Sunday, July 29, 2012

Grab a cup of coffee because I have so many quilt CELEBRATIONS to share with you! Have fun with this eye candy!!

I hope you enjoyed the above quilts from an exhibit at the Bellevue Art Museum CELEBRATING African American quilts from as early as the 1920's. Do you see influences that remind you of Tonya's current LOVE quilt without sashings, Gwen Marston medallion quilts, Victoria's "made fabric"? As I loved these quilts with mom, I was mindful of Sujata and Nifty's styles and how much I enjoy their talents. Ironically, mom and I found this exhibit during our quest to find Nifty's exhibit. I thought it was at the Northwest Quiltshop in Bellevue but later found out it was a different Northwest. Try again today!

With all of the energy of children and adults playing with scraps, loving the quilts at BAM, I was inspired to stick to my love and make a wonky baby quilt in place of the conventional brick pattern. The baby has parents that are so HIPPIE and so I played with themes that would play to their heart while celebrating the new bundle coming in November. Now to quilt!

And do you notice the pinks and yellows mom brought with her? Keeping you curious of what her project is whlie here with me. Started a block last night and it is yummy....keep you posted!

Happy Sunday and thank you for joining me today! Em

PS....Sharon has opened a store at her blog, She has one pattern and is currently working on a second soon to be unvelied. Hop over and say hi!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Oh Deer!!!!!! Deer-y Me! Dear Friends....."DEER ME, We are having a baby!"

A very special couple is expecting their first child and I have been playing with ideas for their baby quilt.....They are having the gender be a surprise and so I have come up with this play time trying out ideas. Oh Deer by Momo is my choice of fabric to CELEBRATE their love for the outdoors and my memories of us all playing in the Utah wilderness together.

Dear........NIFTY!....You have won the giveaway for visiting my sis' blog and welcoming her to Blogland. It has been so much fun reading all of your comments, friends,on Sharon's blog. Thanks for DANCING over to her avenue and sharing love! I will email you your fabric fun!

What pattern do you vote for from the above ideas? I am leaning towards the brick pattern but also torn with simple squares......Don't you love the chocolate sashing, so yummy!

Happy Saturday and may it be DEARly wonderful!

Love, Em

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Fabric Giveaway....Dance on over to my sister's new blog, she took the plunge!!!!

I feel like having an open house party for my sis who just started her blog today!!!! Do you recall when you decided to take the plunge and begin your blog and the friends that have MATERIALized from the first post?!!!!!! Oh how I love thinking about the past couple of years since Green Fairy introduced me to the Blogland, What a place of CELEBRATION and community! Cheers, Sharon, we are keeping it in the family and your family is about to get exponentially larger as all you friends have fun meeting her! Please leave a comment that you have visited her blog and an entry to free fabric is yours. Become a follower and another entry. Let's leave this open through this week. Happy dancing! Em

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Creative process that speaks Oohs and Aaaaaahs!

Mom, Sharon, Roxy and Stephanie......all playing with the creative process and CELEBRATING the freedom of medium, design and the soul's delight in sharing! Happy TOOsday, Em

Monday, July 16, 2012

Missy is out it again!

Do you recall the post months ago about a little girl, Hannah, who was hit by an SUV on the highway and in the hospital. Missy and I had created her a quilt and it was Missy's first experience to the wonderful holiday. This past weekend she and my brother were visiting and oh so fun! Missy played in the scraps and came up with a very bright and cheery baby quilt for a 10 pound Penelope. She did not want to use the average newborn themed fabrics so went with this fun Redhead that shares the same hair color as Penelope. Roxy has a new friend to help us from tucking our backs when fm quilting. A little bit of a challenge to get used to quilting on but the John Flynn frames are going to be my ticket. Fun to try something new! How about you, anything new? Happy Monday, Em

Saturday, July 14, 2012

An angel arrived in the mail today......CELEBRATING the Lost and FOUND!!!

Have you ever lost photos? When I was turning in my computer of 7 years to Second Nature at the time of our move, I could not find my years of photos anywhere.....Today on my doorstep was a box. 7 years of my life on 4 discs.....An angel arrived! Celebrating Gail who took the time to download the photos and send to me as a surprise. Happy Saturday, Em

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

MIrror, Mirror on the Wall....Unruly Quilter's Wordplay and fairytales are a fun pairing!

