Tuesday, January 18, 2011

:>O!!!! :+)!!!!!!! :=) Hugs and Kisses or is it Kisses and Hugs?

Did you note the mathematical equation in this POST's TITLE?

I couldn't resist!


This giveaway prize ends up 16" X 16" and was so much fun to create and I found myself quilting and then more quilting and then more quilting...

Can you see the "Inner Beauty"...

The "O" began as the "O" on Oprah Magazine to CELBRATE this month's issue of Creativity and Celebration of the human spirit..and then I thought of a dear friend who put her tv in the kitchen to watch Oprah everyday when CELEBRATING liberation from a controlling husband....and then I thought of how often I long to create but have housecleaning tempting me....and then the CELEBRATION of all of your interps, ALL SO POETIC and I read over and over while at work today.

Thank you!  

"You are my LOVE  BIRD!" 

And KAREN.....

You are the winner of this love note from me!!!!!!!!!

xoxoxox, Em


Sujata Shah said...

You are kidding me!!! I just came over to see your red quilt. So happy! It is making me scream!
I was attempting to clean and look what happened.. Never put off the celebration because of cleaning.. You silly goose! LOL

Nifty Quilts said...

It looks great! Love that red. Congrats to Karen!

Riel Nason said...

Hi Em, I just wanted to let you know that the house block you made (the fabulous circus) for the Love Laugh Quilt giveaway was in the group I won. I have it on my blog today. Thanks for doing such a creative job! Riel


Karen said...

Em, I am so honored to have won. I think this is a piece that for both of us, will have some very specific memories... that we both work, and we both long to create beauty. Thanks so much.