating this card reminded me how much fun a fabric scrap stash can be! I cut up Christmas presents from my Seuss Grinch line and gifted them to Ms. Ruby the Birthday pin-up and my sweet DOD couple. I always enjoy creating a landscape from random fabrics and this theme of the farmland is related to Missy and my brother living on horse acreage. Roxy is ready but I reminded her that taxes are first.....boring but necessary :).

Speaking of, Noah's Rhu......barb pie is a yummy treat and that is begging me to have with coffee. Anyone want to join me this morning?

Happy Monday! Em

Sunday, April 15, 2012

I must be in LOVE with pink......

Can you imagine my giggly delight when I walked in to Noah's new classroom and the 2 bins of fabric scraps were present!!!!? I have had so much fun creating little ditties for sweet Kailanie's doll and a card for my father thanking him for making the drive with me to Seattle. Stories upon stories! Roxy is having so much fun with our move and I look forward to catching up with you all!

Love, Em

Bound for good! Wahoo, Missy!

Missy sent me texts throughout the morning as she bound Hannah's quilt. Her first quilt she has created and she is hooked! So much fun creating this special quilt for little Hannah who lies in a hospital bed with her fate in God's hands.

It was an emotional weekend as Missy and I created this quilt knowing the grieving mom who will wrap her little 6 year old in it. Hannah was hit by a car on the freeway crossing the street to play with a neighbor. CELEBRATING a community who is praying for Hannah and Missy's intro to this wonderful hobby we call quilting!

Love, Em

Saturday, April 14, 2012


HI!!!!! We made it to Lake Forest Park and are moved in, almost......Busy week but we have Noah in school, Roxy has a new platform with LOVE graffitied all over it and a little project I started last night for my dad. He made the drive with me and although the flowers are morning glories, I am asking them to be the cherry blossoms that were intoxicating on the campus of UDUB when we visited.

I should be back on track with time with you all in the next couple of week and cannot wait until I hug Miki and LeeAnn in person! Rebels, here I come in a couple of weeks!!!!

New job...hoping to be a school nurse and things look good. No call after hours and be able to dote on my son when he is home...AHHHHHHHHHH!

Please remember, I am no longer at If you can please change the address to And do you know what this addresses? A favorite Mustang car color of course! When I made the switch from the station wagon to the sports car....Oh how fun life is CELEBRATING the nuances of what makes our hearts richer!

Love, Em

Saturday, April 7, 2012


On the road and recanting memories......celebrating......the past, present and Christ's love for us.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

I am still here........

Hi friends! In the throes of packing but sending out love. My new email is Will post in next while as we get moved in.