Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Ever wonder about the miracle of placement?

Mary Poppins, Mary Full of Grace,  There IS something about Mary!

I sat and stared at my back this morning in a sort of meditation....

Mary is perfectly centered in the golden hue of the fan....Only God makes a plan that great!  Humility is when I step back and say, "I never would have thought to plan it that well!.........."

Roxy and I are playing........She convinced me to quilt with her and play with the Mary Poppins idea in the near future.....Tonight I complete the feathers in the 4 corners.......

Novice tip #4 for fmq...

Stuff the heck out of an area that is POOFY and call it Trapunto....I could not be happier with the fluff of Mary and all because I measured the inner square and its border poorly....

Happy Wednesday!



quiltzyx said...

OK....I read this:

I sat and stared at my back this morning in a sort of meditation

and thought: "Gee, Em must be REALLY flexible! Oh, maybe with a mirror?,.... DUH! Look at the Picture!"


Mary did find the perfect place on the back of the quilt, didn't she?

Definitely something worth


Deborah said...

I popped over from A Sisterly Connection and sure am glad I did! Sooooo much beautiful inspiration here. I clicked the follow button and will visit often.
Happy Wednesday!

MulticoloredPieces said...

Greetings from Tunisia! Just discovered your delightful blog through LaDonna and Diana. Great designs, fabulous use of color and gorgeous quilting...what more can one say.
best, nadia