Saturday, March 10, 2012

What is your favorite quilting helper? Mine...IRONic

Mine....Fusible web. IPlaying with this little ditty with no end pattern in mind. I find it fun and "IRON"ic that my mom is one of the most incredible needle turn appliquers, and me, queen of the cheat...and yet we both have so much fun CELEBRATING each other. I am so grateful my mom raised us with our own sense of esteem and that she allows us to be who we are. Happy Saturday!


Sue said...

I love using fusible web too but now I've discovered the ease of glue I just might be swayed into switching.

Lynette said...

I like both ways. :D Fusible applique gives freedom and speed and the ability to be really nitty-gritty with the cutting details, needle-turn via the back-basting method is a super-relaxing time while watching a TV show in the evening with Scott. I love watching you and your mom's separate styles and the fun you have with each other. It's awesome!