Thursday, July 28, 2011

"Teacher, teacher!"......"Yes, Em?"...."Are you saying YES, or....?."...Good enough for me!

Hello, friends.  As you open this post, have you thought about what a blessing today is?  To have just read this question and be able to wonder, "Hmmmm, have I?"
This morning I started my day at Target.  I saw a man photographing the bullseye and thought,
"He is right on........(I can't type the word...too corny)" 

Perusing the dollar bins for ideas...OFFICE PASS was like a neon sign!  It is along the lines of CALLING IN WELL TO WORK.

So I bought it and am posting so that it is yours for the taking for TOMORROW. 
National Free Day Friday! 
Your boss implores you to use the Office Pass!
Just print this photo and put in a memo, the assertive communication on your part is sure to be impressive and you will be granted your wish!

And if the OFFICE PASS doesn't work, print out this PEZ dispenser for a treat, FREE DAY FRIDAY!  There are only 3 packages of treats, so be choosy when you are submitting to the boss. A little sprinkle of fairy dust on the memo may not hurt for that extra insurance. 

Do you know who I thought of when I saw this Pez Princess? 
First person to guess wins the fabric that she is resting on!

First the Hall Pass then the CELEBRATION!  How did my barista know that I had just received the GODwink?  Can you tell how much fun I have at my Starbucks? 

Where do you go to feel special and that place where someone makes you feel like you are the only customer?

The celebration continues from 2 weekends ago!  The happy hearts continue to be mailed, fun for me to think of them trickling into your mailboxes at a staggering pace...literally!

JOY.....I had an experience yesterday that rocked my emotional core.  As many of you know I am a wilderness nurse and travel to the desert on Wednesdays to play with my students and clients. On my drive yesterday there was a string of parked cars and a truck on the side of the road that I immediately recognized.  Do you see the Mary above carefully holding on to her babe?  When I saw a co-worker being treated for a neck injury, my response to him, "Skyler, I just want to squeeze you and make you better...." Joy was knowing that my friends were ok and that God blessed them with calm judgment as a brake line was broken on their truck, a culvert to their left and parked cars in front of them.....

All through the day as I drove, I thought about their safety and about the rolled truck of an unknown man....Several years ago a similar rolled truck was on my drive to a work retreat and I was asked to park and assist.....CPR could not save the man.......I post these crosses in remembrance of the stranger who I worked on years ago, the men yesterday who survived and the sacrifice that Jesus made for us.....Last night was a night of tears and reminder that grief does not give us warning when we are vulnerable....Mortality.....

The other evening after prayers, Noah looked at me and said, "I love going to sleep because I get excited to wake up for another day of surprises!" 

Mornings are like a gift bag.........
Isn't this bag wonderFULL!  Stephanie gifted to me a while ago and I have been wanting to post it at just the right time...Today's post is that day.  She is such a fabulous woman and the connections we have made over the past while I are a blessing to me!  She also gifted me numerous wonderful fabrics and I look forward to dispersing as blog prizes are given...

Did I warn you this was a post of tangents....So much to share and so hang in there with me!  I am definitely pulling an Em today!

Yep, the kitties are resurfacing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  They have been a constant companion for some time in my mind.  I am playing with different ideas but getting so close to having the final plan to start......I can't wait to share my ideas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

I began this post with this picture and I end with its beauty....Sean is finally going to get his own Mary quilt.....I have been wanting to make it unique for our home and this morning while at Scrap Apple Quilts, these lovely fabrics and Mary and Crosses all said, "Blessed!"  that I am and that it will be!  A quilt of color, humility and a CELEBRATION! of Mary.......I have said it before and I will say it again,
"There is something about Mary!"
Motherhood, applique, broderie perse, text, life and death, sacrifice, The whole Kit and Caboodle
And now I declare,
"TEACHER, I am officially using the Office Pass."

Off to Vegas tomorrow for more tattoo color for Sean, my son's 21st birthday and....
CELEBRATING! and a quiet tear for each cross I pass on the highway for those 128 miles that remind me that someone's gift bag included sadness and loss that day they woke up.

Love, Em

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

From movie set to fabric fun!

A favorite movie of Sean's and mine is "Memoirs of a Geisha". 
The cinematography is breathtaking and each time I see the movie,  I set it as a goal to someday visit the grandeur.  I love love love the romance scene in the Asian Garden.....

