Thursday, July 28, 2011

"Teacher, teacher!"......"Yes, Em?"...."Are you saying YES, or....?."...Good enough for me!

Hello, friends.  As you open this post, have you thought about what a blessing today is?  To have just read this question and be able to wonder, "Hmmmm, have I?"
This morning I started my day at Target.  I saw a man photographing the bullseye and thought,
"He is right on........(I can't type the word...too corny)" 

Perusing the dollar bins for ideas...OFFICE PASS was like a neon sign!  It is along the lines of CALLING IN WELL TO WORK.

So I bought it and am posting so that it is yours for the taking for TOMORROW. 
National Free Day Friday! 
Your boss implores you to use the Office Pass!
Just print this photo and put in a memo, the assertive communication on your part is sure to be impressive and you will be granted your wish!

And if the OFFICE PASS doesn't work, print out this PEZ dispenser for a treat, FREE DAY FRIDAY!  There are only 3 packages of treats, so be choosy when you are submitting to the boss. A little sprinkle of fairy dust on the memo may not hurt for that extra insurance. 

Do you know who I thought of when I saw this Pez Princess? 
First person to guess wins the fabric that she is resting on!

First the Hall Pass then the CELEBRATION!  How did my barista know that I had just received the GODwink?  Can you tell how much fun I have at my Starbucks? 

Where do you go to feel special and that place where someone makes you feel like you are the only customer?

The celebration continues from 2 weekends ago!  The happy hearts continue to be mailed, fun for me to think of them trickling into your mailboxes at a staggering pace...literally!

JOY.....I had an experience yesterday that rocked my emotional core.  As many of you know I am a wilderness nurse and travel to the desert on Wednesdays to play with my students and clients. On my drive yesterday there was a string of parked cars and a truck on the side of the road that I immediately recognized.  Do you see the Mary above carefully holding on to her babe?  When I saw a co-worker being treated for a neck injury, my response to him, "Skyler, I just want to squeeze you and make you better...." Joy was knowing that my friends were ok and that God blessed them with calm judgment as a brake line was broken on their truck, a culvert to their left and parked cars in front of them.....

All through the day as I drove, I thought about their safety and about the rolled truck of an unknown man....Several years ago a similar rolled truck was on my drive to a work retreat and I was asked to park and assist.....CPR could not save the man.......I post these crosses in remembrance of the stranger who I worked on years ago, the men yesterday who survived and the sacrifice that Jesus made for us.....Last night was a night of tears and reminder that grief does not give us warning when we are vulnerable....Mortality.....

The other evening after prayers, Noah looked at me and said, "I love going to sleep because I get excited to wake up for another day of surprises!" 

Mornings are like a gift bag.........
Isn't this bag wonderFULL!  Stephanie gifted to me a while ago and I have been wanting to post it at just the right time...Today's post is that day.  She is such a fabulous woman and the connections we have made over the past while I are a blessing to me!  She also gifted me numerous wonderful fabrics and I look forward to dispersing as blog prizes are given...

Did I warn you this was a post of tangents....So much to share and so hang in there with me!  I am definitely pulling an Em today!

Yep, the kitties are resurfacing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  They have been a constant companion for some time in my mind.  I am playing with different ideas but getting so close to having the final plan to start......I can't wait to share my ideas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

I began this post with this picture and I end with its beauty....Sean is finally going to get his own Mary quilt.....I have been wanting to make it unique for our home and this morning while at Scrap Apple Quilts, these lovely fabrics and Mary and Crosses all said, "Blessed!"  that I am and that it will be!  A quilt of color, humility and a CELEBRATION! of Mary.......I have said it before and I will say it again,
"There is something about Mary!"
Motherhood, applique, broderie perse, text, life and death, sacrifice, The whole Kit and Caboodle
And now I declare,
"TEACHER, I am officially using the Office Pass."

Off to Vegas tomorrow for more tattoo color for Sean, my son's 21st birthday and....
CELEBRATING! and a quiet tear for each cross I pass on the highway for those 128 miles that remind me that someone's gift bag included sadness and loss that day they woke up.

