Tuesday, February 8, 2011

"TOO"sday's "TOO FUN" quilt....Lucky Preshy!

I think Preshy's smile says it all, "THANK YOU, MOM!"  RaeAnna and I did a quilt last year via email instructions and emails and then voila...she sent me this photo on Sunday of her quilt, yep it is her second quilt of all time and look at those perfect triangle points!  So fun and I remember when this little girl was born and now she is CELEBRATING her 8 year birthday!  Thanks for sharing, RaeAnna!!!


ria vogelzang said...

What a reallu lovely quilt!! And by the way: I love your boots on the closet!!! We have them standing on the floor........... :)))

RaeAnna said...

Ah Em you are so sweet! I am just having fun with everything you have taught me! :)
Thanks for celebrating us!