Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Aquatic LIfe......yep, that's my Seattle!

Aquatic Life pattern from the marvellous book, Pillow Pop!
Aquatic Life with my hubby!
A whole lotta aqua in our universe.....
Some Roxy love.....
And the beginning of another forest....where there is a lot of aqua...there is a lot of vegetation. And a little POP ART! focus fabric hanging out to inspire me...... CELEBRATING water....whether it be oceans, tears, lakes or the fluid motion of life! Love, Em


Kim said...

I'm loving my new live in coastal NC,
the sunshine, birds and turtles!
Aqua love here too :0)

Happy Sewing

Lynette said...

Love this cheery work. I also need to remind myself sometimes of the truism in the Erhmann quote you've used. So, sooo very true. Hope you're doing well, Em!