Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Wednesday was a WOW-day!!!!!

Happy Wednesday eve....I am warm in my home and am grateful for all of you dear friends who sent me love when I was earlier stuck in the middle of the wilderness calling...."trucker 1-2-3...trucker 4-5-6 stuck....."  And as I waited to be rescued by my backup driver...I delighted in ART QUILTS books and emailing with you friends.  And as I was driving out...Mom sent me a picture of Hudson's wonky house he made tonight.  He is 4 and very precocious!  So while he was cutting and placing on his design board...

Coulson, his 2 year old brother, was checking LAUGH LOVE QUILT blog for ideas to share with Hudson on making houses for Beth's neighborhood project! Little boys are much more than "puppy dog tails"!!!!

And as I say good night to you all and go to play a game of Pachisi with my boys....Love from the snowy merryland called Utah!

Having gotten stuck today I  was unsuccessful in seeing any students for their physicals so guess what tomorrow is....You got it...Trucker 4-5-6 makes another attempt.  Keep me in your prayers!

Love, Em

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Celebrating the Domino-Effect of friendship!

Dearest Victoria at sent me a wonderful Christmas envelope filled with love and lovelies!  Aren't these cards of her quilts fabulous and the colors are OOH LA LA!  When I saw the envelope on the counter I was smiling huge and hadn't even opened it.  Seeing her name on the return label was enough for me to feel warmth and love!  I see V's name or blog and I feel happy....Domino Effect!

I set the cards up in domino style because when I think of friendship, I think of how one good feeling or deed inspires happy heart, smile, hope, comfort- a reminder that the human heart loves to be loved and loves to love! 

"TOO"sday....feeling TOO loved!  And how has the domino effect of friendship blessed you this minute, this hour, this day, this year?

Love, Em 

Monday, December 27, 2010

Round 2....Having fun with the garden. and...the original creator of ORGANIC baby linens...

I celebrate the Blog comraderie tonight as I tried your ideas when Organic round 1 didn't work for me...  Tomorrow...More flowers, better swirls and leaves but I think it is "growing on me".  What do you think?

And I couldn't resist CELEBRATING the original creator of ORGANIC infant linens...Jesus and his hay manger...If it's good enough for Jesus then it's good enough for me!  In the roof I included scriptures of Jesus' birth.  Gotta love adding a little extra meaning to a creation! 

Saturday, December 25, 2010

And to all a good night....!

Thanks be to God in the highest!.....And to all a good night....

I am sleepy but can always muster a little energy to post some fun!  Didn't my mom's Gwen Marston purses turn out fab!!!  I so love the sashing and how the blues are a "pop"ping color amidst the yellows and oranges.

It is a new year's challenge that I am setting for myself to use up my stash....and so my earthy ORGANIC home is my project for today.  Still in the early stage but the basic home is built and now I look forward to the landscaping and embellishments.  My favorite parts are the little door and the windows and drapes in the G and A....I am not sold on the busyness of the sky and that may get whacked...but for now I will let it sit..

Is this little house of my mom's not so dang cute with all of the different little fabrics.  I was excited and thought it a Godwink that she is in Ohio and me in Utah and without a plan, both creating houses.  Neighborhoods that are connected by cyberspace! 

Speaking of neighborhoods, I am so excited for Beth's giveaway and it is my hope that I am going to be a lucky winner....2 more to mail to her on Monday and I hope to make another couple tomorrow.  But for now....Lights are turning out and I say, "Sweet dreams, Friends"!!!!

Love, Em

May your Christmas be the CAT'S MEOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There is a new kitty in my house who loves to monkey around! Merry Christmas!

And how fabulous is this....Coulson's first sewing machine!  Sharon writes that he sews a couple of stitches and then gets out his tools to tinker.......

Sending love to all!

Love, Em

Friday, December 24, 2010

One gift.......For unto a son is born......

As i finished the final embellishments, who were to arrive but my one gift that I was praying for, my oldest son!  He arrived safely and gratefully the rains abated and he only had fog.  Now my Christmas is complete.

This little present under the tree.....

love and comfort to you....

And thanks be to God for his gift he gave to us, His Son! 

Love, Em

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Vince Guaraldi Trio - O Tannenbaum

Oh Tannenbaum! Counting it down.....

Anyone feeling like the last 36 hours until Christmas arrives is becoming a shopping NIGHTMARE?...

If so....STOP,

and.....Do as Dusty my sweet Muppet Nephew....

Get lost in the glow of Christmas.....

I love mail/ male whether in the mail"box", in-box,in the nude.. You get the idea!

To my delight when I arrived home, this adorable post card from Janet greeted me!  What a wonderful friend and how dang cute, look below!

Undo the snap and PEEK!  How fun is this, the present is in the tree instead of under it!  Originality at its finest!

Oh Coulson, I know, sometimes you just can't resist the temptation of the dear Singer!  I find myself often just needing to stitch one more seam as I dry off....I love this kid!!!!!

And have you met my sweet little baby girl, Izzy? Yep....Kevin has a girlfriend and Em has twins!