Today, mom and I headed to the dodgeball arena to spend a couple of hours with Noah. 
What to pack with me to create?.....
I have wanted to create a landscape piece since buying Rose Hughes' Dream Landscapes and use fabric collage technics as described in Susan Carlson's Serendipity Quilts...

Poof!  A peaceful afternoon of glueing, cutting and quilting....
I share with you,

My Asian Garden....
Selvage from the fabric that I based the piece around...

Author of Serendipity Quilts is so encouraging while teaching in her book, she reminds us to be patient in the beginnings of the cutting and glueing of scraps in that the piece will look rough and disjointed but as it is glued and stitched the borders blur and soon the piece is a solid picture....

May this inspire a memory of a peaceful moment, trip to Asia, aspiration of a tattoo of Cherry for me, date night with Sean....

Love, Em

Fun in the Sun! Posting some happy and CELEBRATION for your TOOsday.

As I was quilting this piece last night, dawned on me that the young girl in the clouds is gifting to the moon....Hmmmm...Thank you, America, for space exploration.  The shuttle has landed, people gave their lives for space exploration and this piece has become my dedication to them.

Happy TOOsday, Em

Dancing with the Prince!  A sort of fairytale for this Fun in the Sun!

Monday, July 25, 2011


Amber waves of grain....

Purple majesty.....

America, America.....

Camping has been my world the past 3 days and so many moments of quiet and reflection...

Walks with Porsche....I would giggle as I remembered the summer tradition in my youth of drinking from the hose and how hot those first sips were.....

My FAITHfull sewing companions this weekend....


"I wonder what Betsy Ross thought as she hung her flag for the first time?"

CELEBRATING our America and its BEAUTY!!!

Love, Em

Friday, July 22, 2011

Sharon's progress! What a joy to CELEBRATE my mom and sister's art on this blog!

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh......  My sister's update on her star quilt that she just sent to me.  I turned the photo so that it would resemble a church. It is so restive and reminds me how comfortable symmetry can be on the eyes.  A type of meditation as I think of her sewing and wishing I was with her......

The bullent under the photo, "Eek.  I have my first outer point done!  Think I need eleven more. Ha ha ha!"

Go Sharon Go!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Whirling and swirling and WATCHING me and you! My MOM is at it again!

When you saw the below block for the first time whether on blogger or opening this post, What did you think of or your eye look to first?  I am always curious what others SEE when they first see a quilt or is it even the quilt that is seen the eyes or sun rays jog a memory that you were not expecting or...
"I have wanted to do that pattern and now this is the perfect inspiration to grab some scraps and cut cut cut!"

So fun, as I posted these blocks from my mom, Similar fun from Piece o' Cake designers pieced by Colleen is posted on the Visit the post and CELEBRATE her color and fun!

What came to my mind was two-fold.... I gasped when I opend the text on my phone and then thought, "MOM, you are amazing and so fun at the same time!"  and simply responded, "OMG-Oh my goodness!"

The pattern is by John Flynn and Mom bought the pattern and gadget at Paducah and says that it works perfectly!

My second thought was envisioning a small kid talking to his friend, "It is like my mom has eyes in the back of her head...." I love the phrase and this use of novelty fabrics tells me that story....

LOVE LOVE LOVE.....gets the wheels turning and keeps them lubed!  and as I type I think.....if the tire goes flat..even more love and compassion goes into the process of getting back on the road.

So as you go through your Thursday, May you find yourself travelling with love at the wheel, humming the ditty, "The wheels on the bus go round and round......" and if you have a crying babe just do the wah wah wah motions...there might be a smile that breaks the tears for a moment!

CELEBRATING YOU MOM!!! and our M and M time together!!!
(e"M" and "M"om)

Love, Em

Monday, July 18, 2011

More More More!! Monday's mantra! Selvages and S duos!

"Noah, please sleep for just one MORE MORE hour....."
More....dandy fiestas...More Hip Happys....More.....SELVAGES!

I have always adored the inspirations of the Selvage Guru, Karen, and
have been tossing ideas around in my mind and then......put me on a Rhino with a whole lot of dust in Southern Utah and POOF!.......

I could not have been HAPPYer this morning when I had hours to piece my new quilt top while Noah slept and kept sleeping!  I love this "getting older" thing he is doing!!!!  While out on the rhino this weekend, I thought, "I am going to make a flower pot out of selvages....."...and I just HAD to make one before going to work today......So much fun playing with selvages, color and some borders to go...then ROXY, this is all yours and I know we are getting behind but...........! 

