Tuesday, November 30, 2010

it's "TOO"sday....CELEBRATING the CREATIVE heart!

Someday I look forward to hugging God and saying "THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"  It is my hope that as you celebrate God's work of art above...the below art from around the world will also be a CELEBRATION of him and his gift to us... The  DESIRE to create and carry on arts of our families through the generations.

Breathtaking, Claudia Pfeil's masterpiece is a quilt I cannot stop studying.  The quilting is the "ice"ing on the cake.  The most recent QN is fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!

The title of this piece caught my eye and then reading the story was humbling....Tibetan Refugees in Northern India are creating "Chime of Compassion"....I admire that they have had their lives threatened and kicked out of their homeland and they create a piece of "compassion"....

Sean and Noah are creating a Lego Christmas village and this Starbucks by Sean is so cute!  He knows me so well!

Kevin's favorite is Noah's "SK8" (skate) shop.......

African hand painted candles....great ideas for free motion quilting patterns or line of fabric or for a Dr. Seuss birthday cake...

Love of a parent and child.....Shona art is created by Zimbabwe's largest tribe and is one of the most significant art forms to come out of Arica in the 20th century.  Family relationships are often represented by the animal kingdom in this art form....
May your "TOO"sday be filled with "TOO" much of...............

Monday, November 29, 2010

Mantras for Monday!

Just so many to choose from! 

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Ever traded in the wedding ring for a purse? Are you wearing your Night Goggles?

That is exactly what Mom has done with this adorable wonky purse project! What began as a wonky wedding ring quilt  inspired by COLLABORATIVE QUILTING extraordinaire's Marston and Moran...is now a fun wonky celebration of baskets/ purses/ man-bag if you are "SewManly"! 

What is the most funny or interesting item that you have discovered in your hand-bag? 

A funny but very important item I  found was a Maxi Pad wrapper with vital statisitics of a client in the field.  Still haven't lived that one down when it was noticed at work as I was making a chart note from the scribbles.

And then Mom sent me this photo of 4 purses but how fun that we are wearing our Army Night Goggles to see the bottom half?!  How does our brain work...And then I think of the many men and women who wear night goggles fighting the wars and I am so grateful for their willingness to risk their lives for a cause they believe in.....

Be that person that dances when all others are standing....Miracles happen!

Hallelujah! Praising God in public brings tears and goosebumps!

Enjoy this beautiful CELEBRATION of KING OF KINGS!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Baskets.....People posting their baskets inspires me to dig in the WIP box.....

"...and out of the ground made the Lord God to grow every tree that is pleasant to the sight, and good for food, and the tree of life in the midst of the garden, and the tree of knowledge......" Genesis 2:9

I have these little wonky vases and Kaffe flowers waiting to be planted in a permanent quilt.....playing with this sashing that I got on a shop hop with my sis in Ohio... The coffee cup vase in the middle is in honor of my mother-in-law, Lynda.  Which bouquet and vase are you?

Speaking of a flower blossoming...I planted Timmy in Kevin's cat bed while I was doing laundry....My own little Anne Gedde's photograph :).  Have I told you lately how much I love the AUNTIE role?

"....And he placed at the East  of the Garden of Eden, Cherubims..."  Genesis 3:24

Friday, November 26, 2010

It's hip to be square....Sharon's WIP...

I am missing my sis and the nephews and thought what better way then CELEBRATE her latest WIP.  As I post I hear her voice and remember us quilting a couple of weeks ago!  She is adding white squares imbetween the colored ones pictured and I look forward to seeing and update soon....I will share of course!

Messages throughout our lives and in the little things in life.....What speaks to you today?

I am grateful to Selvage quilter and others who have inspired me to see Selvages as a fun detail to quilt blocks...Recipe for friends...KNOW PEACE.

My Far Side cartoon, Giraffe Preschool field trip visiting the zoo to see how cute the little boy is in the cage.

I am sorry the pic is so poor, the trunk has the most wonderful words so hopefully you will be the one to receive this block from Beth in January...Ms. D at Bacon Then Eggs found the fabric that talks of listening to whisper of angel wings...her interp of GODWINKS for me!

