Friday, September 30, 2011

A house full of boys and a lot of sewing time! A perfect Friday......

Tomorrow looking good to create the outer border... the boys are watching a movie and I am sleepy......

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Liberated slant to my TIME project

What was once a quilt inspired by Hickory Dickory is the beginning of a Liberated wonky quilt. Was so fun to revisit imperfect triangles and treat them as though rays of stars....Will be more traditional style in the end with borders and a broderie perse and text border with flavor of my Hail Mary's. I cannot wait for more piecing TIME tomorrow!

Love, Em

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Time.....It is about TIME I come up with my plan for a dear grandmother.....

Time.....When you read this word, Did you ask yourself if you could have some more added to each day?.......

I wrote earlier that I was going to start a new quilt. The sock monkeys went with me but the angel won out! And I am so glad that she did....In the very early phase and the dodgeball floor was my design wall. I wonder how she will shine in the final piece?

Isn't it amazing that a children's quilt pattern, Hickory Dickory in Quilt Mania, can take on a different reverence with the choice of fabric? This quilt is titled, "Time for Healing"...when I look at this angel cradling a lamb, I think PROTECTOR.

This quilt is for a grandmother who is healing from her grandson's death on her watch. A story I think of often and am touched that this woman who I have never met was introduced to me and I have been waiting for inspiration in hopes of gifting balm to her heart.

And my dear husband sent me the beer photo tonight....QUILTERs....our hobby is everywhere and this I will drink to!

Love, Em

Doesn't it feel good to clean....Except for Little Monkey whose nose is my new pin cushion!

I was all fired up with inspiration after having a date with Noah to Moneyball. Arrived home and got him in bed and then a burst of energy was upon me...and hours later a spring-cleaned quilting room and so ready for a new quilt to begin! And look who became my new pin cushion! After 4 years, I decided it was time to do the formal pin thing...Organization is not always my forte and so magnets from Noah's toybox have been my option up until now... And my new project you ask?...

A number of ideas swimming in my mind but with these holiday fabrics I am thinkin g a Hickory Dickory wonky clock from Quilt Mania for my nephews for Christmas and a second quilt with a wonky village....but you know how my mind works...may turn out completely different and that it is what is so fun for me...the creative process and the circuitous journey it takes me on!

Speaking of journeys, My Valor block for V is complete and in the mail flying to her home. Have you seen the other blocks posted on the 15 Minute Play blog, so beautiful and noble! I always love the collaborative quilts with V because I am encouraged to do a block that is enjoyable and rewarding.

And for all of you supportive friends who have brought giggles to my heart and soul as I wrote of the cooking adventures that Noah and are headed for while Sean is gone....Well, My little dude has been raised well by my dear husband. Our first night he created a shredded beef taco salad and last night, "Mom, how about some surf and turf. I see the steak you defrosted and then there are these shrimp we can add. And would you like a wedge or cabbage salad?".....and the topper of this is when he is taking a photo of each dish to send to Sean. Last night's response, "Nice presentation, Noah"....and the night before, "Thanks for taking care of your mom. You are the man of the house the next weeks and thanks!"

And now I will get a Kleenex.....Thank you friends and God for the support and fun along this journey of life.

Love, Em

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Tweet tweet...all complete

As I was hand stitching the branches in place and corduroy tabs for hanging, pictures from the Best Nest children's book would play in my mind. A favorite book of mine. Such a beautiful message about finding that perfect spot to make a home....and in the end...where the mama and papa bird, is where the baby bird finds joy....the Best Nest! or is it just how I want to remember the book....

May there be joy in your nest today! My nest has some big changes happening. Sean has "flown the coop" and is driving to Seattle for a month long project. I have never been this in charge as a parent for more than a weekend but am excited to make some solo memories with Noah. The cooking will be my biggest challenge and we may just be doing a lot of novel dinners such as yummy shakes and chess dog, licorice and dodgeball or...a real meal!

Tweet tweet! Em

Friday, September 23, 2011

Two Birds, One yard...Making Magic...Clothing for children

Have you visited Jacque at She is hosting a marvellous charity project with lots of wonderFULL prizes if you do yourself/her a favor and clear out your stash!!!!!!!! How awesom is that, you manicure your stash and you may win a prize and small children WIN by getting new clothes. Another wonderful quilter making a difference! The link is on my sidebar if you click on the photo.