More love, more joy, more heart...............MORE COLOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This week I CELEBRATE my favorite new artist (for the night) and book as I play with ideas for a baby quilt, "and the cow jumped over the moon."......... Combining the classic, GOOD NIGHT MOON and Susan Carlson's style and maybe a little Em in there too......I am beginning to fall in love with the planning phase of quilting moreso than the fun gathering ideas and wondering what will be my inspirations......

Have you drooled over Serendipity Quilts by Susan Carlson?  The above photo of the collaged moon is just a smidge of the fun in her book!

My favorite quotes I spied tonight were,

"I have a favorite word to tell my students when they ask if their piece is done.  I tell them "More! More!"..... "Personally, I'd rather err on the side of too much color, motion, detail, or interest:"

What would u like MORE of?..........................

More sleep, more buttons to embellish or how about this rick rack on the cover of this children's book as a reminder of how fun it is to zig zag here and there!

Love, Em

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Roxy is such a sport!

I had to EMbellish Miss Roxy for the fun of announcing the winners to the HAPPY giveaway!  She is a very good sport and this is only a few of the hearts.....He he he!!! 

I am home and what a wonderFULL weekend.  I hope you had the same!  I opened the door and VOILA!...2 kittens greeted me.....HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM, Strange.  You were supposed to be outside when we left 3 days ago..............Yep, they are smarties, A/C for 3 days and the house to themselves, still no trace of accidents but a towel they chose for some orinoro...I can handle that.

Now for the moment you have visited for!  As you may have read in the post earlier today, I was tickled with all of the friends who played this weekend in my giveaway.  Each of you that posted on the 2 posts over the weekend focussed on the giveaway will receive a heart pendant and a reminder of the joy COMMENTING on happiness can bring and the weekend we celebrated story quilts, Mary Lou and....
the fabric line, Hip Happy!

Drum roll...needle up and down up and down up and down.....

Catskill Quilter, You are the winner of the 6 fat quarters.  Congrats!!!!!

If you will all please email me your addresses and a favorite color so that I can do my best to send a heart that may just get your heart beating a little faster each time you see it hanging and are reminded of this giveaway.

Celebrating HAPPY and off I go to start a new quilt.........

Love, Em

Celebrating! the HAPPY hearts club! giveaway closes.....

I am blessed to be surrounded by you all!  Your support of my blog and willingness to be a part of HAPPY party was so fun for me and hope u enjoyed reading the comments and visiting the Galveston show.

When one is happy one is a winner and so....

Today i announce the giveaway prizes as membership to the HAPPY HEARTS CLUB!  EVERYONE who left a comment on the last 2 blog posts wins!  still travelling so the fat quarters prize will be drawn tonight when I arrive home but everyone will get a glass heart pendant from my trip.  Please email me your address and color preferende and some HEART felt happy will be on its way to u from my heart.

Love, Em

Friday, July 15, 2011

Shout it from the tree tops! CELEBRATING! Mary Lou, Happy, and Stories....

The fun for the weekend continues!  I am so enjoying all of your comments and CELEBRATING! Mary Lou Weidman's talent, HAPPY, and Stories.  Keep them coming because the giveaway for HAPPY fat quarters continues through tomorrow evening.

A story block for a wonky quilt....."Well Ain't You Something!" the dear dwarf proclaims to Miss White...When creating this block I envisioned Snow White playing the Dating Game....One of my original story quilts.

A quilt with a story....

I am binding this quilt for my mom and entertaining myself with the visual in my mind of the story that partners with this quilt... I was excited to drop by Green Fairy's home in hopes that she had finished the quilting on it.  Judi was out and Clint and I had some fun chatting and then I asked if Judi was done with my quilt.  He went in and looked at the long arm and then came out...."She has a quilt on and it is almost done but it isn't yours." ........And yep!  It was mine. Clint was fooled because he said it wasn't my style that Judi had quilted in the past.  Clint and Green Fairy, thank you for joining me in my thoughts as I bind camping!

"Shout it out!"  This is your speaker, what do you have to share with us all?  Leave a comment CELEBRATING! blogs that make you happy, admiration for Mary Lou and/ or a ditty about HAPPY and you will be entered for the giveaway....and remember, there is a fabulous story quilt by Colleen at

Off to RV and mountain bike, ta ta ta! For now!