My sister's first house and how apropro are the colors for this holiday season.. She and my mom are making a village with children around the borders, have you seen the pattern, it is adorable!  More to come!!!!

And not a minute too soon, Tiffany's "KINDNESS BEGINS IN THE HOME" is completed.  I had so much hand quilting the project while on vacation.  And as I think of my assistant's qualities and the "1" in the quilt piece...Takes on a "1 of a KIND". 

Merry Christmas Eve of Eve friends!!!

Love, Em

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Do you ever just sit and cry? LOVE......stitched in facets of life, "STORIES", and join my Giveaway

It has been a long time since I simply sat in my office and let my mind wander as it may.....I have been very overwhelmed today with emotion of joy, sadness, awe, humility, and...emotions that don't have words.....This holiday season has been packed with silly and vacation and preparation for giving gifts and today was a first for simply sitting and listening to my peers on the radio weathering the floods, reading blogs of love and festivities and reflection.......Gift of NOT BEING DISTRACTED...

And as the rains come down so do my tears.....Thank you for you who have enriched my life today, yesterday, a  month ago, a year ago when I first started blogging.  Last month I cried as Milla and Johnny passed away and today I think of them and.......

CELEBRATING Love and fragileness of life. and the moment of this HOLIDAY that you will remember...

What are you Celebrating? 

When you have a moment and can sit quietly and let your mind wander/ rest/ whisper to your heart and soul....

Comment what comes to mind or leave a pic on my email and I am hosting a giveaway that goes until  Christmas arrives....Reigning in the mayhem and celebrating a MOMENT! 

AND moments  make up stories!  For a phenomenal post CELEBRATING stories, visit. Sujata at  .  It is a beautiful!

The giveaway prize will  be a sur-PRIZE.....

Love, Em

Quilt pattern out of clay.....

Noah was excited to go to work with Sean today and set a half-bath floor.  When I sent to mom she commented, "Would make a lovely quilt"....and then I thought of the Kaffe patterns....Quilt patterns everywhere we look!

And the rain kept coming along with the miracles....

This morning is very emotional for me as I have been brought back from my Disneyland bubble by phone call from Grandma and reading posts on Facebook of my co-workers.  The record rainfall is affecting my community once more as it did 6 years ago...houses falling into the river, roads closed, Springdale evaced and the above pic is of my field area where my boss is attempting to get to his boys to do therapy.  LIterally working in the trenches! I am crying tears of gratitude as I read on Facebook of friends who are zip-lining across rivers to evac clients, helicopter assisting us with deliveries and drives that take 8 hours that would normally take 4.  Today I would go to see clients and that is not going to happen.....I am so humbled by the safety for my students/clients and co-workers and dedication of our community.

And more CELEBRATION tears.....My sweet Harley niece is being adopted today by her loving family and Sharon excitedly wrote to let me know the news.  1 year from her getting Harley, What a birthday gift to their family and me!!!!

If you follow my blog, this pic is just one of the many where this sweet little girl has melted my heart and thank you to the state for seeing the value in giving Harley a chance for life without drugs in the home!  And to the dedication of her aunt who has raised a family and is open to starting over so this little one has a future!
I could go on and on but I need to grab a Kleenex.

CELEBRATING A Wednesday of WOWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Work after a vacation... and then the fun...A last minute Christmas creation, a cheeky mug rug and it was "TOO" much fun to make on this "TOO"sday!

Ever feel so overwhelmed when coming back from vacation and the career track reminds you of how much you were missed while gone?  Well....spent hours catching up and then rewarded me and Noah...he is so patient since being out of school and friends away....

The reward.....:

Do you have someone on your list that you have been stumped of what would be the perfect gift and then.. VOILA! it comes to you like a snowball on the nogin?  That was the case with me this morning and I had so much fun making this mug rug/ placemat for my mother-in-law.  Lynda has an infecitous laughter that I love to recant in my mind when I need a lift to my spirits.  Sean wanted to give a gift with a laundry basket idea and hence........the gift.....

The story is detailed below in cartoon form that I sewed on the back of the coaster which is stiff interfacing.  I hope it will inspire a belly laugh! 

When Sean was younger, he would put his little brother in the laundry basket and slide him down the stairway and into the wall, the wall with his mother's teacup collection....The teacups did not do as well as little brother Kevin....Needless to say, it is the famous family story that is recanted often and so a coaster/ placemat to CELEBRATE the family giggle. 

And you put it all together with some cheeky female sayings on a magnet, post-its and lip balm case, coffee, which is Lynda's favorite item in life next to her family, and of course a mug that CELEBRATES....STORIES!  Voila, Gift basket that will arrive a little after Christmas but will hopefully pack a punch of fun!

What is your last minute project you are enjoying whipping up or what is your "TOO"sday
TOO full of?

Love, Em

Monday, December 20, 2010

4 Great Reasons to come home!

Guess What!!!! We arrived home tonight and I had 4 of these lovelies on my doorstep!  My giveaway winners have been so patient as I have awaited the books' arrivals!  CELEBRATING!!!





Love, Em

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Peace on Earth....

