Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy UNbirthday to you...Happy UNbirthday to you....Happy....Do it!!!!!!!!! Make a wish!!!!

Waving HI!!!!!

as I cruise by Blogland imbetween drives to the field.  I miss you friends and promise that work will slow down and I will visit your avenue soon!  With the weekend right around the corner do you wonder,

"What can I do to test if life is really the best when being impromptu?"

hint:  little boy in the window in above's home....

and little boys in the below photo...

CELEBRATING....UNbirthdays.....Just because a 4 year old asked Mommy if they could make a birthday cake....Sprinkles and all.....and of course a candle for each to make a wish!

Close your eyes and make a wish...DON'T TELL....ok, you can whisper on my blog if you want to play with me!

My wish, that Sharon and the boys saved a beater coated with frosting for me!!!

Get crazy and surprise someone with a fun impromptu something!  Please share with me what you do so I can enjoy with you!!!!

Love, Em


Needled Mom said...

Sweet idea!!!!! I like it!

redrockingal said...

Well I gave a bottle of Vodka to my HR manager today...