Wednesday, May 25, 2011

"Y.........Y.......Y......Why the Y?

Green FairY's quilting on my favorite wonkY
wormY star piece..

Judi is the Green Fairy that designed the "worm" that she and I giggled about when I picked up this piece last year....

RoxY's with emilY
at the helm

What a difference that a little pebbling and worming can to see the contrast of what is quilted and what is to come....I have a feather complete that is hiding and more to trY
tomorrow.....Love the SULKY shiny thread!!!

Yummy back, tension just right!!!!  Linda, do you recognize this fabric? Leftovers from the quilt, IT TAKES A VILLAGE, that you won in the giveaway...We need to do that giveaway again soon...I loved seeing all you ladies wrapped in your quilts and in your case, Linda, you and your furry sweeties!

Thank you Judi Green Fairy! for your inspirational patterns that Roxy and I play with, your texts that make me giggle, and never giving up on me for a lunchdate!  Do you recognize the backing fabric...yep, this cute guy named Clint sold it to me! he he he!!!!!

More to quilt tomorrow but I am so excited with the progress so far that I wanted to share.  What little dolly will be wrapped in this ditty I wonder?

Yabba Dabba YOU!!!!!

Love, Em


LisaT said...

Hey Em, is that done on a longarm? Wow, I wish I could do that - gorgeous! I suppose you could do that manually on a small machine, with time, lots of it, if your thread wouldnt break!

Char said...

Em, you and Roxy are really doing some wonderful awesome quilting. I'm so inspired!

Stray Stitches (Linda G) said...

Em, I so do recognize that fabric - Dream On! I look at the quilt you made daily and am in awe of your gorgeous work. Your blog is a true inspiration to me :)

Karen said...

You and Roxy are making quite a duo!! How I wish I could join you and Judi for lunch one day!!

Sue said...

Thanks for being Stephanie's favorite Blog!!!

Unknown said...

I do LOVE your blog...I do! I do! I do! Today i am wondering what Clint looks like...YummY???? Smiling again Em, THANKS!