Peace from Disneyland! .Something so magical about celebrating Christmas at the Land of Magic...At one moment I quietly looked around and became tearful...The wonder of one man's vision of creativity!!!  I can't wait to get home to start a wonky Nightmare Before Christmas Quilt for Sean....

Friday, December 17, 2010


I couldn't stay away friends!  Sean created a vacation that we will never forget and the people I am meeting are incredible, their stories are so fun!

JOY is my Friday!!!

If you see this little red felt bag when at Starbucks, very fun to decorate with your own wonky festive spirit!  Can't wait to gift to my assistant with a little art piece that I need to quilt while traveling home on Monday.  Love to you all!  And don't you find the little Christmas lights hanging from the roof so darn cute!?

Noah loved collecting kelp scultpures on the San Diego beach and seemed wonderful to turn into our family Christmas portrait.  I love the Shaman quality of their earthy shape.

And to see Noah's face when Sean let him know that we had field side tickets to his fav football team, San Diego Chargers.....A moment I will never forget as  he was speechless...I loved the Charger girls of course!  And to be there in person to CELEBRATE the spanking of the 49ers was incredible!

Such symbolism of parent child relationship, Dad carries the surfboard and Noah has it connected to his ankle....Noah's first day surfing in the ocean and he rode wave after wave....A gifted surfer, guess his dad passed down the gene and I was screaming and dancing over and over as I watched him riding the waves!!

Tomorrow......I can't wait to share photos, I am in the land of magic tonight!

Love, Em

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Isn't it fun to cut loose?!

A giggle as I say Bon Voyage until next Monday when I return to Blogland! 
Love to you and I will miss you! 

Love, EM


Sean's tiny Day of the Dead gift for a dear friend!  TOO cute!  And last night Noah and I made pillows for his friends who loved his at a sleepover.  So much fun creating with my boys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was so fun going with Sean to craft store on Sunday to buy the little box and charms for adornment.  While there I saw things that reminded me over and over of friends.  Love and Laugh charms in honor of Beth at Laugh,Love,Quilt....Jenny and her Frogs project at Cut.Sew.Iron.Repeat, V's Fleur project as I was admist the silk Poinsettias and the WHOLE store when thinking of all of Vesuviusmama's projects with her boys!
And if you are familiar with Lazy Gal's collection, this gift reminds me of her!  So fun to enjoy the date and being reminded of some of the creative people in my life.

Sean creates the skull then puts on his grandpa glasses and paints this teeny face...

May your TOOsday be filled TOO fun/ love/ relaxing/ TOO much of whatever you choose!

Love, Em

Monday, December 13, 2010

My mind takes flight.......Whirling and spinning towards.......


"Today starts a very fun week!"..Monday's Mantra!

I am like a little girl in a candy store.....Sean in his coy little playful manner whispered to me last night, "Tomorrow starts a very fun week!"....he has planned a trip for our family and I have no idea where we are going...BUT FOR 5 DAYS I WILL BE AWAY FROM WORK- FREEDOM!!!!! and immersed in my son and husband.  We leave on Wednesday and Noah still does not know..Sean has fabulous taste in traveling so I am wondering....Will I be playing on a beach with sea gulls or.......

CELEBRATING Surprises and Freedom today! 

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Anyone finish a gift today and eat lots of cookie dough?

Sean and I giggled at one another at one point when he and I were feverishly working on our gifts and humming to bluesy Christmas songs on the radio.  Sean looked at me with his Santa glasses on edge of nose and said, "We have got to learn how to relax..."  My prince is still makes my heart skip a beat and I love the holidays!!! 

I am excited to write that I have finished Thing 1's quilt and I hope you enjoy the simple quilting design that seemed to follow theme of quilt.  I took the idea from Judi at Green Fairy who did the same around the flags on my circus quilt.  Thing 2 begins tomorrow.  And Sean's Jack Skellington, how cute is he?

Love, Em

Do you have a ritual when sitting down for a creative moment at the sewing machine?

When Roxy and I are about to have a sewing date, I love to choose music on Pandora Radio that matches my mood, A warm cup of coffee and....I admit I have never gathered a train, drum or litle owl... Coulson may be on to something this morning as he sews with my sis! 

Can you relate? Are you listening for the whispers amidst this busy season?

May "fmaily, hope LOVE, and strength" be at the root of your day and the days to come!

Love, Em

Saturday, December 11, 2010

"S"...ome-thing about Mary....oaring wine....eussical tar....

Sean is back in the creative saddle and made a little clay creation and box to CELEBRATE a favorite symbol of our marriage..


Never thought that a man could be so wonderful and then one blind date my view of marriage all changed! We have collected these pigs ever since!


Mary Engelbreit, Mary Lou Weidman, Mary of Nazareth, "Marry me?", "Merry Christmas!" 

"YES!" there is something about Mary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have done it, I have put away the piecing projects and am quilting the Seussical Stars....Roxy is rusty but that is the beauty of WONKY, mistakes can appear planned :).

And yep, I have used my letters from Tonya's International Holiday project into the back for Timothy's Seussical Star Christmas quilt......
and now the night is here....