Friday, October 28, 2011

Twinkle twinkle little stars!

More teeny 3 inch stars from my sis. So small! And amidst these little stars is a haunting ghost for this season....

Sean's "googly eyes" from marble. Noah has arrived and having so much fun with Sean in Seattle. Will be excited when we are all together once more Tuesday evening. A moment I will always remember as Noah went through the terminal door today with the flight attendant. A pilgrimmage and metaphor....SO proud of him for being adventurous and also vulnerable as he checked in often about how he was feeling as the time approached to fly solo.

Love, Em

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Family Photo

Do you ever browse the internet and say, "Wait a minute, that is me...or...that is my quilt.... or that is my blog they are linking...or" What an amazing gift for connecting people and tonight I found this fun photo of me and my work peers taken a couple of years ago. Just had to post it to CELEBRATE the colorful wonderFULL peeps that I rub shoulders with in the wilderness. My brain is firing as I think of creating a quilt with this photo in mind....a patchwork of lovelies for sure! This is my Entrada family.


Sharing Sean........

The "middle of the night" quilt........How many of you have had quilt projects that "seam" like you are working around the clock to meet a deadline and that at times you think the raspberries on your finger tips will not allow for another stitch and then.....a memory or spark of inspiration reminds you, "Gotta keep going!" I can think of several of you! When I open Sean's tile pictures I see him.........

Hope you enjoy this rug. I am off to play in the rainy wilderness, a quilt packed just in case!

Love, Em

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

All you need is..........

Thank you, Tonya Unruly Quilter, for your inspiration! I hope that you have all had the gift of visiting a bookstore or magazine rack and purchased the Quilting Life mag with this block design CELEBRATED! on the cover.

I cannot stop making words and have a second Christmas quilt halfway done. Playing with the idea of creating NAUGHTY OR NICE but that is a lot of letters.......Hmmmmmmmm, we'll see!

My mom has been giggling and smiling so big when I share your comments on her Dresden Plates. So fun to read the CELEBRATIONS of her talent and thank you!!!!!

Speaking of talent and overflowing yumminess, LeeAnn at Nifty Quilts has a dreamy array of eye candy of her quilts celebrating the color red, scraps and use upholstery fabric. A buffet!!!!! I am so behind in reading blogs and when I peek....I wish for more time in a day, SEan being home and thank God for computers where I can feel a source of support and love and CELEBRATE! creativity!!!!

Love, Em

Monday, October 24, 2011

Howling at the moon and CELEBRATING! Halloween early.....

Sometimes I am torn between what I enjoy more right now, landscapes or wonky houses.....Yesterday was such a peaceful and very creative day for Noah, my mom and me. While I played with wolves, Noah enjoyed a day of baking cakes, frosting galore and VOILA! He is so my husband at times and what a wonderful person to take after!!!!

No matter the house or the neighborhood or if one lives near the woods with wolves or in Whoville....The creative process is alive and reminding us how fun life can be!

Happy Monday, Em

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Beamer loves Mom's Dresden plates as much as I do!!! And I love creating Unruly Letters as much as YOU do!!

Mom never lets us down with her fun quilts, and is this not so great?!!!! Beamer taking a Sunday nap on it and Mom asks, "He won't poot on it will she?" Our favorite question after finding the kittens having used the scrap bin as a litter months ago.

One week and counting until Sean is home once more!!!!! Noah flies solo this Friday to drive home with Sean and it will be a monumental trek I can imagine. They have so much fun together. Sean has a meeting this Tuesday that has me very giddy.......Prayers are abounding in our home.

>Sean writes to me each day to update me on his progress with his quilt! He is such a cutie and likens his tile/ natural stone rugs to miniature quilts and there are tens of them over thousands of square feet in a new distribution building. Very exciting to have his gift showcased for so many people to see! I cannot wait for the Grand Opening in March, I told Sean that we will of course have to be there!!!! Any excuse to travel up there.

Mom and I are having a wonderful time together and Roxy has finally done the ultimate tantrum....NO FMQ FOR YOU she told me so she was wheeled to Steven to fix. I put on the invoice slip that "She answers best to Roxy" and the clerk at the quiltshop just giggled and said, "Well of course Em, I would expect nothing less from you." And with ROxy missing out on play time with me, Pearl Cotton and bruised fingertips have been my fun! Joy is quilted and I am excited to share it with you. Stay tuned!

Happy Sunday, friends!


Saturday, October 15, 2011

Mom is close and I CAN'T WAIT! Sean is soon to be close and a whole lot of quilting ready for Roxy!

Is this not so darling?!!!!! While visiting my mom last weekend I spied it hanging and wanted to share it with you. She is soon to arrive to my home for the next month and I AM SO EXCITED!...and she is bringing her trunk show so I will be excited to have pics of her current beauties! Stay tuned.

A first for me with Roxy....double feather with crosshatching. I decided to not measure out the cris-crosses and am liking the effect. Trying new things and letting go of the "what if I ruin this trying something new..." I will be so excited to have this piece completed due to my pile of Christmas quilts begging for attention :). Can you relate?

I describe this photo of my sister's current project, "Soft and Yummy"....don't you love the colors...I think she may be already planning for spring and trying to ignore her Ohio winter to come :).....You can bet this will be a show stopper as are all of her Star Quilts...

And as I type I CELEBRATE how my mom, sis and me can all LOVE a hobby so much and yet find our own niche and run with it! Quilting is so much like my nursing career...find that happy place and go go go!

Roxy's next project. Ms. Tiffany is glued, bordered and patiently waiting....I rarely use fall colors but I so love the warmth of this piece.

