Saturday, December 24, 2011

A little curiousity....BIG fun!

Today I marvelled at imagining the amount of energy that went into creating elementary room Christmas parties this past week....and all I had to do today was place a table near the dodgeball arena, bring out a jelly roll from Green Fairy and then, POOF!!!!! 2 small boys approached me inquiring what I was doing....I am beginning a Valentine Mary of Guadalupe and they recognized her. All I had to do was ask if they would like to join me and they were all over it!!!!!!!!!!!

Do you spy the sweet Christmas tree with the orange lights, large yellow gifts under the tree and a broderie perse star at the top. The tiny boy loved the teeny scraps and would call them mouths and loved gluing them on the backgrounds. My favorite was when the tiniest boy would roll up strips and quietly whispher, "Can I carry these in my pockets?"

I sat there watching and thought, "This is Christmas." I thanked God and then their father for sharing them with me. I am unsure if he could speak english but his smile from ear to ear spoke volumes.

I imagine the little boy and his folded fabric as he talked to him mom when they arrived home.

The gifts that come our way and we never dreamt of their arrival.

Love, Em


Sujata Shah said...


Merry Christmas, Em!

Tangos Treasures said...

How cool! Merry Christmas to U & yours!! Love Tango

Chris said...

May you continue to experience those Christmas moments all year long!

Deborah said...

Precious memories!
I just had a deep feeling of longing remembering my preschool teaching days. *sigh*
Thanks for sharing, dear Em.
Love and hugs, Deborah