HAPPY quilting! Em

Shootin' From the hip........It's HIP to be Happy! Come see what all the talk is about!

Envision me sitting me at my desk finishing up the day, feeling good with the progress I made and the wonderful connections I had with parents about their kids and THEN!.......

My phone begins to beep and keeps beeping!  YEP!!!  The quilt show in Galveston has come to me!
For your weekend pleasure, ENJOY! colors and stories and laughter that is a fresh Hit of Happy!
(I apologize but I do not have a catalog to give credit to artists to quilts.)
Smiling, giggling, telling stories, and enjoying the feeling of joy is
HIP!....Enjoy the show and then at the exit is a little fun....

Do you recognize the quilt above from a Mary Lou Weidman's book?
SHE HAS A NEW ONE OUT!!!!!!!!  Yep, I am just a little  SO EXCITED!
Her new book has been released and guess what? I have 2 on the way from Mary Lou, one for you and one for me!  Will keep you posted when they have arrived and  a giveaway will be fun!!!!
She is the inspiration for the story quilts in this show and I CELEBRATE! HER!!!!
Don't miss the fun on her blog at

Lookie Lookie!  Miss Diva's in all its glory!  Drop by her blog at
and tell her Hi!

Poof!  Here is Porsche and Maggie playing amidst the fun!  Can you imagine the stories Maggie will have for you, LaDonna, when she arrives to your home after the show?!  Very fun to think about!!!!!!!!!

Are you smiling and like me, wishing you were there in person...currently booking a ticket to fly to Galveston, grateful to the Mary Lou's in our lives that inspire us to have a creative story to share and a smile along the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

I am off to play in the trailer and nature for the weekend but before I leave......YEP the Giveaway rules! for what you ask?

6 fat quarters from the HIP HAPPY line........such HAPPY JOYOUS fabric!!!!!!!

Giveaway will close this Sunday afternoon when I arrive home...
Rules.....You make the rule and submit an entry....May this post of HAPPY STORY quilts inspire.....
HMMMMMMMMMM!....I love making up my own rules and I hope you will enjoy the process also!

You get extra entries if you post on your blog about Mary Lou's book release, link to this giveaway and a twist, if you link to someone else's blog that makes you HAPPY!  Let's spread the word on fun blogs!!!!
Put in your comments all you have done for entries and POOF! your chances just get more lucky!

Love, Em

p.s.  A happy moment I will never forget....lying in bed and found the above quilt posted on Mary Lou's blog. I had found her, fell in love and began buying up her books.  I sent her my style of story quilt and she was so supportive... A HAPPY moment that I will never forget as I laughed out loud, may have even jumped up and down on the bed, exclaimed to Sean the fun and thinking, "Blogland sure makes me feel good and I just found it. Thank you God!"

So, Enjoy CELEBRATING! Happy and you may even want to jump on your bed today...JUST BECAUSE YOU CAN MAKE UP YOUR OWN RULES!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

i cannot get home quick enough to share some happy!... but until then....

when i say GIVEAWAY!
you say..........

When i say HAPPY
you say...........

when I say MY HEART IS..... overflowing with joy, busting at the seams, bursting!...
you say........

When I say Friendship and BBF (best blogging friend)
you say......

you say.....

get your game ready, I am about to post a fabric line you will want to win! CELEBRATING! THE HAPPY

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A pretty picture....I stopped and marvelled at God's beauty!

I was so excited to arrive home tonight from the field and share this pic with you all.
What comes to mind when you are looking at it?
Can you hear my truck rumbling down the 2 track headed for a group of young boys?
Can you hear my heart as I sit, look at the road in front of me and cry and pray to God. 
 A path to heaven for dear Anthony and wonder if he is peeking from a cloud reassuring his mom and dad that he is ok and that he misses them.
So many stories in this pic.....My office today and I thank God! for the beauty!

Mom had this wonderful Quilters Newsletter in her trunk headed to a secondhand shop and I rescued it!  Little did I know that it would be chuck full of inspiratoin and ideas for next projects!  I shared this wonky quilt with mom and she said, "How about if we turn the squares into hearts when I am there in a couple of weeks?"  Well of course I got crazy and said, "WAHOO!  Let's do it!"
A collaborative quilt with me and mom... may you be in suspense of the fun to come, I know I am!!!

Love, Em