My Boy Scout camping jamboree....forest imbetween scout forts...And a little fairy to represent the moms that miss their kids while they are at summer camps...

Love to you on this Friday....As I grieve for a friend's loss of husband the term "Black Friday" takes on new meaning and send comfort to her and anyone else needing a hug and "I love you!" I dedicate the top block of "recipe for friends" to her and you....My prayers of peace for your hearts.

Love, Em

Thursday, November 25, 2010

A wonky interp of the First Thanksgiving

And if you find this neighborhood house mailed to your home from Beth at Laugh Love Quilt in January...Remember that this CELEBRATED our Thanksgiving 2010.   A home in a child's mind....a shelter for the First Thanksgiving...My home in the West... 

Celebrating a moment......

Yesterday I was in the freezing winterland loving the beauty of fresh snow and blue sky and grieving as a dear friend is saying good-bye to her loved one and putting her trust in Jesus...I felt powerless not being with her in person to simply sit and hug or be whatever she needs.....and also felt present for the many clients I was spending time with celebrating their highs and lows....

and as I was sitting in a canvas wall tent warmed by a wood stove....I quietly listened to a young man check in....The essence of living and of this time of year......it was moving....

Keep in mind that at one time society labelled my clients as "troubled youth" ....I consider them "lucky youth" to have parents that can offer them a different perspective on life in my wildernes...Enjoy the following....

It is cold enough outside that my pen will not work.....and as I wait for Sam to come for his visit, I hear the following....

"CHECK IN.  (Everyone gathers in a circle standing in support of the client who has called the groupI am "Max" and I feel happy, grateful and chilly.  I feel this way when it is cold outside and I look around and see people who care about me and that I am ALIVE.  I feel grateful that I am not at home sitting in a warm house because I would be sitting on a couch getting "f..." up with my friends and now I know a difference....I am grateful this Thanksgiving that I am sober and safe and my family knows I love them..."

I am thankful for being alive and for the simple moments that come into my life each day that remind me what a glorious and tumultuous experience life is and that I am loved and have so many people that I love.  Happy Thanksgiving and if this is a holiday that is a reminder of sadness of loved ones who have died, I wish you peace and comfort.

Love, Em

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Amidst the snowdrifts of Salt Lake City are pinwheels of color and joy!

Mom is at it again!  I look at these fun shapes and think of pinwheels and spring flowers and each and every little applique stitch that is so precise!  A little color on a wintery day...Thank you, Mom!

Wintery Wednesday....CELEBRATING the knitted sweater! and Knit Witch Blog...it's a godwink!

I have become that person......Kevin is such a good sport to humor me...I arrived home from work last night and look what Sean had bought to prepare Kevin for an epoch storm...He was just grateful he didn't have to wear the frilly red velvet dress that I had picked out.....

I wish I had a matching one for the wilderness today!!! 

And after posting this silly photo of dear Kevin, I found knitwitchblog.blogspot.com and the most recent post is of a kitty story....GODWINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Check her out, it is fun!!!

Do you have a favorite knitted item or blog that CELEBRATES Knitting/ crocheting/ tatting/ handwork?  Please share!

Love, Em

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

It's a gift to be simple, it's a gift to be kind.....and a great day to CELEBRATE Buffy's BEAUTY!

A Kaffe pattern of simplicity and seemed to fit with a favorite choir song from my junior high days.  How random is this at 4:45 AM?  But I am going with it! 

TOOsday is TOO simple day..... Peace and Simplicity seem to be my theme for this week...

and if you are wanting to CELEBRATE a Lovely quilt this moring that I just found....Go see Buffy's Beauty at quiltshare209.blogspot.com and become enraptured by the saturated color and liberated beauty!!!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Is your Monday a panel or a scrapbag? CELEBRATING an Ah Ha moment!

Have you ever created a quilt and later looked at it and thought, "This took on how I view....in this case... Christmas."?  

As I got this holiday quilt out last night to watch TV, it was as though a light went off and wanted to CELEBRATE my mom and how she raised us to love the holiday season and not just the presents.  In this case with the above quilt, the mystique of Santa, the random activities of giving to others and the home-made decor were the highlights or accent panel.....the gifts were the periphery.....

