Saturday, April 13, 2013

Ever spent a summer night under the stars in the desert?

I have longed to make a Mary of Guadalupe quilt for many months....who would have thought that when I asked friends what was on their bucket list for Wednesday that this quilt would materialize that day. Christian responded with a desire to climb a slot canyon in the Southern Utah desert.....and my mind was manic with memories of my hikes in the slot canyons of my homeland and the beauty that the single tall cedar tree would inspire in me as I saw it growing towards the sunshine in the craggy space. Only one tree each time and a wonderful analogy for life and the tenacity to thrive in stark conditions. I am now like a single tree that follows the sun with how few moments I experience it in the NW. A true miracle instead of a gift I take for granted. This piece will take an airplace ride to Maryland on Monday. But until then....My past and present lives hanging side by side in my quilt room. Invokes a smile each time I see them.

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