And this border on this tiny quilt is a MacGyver Makeshift....I realized when I arrived at dodgeball I did not have my quilting suitcase...what to do....Well, I spied some duct tape....."What if I use the sticky side for a palette and cut out wonky sizes..." POOF! Now to buy a heavy duty needle to applique.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Do you ever ask a friend, "How did you come up with that idea?"......I love the process!

Have you visited LeeAnn at Nifty Quilts recently....She has an EYE-Candystore open for all to enjoy!.....As always.

I love each new shipment that she shares with us! This corduroy piece is a CELEBRATION! of her. While in Seattle I fell in love with a coloring book of Charley Harper's Birds based on his paintings. I knew one day I would have fun playing with its ideas for little cards, and AAQI quilt or.....Yesterday I received 2 bins of fabric from a work peer and inside....CORDUROY!...would have never been delighted with this gift but....with the announcement of National Corduroy Day in November...the wheels started to roll.

6 hours of Dodgeball + a coloring book + corduroy + LeeAnn's post about birds flocking north and south and to her nest.... Equals a tiny quilt of fun highlighting a part of Seattle fun and the creative process.

Next step in my Valor block for V's Valor quilt at Bumblebeans blog. Getting back to my roots of piecing and away from the glue it goes! I decided after many different design ideas, to focus on a star in the center and a type of flag emanating from its center. I added 1/2 inch to each piece after making a star template out of paper. I need to add some "made fabric" to the block and figure out how the other border will be constructed with white stripes added in.....Funny how a 12" block can distract me...pressure of wanting to do it well for a fabulous group of quilter ladies and also the significance of what this quilt....Men and women risking and losing their lives for our freedom and loyalty to a cause...What an HONOR to collaborate.

Happy Wednesday, Em

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Happy.......Birthday! I didn't even notice until Roxy pointed it out.....

When you saw the word HAPPY on my Make A Wish AAQUI quilt....
Did you think of the emotion.....
or the exclamation, "Happy Birthday!"

(Do you love the teeny tiny feather?......I could not believe that Roxy pulled this one off!)

My use of this text fabric was to share the emotion of the princess but then last night as Roxy I embellished her world...I began to think of my sister's birthday coming up and thought, "Hmmmm, Happy Birthday, Sharon" and then I thought....happy on your birthday, happy I made it to another birthday...will be happy when this birthday is it a HAPPY birthday?...
Why don't I feel happy on this birthday....and my favorite at a restaurant when all the servers come out clapping..."HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!....."
div class="separator" style="clear: both; text-align: center;">

Isn't it interesting how one word can insinuate so many thoughts and emotions with the words you pair it with....

All quilted and tomorrow will be bound...BOUND for the auction!!!!! Hope you have enjoyed my story hour the past couple of days and just remember...if you enjoy the quilting of this tiny quilt....grab a project and get DONNING YOUR BIG GIRL PANTS and quilt quilt quilt!

Happy TOOsday, Em

Sunday, September 18, 2011

"Make a wish!"

I have missed not working on an AAQI piece. I arrived home this evening and thought of a story..."Em, how about you if create a tiny quilt that tells the story of a woman who was scared she would lose all memories when an old woman....On her 28th birthday she closed her eyes, blew out the candles, and made a wish...." And on her 98th birthday she smiled and was happy....She still remembered the day she was a birthday princess and the world was fantastical.....

Love, Em

Do you love mail as much as I do? Is that Mail or Male? or Male Mail.......

Do you ever find yourself a little giddy.....not enough sleep, anxious energy, too much change at one time and lack of feeling in control, or just because you are a woman? Cheeky fun using a photo of a mailbox Noah created a year ago and parts of the recent Paducah Fabric Catalog....I asked Julie is she thought that the creators of the magazine had this in mind when they published....we giggled like little girls and said, "Most likely no...."

I wonder if this postcard is a release from the emotional roller coaster I have ridden while creating, quilting and now finishing my Prairie Mary. I have never had the experience while quilting that I have with this piece. I wonder if it is because it is the first art quilt I have created with a soul purpose of giving honor, eye to detail and a sort of prayer for the family as they grieve, each day I quilt her, each day they are without their son...A type of journey reflecting on my own mortality, my children's mortality, my husband's mortality. This past weekend was our final weekend in Central Utah where the trailer has been parked and I have quilted, tipped a jeep and see my Porsche pup learn to play with other dogs and meet strangers without a bark....Our final jeep ride yesterday was one of familiar scenery that I saw as new scenery. The cows, the sky, the mountain faces, the vegetation...all in my desert scape and all around me. Tate built a log cabin with his family on their ranch at age 14 and so the little old cabin in back of our trailer also took on new meaning. I will create a card with this cabin to be in with the quilt. And finally, a scripture added to the rays of Mary, Luke 1:32, Nothing Is Impossible With God....

