Sunday, April 18, 2010

CELEBRATING an impromptu trip and...... What a weekend!

Another stunning piece by sis, Sharon.  Her talent is so inspiring to me!  This past weekend was an impromptu "jump in the car and go" to Salt Lake and what a FABULOUS 36 hours!!! Hope you enjoy the family fun and smiles!
Grandma Dorothy is the hostess of the Spring Jonas birthday parties that included 5 of us birthday peeps.  Look closely at this MATRIARCH....She is 96, no med, lives on her own and the SPICIEST woman I know.  A hero that I will soon celebrate in her own post.  This party was what inspired us to travel to Salt Lake, 4 hours north of our home. "Grandma Dorf" is a significant hero in my life!
Harley's first trip on a skateboard.  When I saw this photo today I couldn't resist the thought of "God's
hands gently urging us to GO FOR IT!!!!"
Harley loved tickling the ivories with me.  This mere 2 year old is clay in my hand as I love her up!!!
Harley thought she would wait a few years before trying the Kick Flip that SP was mentoring her.
We spoiled the kids by surprising them with a night at Grand America and did they have a blast in the suite!  Noah loved the plush robe that he turned into a wrestling robe as you can see in the below photo.
Something so awesom about seeing brothers 12 years apart that are best of friends!!!
And of course, my boys at their MANLY finest!  The grounds of the hotel were breathtaking! 
I can at least dream of having a little estrogen with me on the trips with MY BOYS, right....Quilt retreat anyone?
Headed to the park today for the kids to skate and me and Sean be reminded of strolling in the middle of a city.  How about this for entertainment- He is on his way to following in Grandma Dorothy's footsteps...
A favorite of my all time- feeding bread to ducks.  The boys were laughing hysterically as they threw bread in the air and the sea gulls would catch in mid-flight.  Celebrating my other Grandma, Minnie Eileen, who always took us to feed the ducks when we were little.
Walking to breakfast allowed us to CELEBRATe the architecture of old old building.  The flower motif on this building was a beauty for a quilt border....Wish it showed up better.
CLASSIC. Painted on the side of a prominent building dowtown.
The trip ended with a wonderful visit with my mom and a CELEBRATION of her wonky wedding ring quilt inspired by COLLABORATIVE QUILTING book by Marston and Moran.
And the classic ICON of my brother's childhood promised that Mom was in good hands until we return again for another visit and MAYHEM OF LOVE!


Vesuviusmama said...

I love that those photgraphed range from 2 to 96 - sounds like a great trip, and wonderful eye candy that you have shared with us! I love how you, your mom and your sis all make such different quilts, and they are all stunning!

Tangos Treasures said...

Wow sounds like you had a great time celebrating!

Judi said...

Wow I love all the colors. It runs in the family. You do inspire me to look for celebrations every day. Glad you made the road trip.

♥Duff said...

HI Em! Awesome post! Grandma Dorf rocks!
Your hair is getting so long--it seems like yesterday you cut it all off, doesn't it?
What a fun weekend with your boys--they look like they're a laugh a minute!

RaeAnna said...

Hey Em!
Loved your weekend! So sad I didn't get to see you! Maybe next time. Looks like you had a great time. I love your family pics! Your grandma is stellar. That is so wonderful that she is doing so well. :)
Hope you have a super week!