The apple does not fall from the tree.......Forbridden fruit.....Sour apples...Sean picked out this line of fabric, Nightshade while we visited Quilting Loft one day on our bikes. Been wondering how to put together using inspirations from the movie, Snow White and the Woodsman...Beginning to take shape.
I have always loved the look of fruit pieced and so I played with this little Granny Smith last night. My hope is to make many green apples to put on a barren tree and then one large sumptious red apple with the infamous bite marks. Maybe.....
I love Tonya the Unruly Quilter's fun that she has inspired in so many of us with her Word quilts and am excited to gotten my first MIRROR completed. Many more words to go and oh so fun! I will be using this visage of the witch for the mirrored image of the wicked woman in Snow White's fairytale but not sure where or how yet.....
And my creative experiment last night....I am thinking I may incorporate this silhouette of the witch comprised of crows in the barren tree trunk as though spying on the innocence of Snow White but unsure. Still early but fun to be trying so many different technics for this quilt. Have you read The Chaperone? AFter creating the above woman filled with crows I read the below paragraph and it got me started thinking about more projects with women and their fillers of their souls...... Enjoyable read but the final pages were a feast...the final paragraph reads, "She was every Cor she'd ever been: Cora X, Cora Kaufmann, Cora Carlisle. She was an orphan on a roof, a lucky girl on a train, a dearly loved daughter by chance. She was a blushing bride of seventeen, a sad and stoic wife, a loving mother, an embittered chaperone, and a daughter pushed away. She was a lover and a lewd cohabitator, a liar and a cherished friend, an aunt and a kindly grandmother, a champion of the fallen, and a late-in-coming fighter for reason over fear. Even in those final hours, quiet and rocking, arriving and departing, she knew who she was." Hmmmmmmmmm! E,

Monday, July 9, 2012

Blowin' in the Wind......Winds of Change....

I began my Tree of Life last fall when we were considering a move to Seattle....I finished the binding on Vashon Island's beach yesterday as the boys created a fort out of driftwood. Something amazing about the quilt flapping in the sea wind....mimicking my past year of the winds of change! Paddling and playing with the anemones and starfish.....Noah peeking through his window he so carefully placed and a silly find in the ferry line...NO SEW spray painted on the road. Hmmmmmmmmm. Happy Monday, May this post blow your way and find a sweet spot to land, Em

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Xxxxxxx- O! Following directions for a kiss is much like piecing a block.....

I have always enjoyed the wonky X or cross in quilts and when I saw Sew Katie Did's recent quilt in person at Island Quilter, I made it a goal to try them out. This is my love note to Sean....after dates of hugs and "Can we go on another date"s.....I finally got the kiss that became the center of my universe.....hugs and kisses frineds!
If you are familiar with my quirky cornball humor....this little text could not be helped. Instructions for piecing 2 fabrics together seam-ed apropos for the act of kissing also.....
My sister's beauty! Can you believe how this piece has come along. Ming boggling to me her patience and exactness. These blocks are so small and so BIG with color and talent.
Mom is at it again with her needle turn applique and use of brights and blacks. How fun is this piece with all of the different components. I remember her starting this in March when we were looking for a home in Seattle and now....settled and her quilt near completion. She has made a Sarah Fielke eagle that she will most likely applique in the center. PERFECT!
A past quilt of mine that I wanted to post as a finale to this post. May KINDness abound in your home and lives this coming week! Thank you for visiting me. Em

Thursday, July 5, 2012

What daily doing is your meditation....What is your Clinique favorite....and I am not talking Nordy's sale item

When life becomes busy, a little off kilter or a morning when you think, "Can I start this over?"......What is a routine you do each day that can become a moment of peace while you focus on each step and nothing else.......
I have left a career in the wilderness behind but not my love for my career....Today, a patient taught me that the simple act of washing her face and dabbing Clinique on her face, behind her ears and her neck can be a meditation.....Her Clinique is my Kona Solid or new rotary blade....a cut here, an iron there, and NO WAY! everywhere when it comes to these borders, he he! Last but not least, trying on different borders and then to the quilter. LOVE to you on this eve! Em

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Just insert WRITTEN and some real estate.....

So much fun creating this quilt and forgot how fun it is to make more than 1 12 inch block and count it as a quilt, he he! So close to putting together and out of time before the alarm rings for a shift at the hospital.....Tomorrow I need to create WRITTEN and some wonky houses. Isn't quilting wonderful! My tiger print star is in CELEBRATION of Sean returning home after being gone for a week to work in St. George. I was a little purring kitty seeing him at the airport. Bring on the week, right? Em