How many of you are enjoying Tonya the Unruly Quilter Lego quilt or creating one of your own alongside her? The bottom photo is the inside of a tree trunk and the first thing I thought of when seeing it was "These are little legos like Tonya's quilt!"......

How often I think of you all as I live each day! Thank you for being in my life...

Love, Em

Friday, September 16, 2011

V is all LOVE! V is for VALOR....Celebrating Victoria!

Is this Shel Silverstein not the most wonderful ode to Victoria at When you sit down at the computer to surf Blogland, do you have a favorite blog that is your go to....a blog that you wish you had more time in the day to play along with....if you could have a dinner with 5 people who would they include......When you think of woman who gives and gives and gives.....Do you think of Victoria?

Victoria has gathered 24 quilters for collaboration on the Valor Quilt. There is a picturesque photo of her cutting up uniforms if you click on the link on her sidebar of 15 Minute Play blog.

I returned from Seattle to my squishy envelope with uniforms to be used in my 12" block and the rule to incorporate "made fabric" Victoria style and a design that CELEBRATES! the men and women this quilt represents.

Pictured in the photo of this post are some fabrics I purchased today to incorporate in my block. I saw the hand with the pointed finger and thought of the infamous poster, WANTS YOU!......

This block has so much personal meaning to me having grown up with a father who wore uniforms as a weekend warrior, went to 2 wars in my lifetime and the memories of saying good bye as he drove away on the bus both times....just cannot type the emotions.....

CELEBRATING YOU V for initiating this project!!!!

loVe, Em

Thursday, September 15, 2011

"These boots were made for walking"...."These Wheels were made for Rolling...."

Foxy Roxy.....This is how she rolls!

This morning while setting Roxy up for her Photo Shoot...(I let her know that a couple of you had asked to showcase her new ride...), I am feeling like Santa just gifted me Barbie and the Vette for Christmas as I write this.....

I am wondering if Sean consciously realized that when he purchased this carry on for me that it has a fmq design that is a favorite of Green Fairy's and one I keep thinking I will try in a border?......Or that the hues of Purple match Roxy's stickers so nicely?........I am sure that he did!

I included the boots because there is now an interesting dynamic with my packing...Do I take Roxy as carry on and leave behind boots while travelling or go for the more compact tool of glue sticks and tiny backgrounds......You can imagine what Roxy votes for!

Roxy and I did not plan on her going to Mexico in 2 weeks and are figuring out what to do about expediting a Passport....she has been practicing her Spanish that mom recites during visits and we will see.....Could be kinda fun and maybe potential to sew with little girls at the resort...I have been known to get a lot done pool-side.

More to come, But for now, Roxy, This post is all you!

Love, Em

As though the heavens opened up and angels began to sing..........

Do not adjust your screen.....You are seeing quadruple, super-druple....As my dad would shout out when I was a little girl, "Holy Smokes!"....."For Heaven's Sake!"......

Yes! Sing, Sing, Sing!
They were all so pretty in the windows as sunrise beams shone through their lithe bodies! Imagine their stories as they watch the world pass by! Have you heard of JONES? It was the fancy Singer and I found myself "JONES"ing for Roxy!

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

"Roxy, get your bag packed! You are going with me!!!!"

Roxy fits nicely into a fun purple carry on bag that Sean bought for our trip to Seattle. The beautiful thing about this is that the suitcase is $50.00 instead of $200.00 that Janome wants.....HINT IF YOU ARE MONEY SAVVY!!!!!

So, I arrived at the dodgeball arena last night looking for plugs. Noah was relieved when I promised I would keep Roxy in the car until I found a hidden spot to play in.... I knew I was in for the long haul with him practicing for 2 hours then league lasting up to 3 hours.....

Below is a photo of Noah at the pep rally for the Seattle soccer game soon to ensue. He and I joke that we need to put a little notebook in his chess carrying case (looks like a violin case) and have people he plays sign there name and date it. First Jim in San Diego and now Ed and Bruce in Seattle. Noah was tickled when Ed who was a homeless gentleman approached asking NOah if he plays. You should have seen his look of surprise when Noah asked him to play a game with him. His stories were wonderFULL!

I am so excited that Roxy and I are nearly done with this piece and how flat the back is turning out and all those yummy stitches!!!!!! Dodgeball+ Chess at soccer rally+ Roxy exploring new territory= LOVE FOR FAMILY AND HOBBY ALL AT THE SAME TIME!