Love, Em


Needled Mom said...

It is amazing how everything can change in the blink of an eye.

Enjoy your pass and have a great time in Vegas.

Catskill Quilter said...

Oh, Em, what a great post! I remember a day in May of 1997, my sweetie left for work and I left for work, and (thankfully!) we said "I love you" to each other. I was managing the craft dept. of the local JoAnn's Fabrics at the time, and he was a home health aide. At 8 pm I got a call that he had been in an awful car accident; co-workers rushed me to the hospital. He was VERY lucky - had half of one arm sliced through, and had surgery, bruised kidney, smushed muscles on his whole lower left side from dangling upside down in his seatbelt after the car flipped twice (lady was putting on lipstick and was not watching where she was going!) and when he smelled gasoline, he managed to get free and out, and packed his arm with paper towels. And guess who came riding along and called the ambulance and administered first aid? Yup, a dear nurse and co-worker glanced into the field by the highway, and came to his rescue. I have the utmost gratitude to that nurse, and today I am grateful to you as well for stopping and helping! I have a stack of various Mary fabrics, and will be watching (not copying!) to see what yours looks like, as both my daughters and I want to have one...and I am overwhelmed when I think of how important it is to make 3 beautiful Mary wall for here, and one for Brooklyn NY and one for the middle of Sweden. Thanks for the post, Em -- touched my heart and made me feel lucky and grateful.

Lynette said...

To answer one of your questions - The fun 65ish guy that works at the registers at our local Winn Dixie is the most positive, friendly worker I've ever encountered at any business. While he's ringing your food, he always makes each person feel special - like you've really made his day by letting him wait on you - and he somehow does it without being all corny or anything. It's wonderful, and people wait in long lines at his register sometimes just because it's so wonderful to get your few moments with him. :) He never fails to lift my day.

Kathy said...

You make my day, or evening as the case may be. :) Think of me at Quiltique! Hugs! Kat

Janet said...

I've had five surprise bags of sadness this summer. Sometimes it feels overwhelming, but I have to remember that there is peace and love for us all on the other side. I still plan on sending you a cat block. Hope I'm not too late.

Tangos Treasures said...

You are a blessing to all!!! I love you!
My guess for the Pez is Judi aka Green Fairy!

Deborah said...

What a beautiful post. You have blessed us again. Many thanks.
Hmmmmm. The Pez Princess? Mother Mary is my guess.
Happy 21st Birthday to your son!
Have a safe and blessed weekend.
Love, Deborah

P.S. My verification word is prewish! Love it!

quiltzyx said...

Such a wonderful post to start my day with today! What a gift you are to all of us & those you are able to help, even as you pass by.
I had the most wonderful trip through the Jack In the Box drive-thru' this morning - the young lady at the window was so friendly & cheerful (but yet, not TOO cheerful, if you know what I mean) - she was a blessing to me with my yucky summer cold!
Have a blast in Las Vegas & I wish the Happiest of 21st Birthdays to your son!!!


Vesuviusmama said...

Your posts never fail to evoke strong feelings from your readers, and I enjoy their stories as much as yours. The princess reminds me of YOU, reclining on that bed at Disneyland. The place I go where I feel really special is my karate dojo - my instructor is so kind and attentive and calls to every person who walks through the door by name. And every cross on the roadside, as well as every animal who lost his/her life crossing our hurried path elicits a prayer from me. Enjoy the weekend of fun with the family!

Judi said...

I got a God wink today when I got my "Em" package. Ethan is 21 on Monday!!! My quilt store makes me think I am the only one in the world. Any place outside with God reminds me He knows the plan.

joe tulips said...

Oh my goodness...what a post today. I just wanted to pop in say...
Happy mail day here! The heart arrived save and sound. Thank you! I was tickled by the little "hi" when I opened it. Excellent packaging!
I am not sure who the pez would remind you of...maybe your mom!
Our little grocery store here in town is a great place. They welcome you in and it fun talking with the different check out people. They become friends. I always miss the ones who graduate and move on to college.
Happy birthday Ethan. Have fun!

Anonymous said...

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