Thursday, August 30, 2012

She became the crows that she gathered in the trees....

The boundaries between them and her became blurred.......

Monday, August 20, 2012

Sign of a good time and LOVE!

It was fun this evening to play with an idea for quilting my Modern LOVE quilt that is a Tula Pink Pattern. I traced my hand forming the sign language symbol for I LOVE YOU then let Roxy do her thing. My practice piece is a love note flying to Utah to thank Green Fairy for her inspiration and friendship. I miss my lunch dates with her!

It is a SIGN of a good time when a grandmother and my son are picking berries in the park while I play with Porsche and I hear their plans to make homemade pie crust and fill with yumminess! Sean is gone for work and so pie a la mode was dinner....YUMMY! What memories my mom creates with her stays with us and I feel so blessed and grateful that Noah will have such a repertoire to glean from when he one days passes on the stories to his own friends and children......

Signing off for now friends, Happy TOOSDAY! Em

Friday, August 17, 2012

fallen in LOVE with Seattle....Come enjoy some yummy city and quilty color

A colleague of mine in St. George told me once with a shaking of his head and a smile, "Em, when you and your family do something, you are all in....." Yes, We are and why I have never tried a cigarette or cocaine......I joke at quilt shops that my quilting addiction is more expensive than heroin but much more pro-social...and how often the fellow shoppers and cashiers will laugh and nod in agreement. And so my love affair with Seattle has followed suit!

We moved to Seattle because I was choosing to leave a career behind that demanded my attention 24/7 and because I longed to be a mom I had never been to my child, available. And how quickly my career here in Seattle began to take its hold on my heart and life. Excitingly, today I met with my supervisor and the chief nurse and have decreased my hours and will have clumps of time off. YEP!!!!! I had to make a stand so that I could attend Rebels and play with my family.

Hope you enjoy my current works in progress and my pics of Seattle from the past couple of days. A city of color, life and my heart is here! Enjoy and thank you for visiting my blog.

LOVE, A Few of My Favorite Things quilt with ideas for borders and framing triangles and the peace of the Japanese Garden where I read near a small waterfall and Noah's graduation dinner last night from his advanced French cooking class at Blue Ribbon Culinary School. What is a current LOVE of your life?

LOVE the comments you leave me, they are love on my hip when they come through and I thank you!


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Inspired by a delicate paper snipping Medallion......

I stopped by Barnes and Noble yesterday morning looking for inspiration in Art Quilt Books. Procrastinating quilting my Flight of the Female Silhouette until I could decide on the fmq pattern for the outside border. While there I fell in love with the above paper cutting project. It spoke to my heart and my mind began to fire with different ideas for creating a quilt. I could not drive home quick enough to begin.....And below is the starter of a quilt that is a CELEBRATION of memories and loves of mine. Still can envision us cruising to Southern Utah at what seemed 35 mph in a turtletop VW bus a few years back.....Love for the desert and mountains and of course some text!

Leafy top was not doing it for me.......and then this piece from the stash came to me as I was waking up. Do you like? Will be a great project cutting all of these little leaves out tonight while watching tv with Noah.

Excited to add the dark borders around each piece and then choose a background. Deep chocolate and cream most likely....makes me think of chocolate cookies now. The joys of posting at 4:00 AM because I so badly want to sew but know I need to get some sleep. Oh this fun and consuming hobby!

How are you adding color to your black and white today?

Monday, August 13, 2012

A is for...........

Aaron. I sent this photo to my mom and she responded, "A is for our sweet Aaron, just like a Washington apple." Yep, he is a yummy one!

Do you have a favorite place to bind or find yourself giggling and remarking, "I cannot believe I am sewing here right now....?" That was me on the public bus going to a Sounders game a couple of weeks ago and today.....Binding on the dock of the bay.....Lake Union was my happy spot. A chair was solo on a launch pad and seemed to beg for me to sit and enjoy. On the seat it was painted, IOU. I told the chair, "NO, I owe u!" The funny things that people paint in funny places!

L O V E!!!! Just too fun!

I still can envision the early morning a couple of years ago when I first found Unruly Quilter's blog and her LOVE blocks were posted.....I was hooked then and still CELEBRATE her and her inspiration often in my quilts. Tonya is asking for blocks for a quilt to CELEBRATE Pokey and so it was apropos this morning that I create the below blocks as I was doing my own grieving for Harley Dog. Connections of the heart.....

And from start to finish....LOVE is a wonderFULL building block. Below is a window of my process for Erica's wedding quilt that heads to Utah today...Hard to part with this one I must admit.


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Hello friends! Just finished my BIG POPPY quilting and wanted to share. Do you like how the little poppies seem to grow off the quilt with the helpful hint from Green Fairy of using double batting, kinda trapunto......I decided to use a little girl under the umbrella as a signature for this quilt as I mail it to a friend in Costa Rica. She knew me as a desert rat but now I am the rainy-day girl.....

And as I quilted the above ditty, below is Mom's fun as she plays with me...ENJOY!!!

Isn't this PINK Lemonade delicious for a warm summer day?! Mom packed a duffle bag of pinks and yellows and then played in my stash and POOF! An adorable quilt that plays outside of her comfort zone and gets her FIX for some TULA PINK modern letters.....Such a blessing to quilt with mom and we have a riot along the way!!!

And for the final chapter of this picture post....random fun! How many photos of your photos that are taken at random times include you quilting? Mom is binding on the grass in Kirkland as we picnic.....I bound on the bus going to a Sounders game and of course mom, little dresden plates as she dresses for the game and Noah gifts her a scarf.....Quack quack!

Love, Em