Love, Em

Monday, September 12, 2011

a VERY nifty visit to Seattle! My smile says it all!!!!!!!

There are so many emotions that I have been experiencing this morning as I arrived to work after spending 5 of the most wonderFULL days in my life in Seattle with my boys.

The smile below says it all!!!!!

Can u imagine my delight when I was blessed with a lovely evening of CELEBRATING with LeeAnn at and her husband, and being showered with kisses by Malti. I was like a giddy schoolgirl all day counting the hours until dinner and we could punch in her address and go on a scavenger hunt with the end goal of a dear woman and her quilts! A night to remember and such a gift to cross into REAL life being with her. Visit her current post to admire and ooh la la over her finishes. She is....a marvel. She took this photo of me and it was fun to listen and watch as she talked about how the GRATITUDE quilt began, inspiration from Tonya the Unruly Quilter and future zippie's of words that she and I can play with when I return to visit...Life is so fun when Blogland becomes a matchmaker!

Love, Em

Friday, September 9, 2011

Tomato, tomAhhhhhhhhhhhhto! A moment.........

We have immersed ourselves in Seattle since arriving yesterday and we are a whirl with........GOOD ENERGY! As we boarded the plane yesterday from Vegas, Noah described this trip as a blind date with life........We are in love!

Tonight....a moment that you sit on a stool at the counter of a lovely restaurant and words are a Giggle.......

Sean and Noah have a tradition of going out on the town when we travel while I lie in bed at night and relax or fall asleep. Noah once told me, "Mom, Dad is very good at shopping and you are very good at working............" But when it comes to quilt shops...I rock at the shopping!

Last eve the boys perused The Pike Market and found yummy desert....They sat a bar away from the kitchen... (very important detail to my story.) This evening Sean wanted to return to share the yumminess with me. We were seated at the counter of the kitchen and the boys were greet by Tony the chef....Simple chit chat between the 2 and he commented that he was grateful they had returned tonight....Sean and Noah did not talk with him last night and this is hopping busy!

I cannot upload the photos so bear with me. Envision sculptured unique platter of juicy ripe tomatoes with gnarled fruit....I watched Tony fondle the tomatoes and choose the just right one as he chatted with a sous chef of how too many were overripe but not in a harsh critical manner but simply matter of fact......I took the photo of his hand choosing the "perfect tomatoe" and sent it to Kim......CELEBRATING! a hand photo.....and as it sent to her....An artistry of caprese homemade Tony mozzarella and the tomato so carefully chosen was gifted to us......

Why? How did he note the boys last night amidst tens of customers, chef hours and sweat of the kitchen....and when I celebrated his hand....little did I know his intention...

Strolling home, Calvary Chapel concert in a green space....Praise God, His Son and the Holy Ghost echoing amidst the skyscrapers...And Noah playing in a fountain.

"Mom and Dad, this is like a blind date........"

Love, Em

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

So u Sew....So and asi....

To hear my 2 year old nephew say, "Grandma is mamacita, mamacita, Grandma is Mamacita......" is a hoot. He can barely wear size 18 month shorts but is excited to speak Spanish to emulate her. My mom has always loved to visit Mexico and is fluent in the language. She mixes in words when with the grandchildren and very fun to see how they use the words.

Asi Asi means "I feel so, so....." and of course you need to rock your hand back and forth while saying it.

"And what does this have to do with a quilt blog, Em?" do you ask? Well....

My mom has pieced these adorable colorFULL and happy children quilts and I have found a home for them. Julie at is requesting fabric for the Linus Project she is involved in. Please visit her lovely blog and if you have a spare top or fabric....So many wonderFULL oppurtunities to share our love for this hobby with others that need a HUG when there are hearts are sad or CELEBRATING! Something about envisioning a little child missing their mom or dad and grabbing their blankie for comfort.....

The "blankie" I am gifting is not posted because I want Julie to be surprised. It is a favorite of mine and quilted by the lovely Green Fairy...May it bring a smile to little one.

I think I am feeling........Sew SEW!!!!! "Mom, como se dice Sew Sew en espanol?"

Love, Em

"I tip my hat to you....."

The cowboy who this quilt honors wore a signature white cowboy hat. I could not believe that I found the perfect print that camouflages into the batik background of the outer though it was meant to me. Gotta love broderie perse and kinda like creating your fabric with some glue, thread and a little imagination. The hats, spurs and boots will be in place of text.