I kept this photo upside down just for fun! Kinda like my life with Sean away for work. He comes home tomorrow for a visit and I am so excited!!!! While he is away, things are going so smoothly and I am enjoying my solo time with Noah but I can also feel myself missing Sean's presence as each day passes. Interesting past 3 weeks and so much excitement to come from it..just have to be patient.

So excited to have this photo come to life tomorrow! Anyone relate with loving a dear friend, child or partner through the screen.....I have this photo up when I am falling asleep or am at work and struggling with the stressors of the job. Puts it all back in to perspective!

I miss blogging and quilting, but I know right now that you are all out there and are not going away and that at different times in our lives special little people take up our time and to revel in the memories!!!!!!! Thank you for your visits, your love notes to me asking how I am and most of all, for being my friends in the computer screen that inspire me and make my life full of CELEBRATIONS!

Love, Em

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Hark! Angels sing....

Today was a fun day creating this focus piece from several fabrics and collaged together. It is so fun to cut and meld and cut and meld. Used plain blue fabric, angels, nativity scene fabric, green foliage and river stones. Tomorrow the border, star rays in the sky CELEBRATING! the birth of Christ and text, "Hark! Angels sing!"

How are your gifts for Christmas coming along?

If only I always had a vacation from work for 10 days......

Off to play with my oldest for the favorite is seeing my sons playing together and being little boys in jest.

Love, Em

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

This little choo choo train is on a roll.....

Fabulous Flora was my Mary Ann Herndon in the wonderful book, Sunflower, New Quilts from an Old Favorite. I have loved the quilt since I laid my eyes on it this summer and the moment has been brewing...tonight, fruition. Give me 4 1/2 hours at the dodgeball arena and a project is born...

The beginnings of the Christmas gift for my assistant. She is a young woman with a head full of aspirations and dreams....Ready for Blossom! Next step is creating a wonky made border of warm reds and oranges and yellows....a fall seasoned quilt for winter..She tells me she likes earthy tones so I hope she will enjoy it as much as I enjoyed creating it!

Lindy Gruger Hansen has the wonderful inspiration above on her website for free. My favorite is the J for joy! I love affirmations for when I am feeling down or distracted.....If you enjoy this screen saver I have photographed, click on my sidebar of the Porsche storyquilt and it will take you to her site.

Chocolate anyone? A yummy palette just waiting for something to be inspired.....

I can hardly believe it is this late in the year and the season in Utah for early winter temperatures. Tomorrow I trade in the cowgirl hat for the furry kitty hat for physicals in the field. Lots of reading packed in case of a mud disaster....

With a big smile! Em

A whole lot of JOY!

Do you have a project you are working on right now that is just so much fun and gets the creative juices squirting everywhere? This quilt was just that for me. I am thinking I may try making these photos in Christmas cards. I love it when I get a card from Victoria or Quilt Diva Julie and it has their quilts on the front...

As I loading these pictures I giggled out loud. I had not noticed the little sock monkey who is looking in her periphery at the dinosaur teeth in the upper right hand corner, kinda silly and so fun that it wasn't planned. It was fun to create text from Tonya's inspiration and using the teeth that were so popular with her BAH block I created last many fun people I visit in my mind as I am piecing and soon to be quilting.

Next Christmas quilt coming up...stars and more stars!

Happy TOOSday, Em

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Ho ho ho! Santa brought the Grand Canyon to us for a dinner date and in my stocking....Unruly bedtime reading!

If I am ever asked, "Em, What day sticks out in your mind as a near-perfect day? though you had written a wish list and Santa gifted each desire for a Merry day...."

I will smile and think, "The day was October 2, was a wonderFULL day!"

Blessed to be living in Southern Utah, Noah and I were eating cereal for brunch and we decided to make a Sunday drive to the Grand Canyon. Breathtaking and never having been was a sort of pilgrimmage. I thought of my dear friend, Vesuviusmama. We have dreamt of making this drive someday together or a visit to me on her way with the family.....

The beginning of my wonky village of marrying Grinch and Seuss and Unruly lettering, I was reminded how much I love this flavor of creation as I was cutting and piecing. And....I have already remodelled one home and so grateful because now I like it. Drinking coffee now so that more houses will break ground when Noah goes to bed. And for a gift I have been waiting for.....bedtime reading...TONYA... in the magazine, The Quilt Life issue October 2011! It was on the shelf today at Barnes and NOble and I am waiting in suspense until i am bedded down and then will have fun. I hope you have gotten your own copy and are enjoying CELEBRATING! a favorite of all of ours, Tonya the Unruly Quilter!

Love, Em

Saturday, October 1, 2011

I wonder if this is where Mary Lou got the idea....

Tonight Sean sent me this photo from the laundromat he is visiting in Seattle. A lost and found board of many socks....I giggled thinking of the sock swap Mary Lou Weidman inspired in many of us and how I created a sock, sent it to Mary Lou she sent it to Quilt Diva Julie and then....the tube sock returned to me with a fun note. The circle of life for a sock.....

It is the middle of the night and I am enjoying time of a quiet home and catching up on blogs....Like a reunion that uplifts me, inspires me and reminds me that this world is so big and I am so small.

A smile and a hug to you from me, Em

RED-y for Roxy......

I am amazed how much can get accomplished when I have vacation from work and buddies for Noah.....This angel is ready for Roxy and so off I go to find a back and some batting. I am excited to share it with my friend, Linda, at Scrap Apple Quilts because she called me one day letting me know about an angel panel that I might enjoy playing with....Boy did I enjoy this project!!!!!!

I did have a moment when finishing the piecing that I thought, "I wish Green Fairy could spread her fmq fairy dust on this piece but then Roxy got a little pout and reminded me that we can pull it off.

Time is spare with Sean gone and I miss my blog dates with you all. I promise I will catch up soon!

Love, Em