Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Joy abounds when a new babe comes home for the first time! Hark Hark!!! And then...Jennie Cooley reminds us...

Chapter 1:  The Thrill of Bringing Babe Home for the First Time

May this little quilt spark a memory of your JOY when you brought home a new babe for the first time.....Can be quite a party!  And...  I am so excited for Christmas that I couldn't wait to start the holiday season.

Chapter 2: Can you relate?

I giggled as I studied the art magazine, "santa fean" this evening and found the Jennie Cooley art piece that seemed to be a very real and fun final chapter for this post.  I hope you enjoy and CAN/ COULD YOU RELATE?

I remember those moments 14 years ago when I met my oldest son and then 8 years ago when I brought Noah home and then about 2 hours ago..... The oppurtunities to ask "Now What?" are endless!

And the post script to this mini book is...."Having a child is much more then cute onesies from Baby Gap and the journey is so individual.  Sometimes the journey is solitary and other times you wish it was!" 

How did I go from Christmas to Mother's day in one post...?!  Why not, CELEBRATE whatever holiday you want whenever you want!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Barbara Strobel Lardon said...

Congratulations! How lucky to have a new baby!!!
How lucky to create such joyous vibrant work.
Just fabulous. If I get down....this is going to be my bookmark as you can not be anything but happy after visiting here!

ria vogelzang said...

A great Christmas-quilt!!!! I just love children....! (even those who make me ask: "now what"!..... :)) ...)
Imagine: my littlest granddaughter (2,5 years old) stood at my front-door yesterday, shouting threw the mailbox:"oma (grandma), where are you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
I almost couldn't stop laughing....... ;0))
Enjoy your day!! And I just LOVE your great picture of you both!! ;0)) !!!

Tangos Treasures said...

LOL your too funny!! Love the picture of you & your hubbie!! I can feel the love!!

Vesuviusmama said...

I can completely relate. Even after 8 years I have some "now what?" moments in my adventures in parenting. But more often than not, they are "I am SO blessed!" moments.