Thursday, September 1, 2011

I pledge allegiance to the flag.........Flags have such a special place in my heart..How did Julie know?

How many of you swooned or giggled when you saw this Flag postcard pop up on your sidebar or Google alerts? I was so tickled to receive this lovely card from Julie and feel like I have a collector's item. Vesuviusmama celebrated Joe Tulips' inspiration over the weekend and today is my day to say, "Grab a quilt magazine, cut 'er up, and have some fun!" I love mail!!!!! Thank you, Julie

PS....I am using my office pass today for a lunch date with Green and running but wanted to post some current love to you all!

PSS....Miss you, Grandpa, and I dedicate this Flag to you today.....and to think each year you got to CELEBRATE! your birthday on flag day! Still think of you often and wish you were with us! Keep a spot warm for me and the family until we hug you again! And by the way, big family gathering this weekend in Price, Utah if you are in the neighborhood!!!! And what began as a post with a smile ends with a smile and a little tear and sting in my nose......


Needled Mom said...

It is wonderful!!!! Hope you have a great lunch date with Judi on your pass.

"Hi" to Grandpa if he shows up for the reunion! Oh my but that would be a celebration to end all others!

joe tulips said...

I admit I swooned when I saw a flag in a sidebar...and it's Em! click. Oh good heavens....It was then I realized it was the postcard I sent! You left me with a smile (big grin really) and a tear!
God bless you. It's amazing how things work out!