Kinda fun to spin a quilt into an "AH HA moment!"

Happy Monday!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

What is that little something you do when looking to turn your home into a sanctuary of peace?

Candles are lit throughout my home and Bocelli and Sarah Brighman are echoing amidst crosses and Southwest Art...A feel of a meditation chapel and the pup and kitten are bedded down.  I began the journey with Thomas Merton this eve and wanted to share with you in preparation for a new week...

"It was Sunday. Perhaps it was an Easter Sunday, probably in 1920.  From across the fields, and beyond the red farmhouse of our neighbor, I could see the spire of St. George's church, above the trees.  The sound of the churchbells came to us across the bright feilds.  I was playing in front of the house and stopped to listen.  Suddenly, all the birds began to sing in the trees above my head and the sound birds siging and churchbells rnging lifted up my heart with joy."

It's a Beautiful day in the Neighborhood....Beautiful day in the neighborhood...Won't you be my neighbor?!

 Have you visited Beth at Love,Laugh,Quilt for her fun giveaway to CELEBRATE her 1 year Blogging anniversary?  If you click on on my sidebar gadget it is linked to her blog.  I saw the post yesterday and couldn't resist a great excuse to make wonky houses...Anyone else up for donning a hard hat and trying a career in General Contracting?

My life is a literal circus this morning on this blog post, I can't figure out why the pics are turned on their side...and the computer won!  Little wacky and little wonky!

Always more fun doing housework with a friend....

Rock a bye baby....Jenny, do you see the HA! fabric for the chimney, thank you!

A whole neighborhood with a sweet shoppe, library, butcher, pet sop, etc....

"As soon as I finish ironing
this last shirt, I'm off to ride my bike..."

"I DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"  Of course I had to submit a classic love of mine, Muertos and Beer on the roof.....
Thank you Beth for such a fun idea and I hope that I am a winner and get some houses!!!!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Celebrating this time of harvest and gratitude...

This Kaffe inspired pattern lulls me into peace as I sit and comtemplate the fragility of life,  Fall, Thanksgiving and the intertwining of the dark and the light...Thomas Merton writes...

"How sweet it is, out in the fields, at the end of the long summer afternoons! The sun is no longer raging at you, and the woods are beginning to throw long blue shadows over the stubble fields where the golden shocks are standing. The sky is cool and you can see the pale half moon smiling over the monastery in the distance.  Perhaps a clean smell of pine comes down to you out of the woods on the breeze and mingles with the richness of the fields and of the harvest.  And when the undermaster claps his hands for the end of work, and your drop your arms and take off your hat to wipe the sweat out of your eyes, in the stillness you realize how the whole valley is alive with the singing of crickets, a constant universal treble going up to God."

May you have a moment today and during this busy holiday season to revel in the stillness.

And this early quilt of mine  always reminds  of dancing leaves and it was so fun to have it whirl across America.  The other day Noah said, "Mom you've got to come see this..."  He grabbed my hand and took me out front.....A tree with leaves the color of red above were breathtaking....

 It is these moments of motherhood when my 8 year old boy with his skateboarding helmet or bmx bike takes a moment to note nature, That I thank God for simple beauty!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Have you ever thought of children's stories when looking for your next quilt pattern?

Where do you get your inspiration for your creative projects/ quilts?  

A new project for me, Museo Del Gato, was inspired by 2nd graders at Book Fair last night.....A wonky appliquer's dream for a springboard!

The above pages are a few excerpts from the book, Vincent Van Gogh's Cat....Written and illustrated by the second grade students of East Washington Academy in Muncie, Indiana.  

I am now thinking that this book is a Godwink because I may have found a home for this Pony block.  I love it and didn't know what to do with him and now....Maybe he will hang with the Gatos...getting more random by the minute.....Or should I say I am exercising my ARTISTIC LICENSE?

I cannot wait for the near future when I am caught up on current projects and can play with the idea of turning these awesom wonky pictures into quilt blocks.....I am thinking I will label each artist in Unruly Quilter-style letters.....Hmmmmm....so much to play with for ideas!

I wonder if this teacher is a quilter at heart? The pics remind me of Piece o' Cake's Applique Outside the Lines book......

