Sunday, August 8, 2010

CELEBRATING family, swinging, and little quilting in the mix!

 Something so fun about quilt store shop-hopping with my sister and mom, such a rare blessing to do so!  We have a fav shop in Holladay called Whimsy Cottage where the Kaffe fabrics are everywhere!!!!  I was able to applique the blocks while driving to and fro Salt Lake and Park City.  Fun to make headway on Christmas gifts.   The center sashing on lower squares is a titch off but I decided to leave it when I thought, "I can imagine a 4th grade teacher feels a little off center every so often!"  I hope that Miss Joan enjoys this!

Sweet Coulson and his favorite frined, Mr. Tongue.  I love how the yellow envelopes him!!!

Dropping in at an ampitheatre in Sugarhouse Park....For a moment I thought of the theatres in Greece that I had visited so many years ago.  Kids of all ages makes it fun on vacations!

Sean and Hudson swinging at the cabin.  To think that I once swung on this same swing when I was Hudson't age.  Each year we have a family reunion at the cabin above Park City and the memories are fabulous!

My sweet Harley....I tear up as I insert this photo, she is the apple of my eye .....

This same reunion 2 years ago....A classic I will forever treasure!

Today....Grandma is nearly 97 and still can outwalk the best of us!  Look at her eyes and what do you see?

I end with thoughts of reverie....


Vesuviusmama said...

What fun! Love the photos of you with young and old. What a blessing to have so much family together at once. And I love those boots I see peeking out of your jeans...

I'm amazed that you could do applique in the car. I can do quilting, but I've never tried applique. I'm sure the 4th grade teacher will be thrilled!

Sandra Henderson said...

What wonderful photos! I see Faith, Hope and Love. LOTS of LOVE... What a stong, peaceful, loving warmth your grandma exudes.
Beautiful statue!
I adore the photo of you and Harley on the tire swing~you w/your boots on! :)