Thursday, December 13, 2012

Ooh LA LA! Fa LA LA LA LA! I love SELVAGES!!!!!!

A facebook post of the wine openers inspired the below......They remind me of ballerinas from the Nutcracker or little wispy angels. How does the creating brain work is my question for tonight.....because this photo above led to the below creative exercise tonight.
2 Selvages.....and text. Gotta love quilting and all of its fun and silliness! Merry Christmas season!!!! Em


shannon said...

hehehe...i have the cowboy version

be as silly as you want!! it keeps you young at heart

heartsease54 said...

Love this, gave me a good chuckle. You should post it to Mark Lipinski's FB wall-he would love it.

suemac said...

Bacchus, the god of wine?