Why not while we are on the topic, let's CELEBRATE teachers in our lives that made a difference!  

Love, Em

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thursday's thought....

Today I celebrate STORIES....and am so excited to share a blog that I just discovered that has a fabulous wonky house quilt for a little boy that is PERFECT for reading stories under.  Go and visit her at jmbmommy.blogspot.com and enjoy her recent post of the quilt!

As many of you know, I love my Starbucks baristas and the local regulars that I chat with each morning.  I am so in love with the above sentiment for this year's cups and chose it to be my Thursdy thought....Often when I am in the line at a grocery store I wonder, "what is the person's story behind me?" and my fav Noah request recently was, "Mom, tell me a story from the field today?"  There is something intimate and wonderful about sharing stories whether they be of our life or reading aloud to a small child in bed at night or....

A fav photo of mine taken a few years back as Noah was learning to read and we were at the cabin at a family gathering.  I love how cousin Hudson is watching Noah and I wonder what he is thinking?  Grandma will be 97 this January and still one of the classiest ladies I know.  A classic family photo of the joy of reading together with 3 generations.

Antique quilts that my sis has acquired and I wonder what stories were told at bedtime as these quilts were pulled up close to youngster's chins....

A wonky heart creation by my sis, just makes one smile with the cuteness, huh?

And what is the story behind this antique of my sister's? 

What is your story....or THURSDAY THOUGHT?

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Happy Birthday, Noah!!!!!!!!!! 7 days old today!!!!!!!!!!!!! Celebrating Green Fairy's family

Noah Green Fairy is 1 week old today and I am celebrating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I had the most fun making this gift card for him last night and hope that you enjoy the "tongue in cheek" embellishments!!!!!! Visit greenfairyquilts.blogspot.com and tell her hi.  He is a cutie!  And if you wonder where I got this fabulous fun fabric......Sew To Speak quilt shop in Columbus is my new fav shop!  Visit their blog at Sewtospeak.blogspot.com and enjoy! Sharon and I went two days in a row we loved the shop girls and fabric so much! 

And who else can relate to the juggling mayhem of motherhood?  I would love to know what brought a giggle to your soul as you saw this card....

Love, EM

Off to the woods!  

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

"Too"day is "TOO"sday! Come OOh at my gallery showing of Sharon's quilt art

I begin my TOOsday bright and early and excited to CELEBRATE my sis!  I awoke yesterday morning with a love note from her describing our weekend together in Ohio as "Glorious" and YES it was!  My sister is the epitome of a GOOD WOMAN....her button nose wiggles with her sweet laugh, singing to the children and herself and she is so grounded.  She is a woman who when you are in her presence you feel her heart and oh how much I miss her already! 

May you enjoy your quilt stroll today CELEBRATING Sharon's eye for color and pattern....and I saved her best creations for last so please visit the entire post!

Madonna and Child....
When Sharon touches you, you smile and want to stick out your tongue with joy!

"Auntie, Fill up more balloons...."  Hudson and I have a special bond and I will forever CELEBRATE his spicy nature and as I write I shed tears of love for this sweet family and thank GOD for family and life.  May we always remember how fun water balloons, throwing plastic balls up and down the stairs and reading stories together are!!!!

What will your TOOsday be TOO much of TOOday?

Love, Em

PS....I have to share a gift I received this morning....Clare wrote and invited me to be a part of the Liberated Quilters Web Ring and I am so delighted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

PSS.....My brother Aaron just sent me this sweet photo of Dusty and my brother Ryan...Dusty is healing well and was able to sleep last night and of course having a loved nearby is always fabulous medicine...

And of course I had to label this photo as Christmas Morning because it was my first thought when I received this photo.  I love to use this description liberally when there is that jubilant quiet air as is the moment a small child awakens parents to sneak down and see what Santa graciously gifted.....
SewCalGal Christmas Quilt Show copy

Speaking of Christmas Morning, http:///sewcalgal.blogspot.com is hosting an annual Christmas Quilt gallery show on her blog and is taking entries through the 21st of November.  The following is my entry for the show and I look forward to CELEBRATING peer quilter's joyful quilts!

TOO much to blog TOOday!