Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Ripple Effect......Beginning in the center and working my way outwards...HMMM, sounds a lot like learning to love oneself to love others!!

As I am quilting this piece, I am reminded of ripples because of the curves and also because I am working my way out from the center just as a ripple does.  A favorite post of mine was when we all CELEBRATED the ripple effect and am excited to have been reminded of it this morning as I began this POST.

I have had several people inquire about who is ROXY?  Well, here she is!!!

Have you ever bought a simple item and thought, "This is so brilliant....Why didn't I do it years ago?"...This is how I feel about my card table....I do not like to be hiding in my quilt room when the family is home and yet the bar in the kitchen seems so cramped....A card table was the answer!  I have set it up in the nook of our great room and the view and natural light is wonderful!  Fortunately we live next to open space so it is fun to watch the road runners, bunnies and Porsche all playing.  Roxy is hoping that the focus of the photo is on her...she's a little funny that way! 

Closeup photos of our progress on this Diane Hire inspired piece... I added a simple wave to the white striped piece that reminds me of ripples....... and then in the blue curvy strip is you double click you can see how I added a ribbon with bubbles above and below, WAHOO, a new try for me and I LOVE IT!!!

This quilt was  originally titled LIPOSUCTION because I am cheating on creating the curves...but now it is ...Lindsey's Triathlon..


My dear friend, Lindsey, is staying at our home this weekend while we go ""camping at Zions National Park and she is participating in a local triathlon.  Seemed like the perfect THANK YOU gift with all of the swimming blue and haphazard roads...twisting and curving and nothing quite lines up..MUCH LIKE PARTICIPATING in A SPORTING EVENT LIKE THIS!!!!

I am outlining all of the different patterns in this floral fabrtic and it is making the different flowers and leaves POP!  This is a secret of mine for being new at FMQ....outline a beautiful busy fabric and it looks like you know what you are doing!  I encourage you to try this is you are newer and scared...Much less daunting then a solid color that you want so badly to put the perfect feather in...AND YOU MAY JUST BE THAT QUILTER that does it and all of us happily envy and CELEBRATE you!

Off to play in the woods after a lovely spring walk with Porsche....May you Wednesday be wonderFULL!!!!!

Love, Em


West Michigan Quilter said...

You are doing a beautiful job of quilting that. You have to have a lot of control to do that. At least that is what I believe because I can't manage anything like that. I'm taking a class next week and hope to get better like you!

beth said...

Your quilting looks fabulous!!

Jodi said...

Beautiful, and what a nice thank-you gift! Would love to hear how you "cheat" on the curves. I tried curved piecing on Victoria of Bumble Beans 15-minute play and I had to rip them out because they wouldn't lay flat! Grrrr!

Char said...

Wow Em, you and Roxy ROCK! The quilting is beautiful on this quilt. Way to go! Thank you so much for the inspiration. I'm going to channel my inner "Green Fairy" on my next quilt!
What color thread are you using?
I see my quilt over there right above the wonderful Weekends quilt, love that sun ray.
Have a glorious day!

♥Duff said...

your quilting curves are wonderful! Seems like just yesterday you and Roxy were paired up and now there's no separating you two!

quiltzyx said...

It's nice to finally get to 'meet' Roxy! The 2 of you are a great team!
Have fun out in Zion!!!

Tangos Treasures said...

Wow! It looks great!!

Vesuviusmama said...

All those thread change colors - how do you do it!?!