Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Where does the time FLY?

I have never had so much fun at a mail drop than at my FedEx. The gentleman is so upbeat when I arrive with my quilts to be mailed and reminds me of how much I love seeking out a Mom and Pops establishment. Do you have a fav mail carrier or mail person? Hope you have fun with my September doings pictured below.
A little ditty that I whipped up Sunday morning to CELEBRATE Heather and Larry's outdoor wedding. Two wonderful people I worked with at 2N Entrada and oh how I miss them. Isn't it fun to have a design or quilt idea that is a comfortable GO TO when you want to create but also want immediate gratification?
Enjoyed binding on the dock of Lake Washington yesterday morning. A bagel picnic and pleasant conversation with passerbys. One man commented, "How Intricate" while another commented on my Facebook, "How Cute!" Interesting how different people interpret and respond.
These houses belong to a very special Prayer quilt I am creating for a young woman who is going on an LDS Mission in Novemeber. I have gotten a lot more done but will post in the next while. Her favorite song is a Child's Prayer. A reverent project and it is interesting my state of being while I am working on it. As though it is a meditation.
Having so much fun CELEBRATING a nature wedding, new baby, a requested British flag and so much family time. Loving my new schedule that has me off many days at a time. I am 2 days into it but could not be more grateful! This past weekend we played on the Chuckanut Drive and oh how breathtaking!!!! Would you not agree when you see the pic below?
Off to play with the postal man and sending you love and a hug. Em


Char said...

Great quilt Em. Love the houses, I'm sure it's going to be a great quilt.
Breathtaking is definitely the word! I know you enjoyed it.

Nifty Quilts said...

Your birds quilt is especially wonderful because of your quilting. Love the detail on the wings and clouds. I'm sure the couple will cherish it.

Kim said...

Oh Em what a great bog entry! You always give me a smile and hug with your kind words and creative quilts for others.
My mailman is just the best too, always a smile and a friendly greeting.
Today when he brought all the mail that was on hold he asked "where have you been this time"? I told him: "Oh on a quilting retreat", "that is your favorite hobby isn't it"? he asked. He should know with all the fabric he brings to my door:0) Ahhhhhh life is good.

Happy Sewing

♥Duff said...

OH, the fun never ends with you! I love the commentors and their reactions--next time I'll leave one like "deserving of a bagel!" just to make your day a little more interesting!

I just red about prayer flags--what amazing pieces of fabric and love. I really want to make one!

Vesuviusmama said...

Good stuff all through this entry!

♥Duff said...

OH, and no comment on the UPS guy. If he was cute and made me smile, he'd be tied up in the basement; hence, no comment.

♥Duff said...

p.s. I just received a returned-mail notification. It looks like these comments are going to your email, but it's missing the second "L" so check that! I'll contact you on FB too.

Snoodles said...

All of your projects are wonderful, as usual, but I am in love with the beauty of the birds -- just awesome!

Mary Keasler said...

Oh, Em! I am always inspired when stop to catch up with what you have going on. You are brilliant and always give a lift to my spirits. Keep on keeping on. xo

quiltzyx said...

What an amazing flock of quilts this time Em! I'm so glad that your new schedule is allowing you more fam time & 'me' time.