Do the steers and collaged desert scape seem to have a 3D effect to you? It is as though I am on the Plateau where this young man has been taken for burial and see the steers on the range as he makes his final ride......

I awoke in the middle of the night and could not fall back asleep. Roxy was still in the car from my trip over the weekend and so it is Bring you Friend to Work Day...she is waiting patiently while I get my work done and then she will get to meet my co-workers and see where I am hiding when not at home with her.Do you remember going to work with a parent when you were younger? My father was a banker in my early years and ther was nothing better then playing secretary on the Sundays that he needed to catch up on some paperwork!

Thank you for your support yesterday. As always, friendship through Blogland, is humbling and so wonderFULL!


Monday, September 5, 2011

Monday's Mantra.....Mary's gift..........

Have you driven in a car for many hours, taken a solo walk for miles, spent a moment in quiet and let you mind wander freely?.........This morning I awoke in the wee hours of the morning and the next 4 hours were all mine.....What a trip....

This weekend was a CELEBRATION! of family. Sharon, my sis, and I had so much fun working on projects together as the boys napped and played with their uncles. As you can see in this photo, my sister have such different piecing styles but the delight in the hobby could not be more the same! Mom was playing with us using her seam ripper on some of Sharon's snakes and was giggling saying that she loves to "Malinger".....she can malinger all she wants because it is always a fun time when she is around!
It was a movie moment.....Chariots of fire theme song played in the background, my eyes met the Glue sticks in slow motion and I just stopped in my tracks...It was like a chorus of angels.........I HAVE NEVER SEEN SO MANY GLUE STICKS IN ONE PLACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And the rest is history or at least helped create it as you will see in the next 2 photos.

Are you familiar with the fun and creative talent of Joe Tulips postcards? Well, last week I celebrated the flag she had gifted me and it was my turn to play with her inspiration! Sunday I awoke in a mild panic..."I do not have any projects to glue when we go fishing today. Well, a fine oppurtunity to go to Walmart on the way out of town and grab some supplies...." 2 Cheerio boxes, a JOY ice cream cone box, Shel Silverstein book and a quilt magazine...Hunkered down with my feet in the pond, had a riot chatting with sibs and was in awe that my 4 year old nephew continued to reel in trout, it was a hoot! And the cherry on the top for him? Finding a snake. I had enough material to create for hours as though I was at the dodgeball arena and could not believe that after a couple of hours we were ready to head....darn fish, we caught our limit to quick! But in this time frame, I made this fun postcard CELEBRATING! shopping for a mate. The front is the little town and thinking OUT OF THE BOX...the back, a little poem that when in fact one is looking for the perfect someone out of the box, they may just find them literally to be one! Excited to mail to my dear soul sister, Ms. Duff!

Last night was the winner for these sweet little boys, "It is like the Wild West at your house, Uncle Aaron!"....I will never forget the proclamation as they played in the "fort" and spent the night in the tent. They had a rope that they set by the tent door to catch a desert fox if it were to be lured too close to them....and of course the infamous flashlight was a must!

Do you recall that when you began reading this post, I asked about a long drive in the car.....Sniffles and tears as I recant the remainder of this post. I placed my desert scape pictured above on my front seat to inspire the final touches it is needing.......Easy to be critical of a couple of things I wish I would have done differently until.....Ms. Mary begins a sort of conversation with me....Blessed Be His Name by Newsboys played on my radio and as I listened to the words of traveling in the wilderness....I looked at the quilt and saw the buttes, the dirt, and Ms. Mary....She took on a new meaning this morning as I began to cry. Price is my hometown and where I spent this past weekend. On my brother's kitchen table was a newspaper and on the front page was an article that could have been from the Wild West of years ago....but instead is current. A young man, a son, a brother, a friend, a cowboy was shot dead by an envious man who then went on to kill himself. The young man and his family are icons of our town and the epitome of kind, loving, giving people. I was distracted through the weekend by the grief that the family would be experiencing and as a mother could not fathom losing my boys to death and be subjected to violence and as I drove home and saw Mary...I imagined her praying for Jeanie and whispering to her as a mother who had lost a son to violence and death, "I know the sadness heartache......" And as I cried driving home I knew that this quilt needed some steers and a cowboy on a horse that I spied at Quiltique recently. A CELEBRATION! of a young man and my hope that their faith can help comfort them.

I now understand why I love quilting with Mary of Guadalupe. She is a CELEBRATION! of woman, motherhood and an embodiment of strength.

My boys just arrived home as I am wrapping up this post and the hug of welcoming me home is just a little tighter as I think about Tate.....

Love, Em